Refined luxuries, a glamorous gift guide

holiday gift guide with refined gifts

Still looking for perfect and glamorous gifts for your loved ones? We have curated a comprehensive collection with  the most elegant gifts for your holiday shopping pleasure. From personalized jewelry to carefully crafted chocolates, this holiday gift guide is chock-full of glam gifts that don’t break the Bank.

holiday gift guide with refined gifts


1. A Token Of Kindness Mod Necklace ($219.00): Available in black and blush enamel, this locket carefully protects a special picture to honor your loved one’s personal story. You only need to select a special memento that will bring great memories to the recipient, and the team at A Token Of will print the picture and fit it inside the locket. Engraved with the word “kindness”, the locket and chain are made with .925 Sterling Silver filled with 14 karat gold. If this weren’t special enough, on the back of the locket sits an authentic diamond that rests right on the chest, allowing your loved one to carry those beautiful memories close to the heart. A beautiful way to show how much you care, this token of love will surely be cherished for the meaningful gift it is. And although it will be precious for anyone who is lucky enough to receive it, we think this is the perfect glamorous gift for the motherless daughters who want to carry their Mom’s memories everywhere they go in style. {This locket is made in the USA and 10% of the proceeds go to No Bully}

2. Vosgues A Constellation of Cosmic Truffles ($61.20 on Cyber weekend): Need a cool and glamorous Christmas gift idea? The answer you seek for is in the cosmos. Just look at the stars and you’ll find…well, the tastiest chocolate confections! Packed in a gorgeous gilded box featuring the Zodiac signs, these limited edition Cosmic Truffles pay homage to the energy of the Universe with a delicious constellation of 21 bites. And if the gooey goodness isn’t enough, these truffles are infused with Moldavite crystal energy and angelic love vibrations. The story book inside is another gift in itself; gorgeously illustrated, it explains the origins of the twelve zodiac signs and explains how each is paired with a truffle in the collection. Definitely not your usual bonbon box, and a great gift to pay back that friend who is always pampering you with her or his good vibes!

3. PMD Clean Pro Facial Cleansing Device ($149.00): This luxurious smart facial cleanser uses the latest technology to offer the ultimate skincare routine. Designed to deeply clean and nourish face and body in a simple two-step process, the proprietary SonicGlow technology breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute. These vibrations, aside from leaving the skin squeaky clean, reactivate the microcirculation of the skin to help lift, firm, and tone the epidermis. But wait, there is more! To help achieve the dewy look that is all the rage on Instagram, the flat side of the back of the device is actually a heat therapy tool that helps infuse skincare products for even better results. Made with silicone, an antibacterial and waterproof material, it is the perfect gift for the bonne vivante in your life who appreciates the latest innovations in the world of beauty.

4. Foxcroft Brinkley Wrinkle-Free Matheson Tartan Shirt ($79.00): 60% cotton. 40% polyester. 100% tartan awesomeness. This wrinkle-free shirt requires practically zero maintenance for an easy wear with an even better fit. Fitted and festive, the plush velvet trim and flared bracelet sleeves make it a perfect addition to any winter outfit. The perfect gift for that traveling fashionista who loves to look impeccable on the go, she will surely appreciate the beautiful shape of this shirt that, miraculously, keeps the maintenance to a minimum so she can focus on the fun. Talk about glamorous gifts that are also smart!

5. Ayuna Body Cream ($118): Give the glamorous gift of professionally hydrated skin with this luxurious blend of nutritive lipids and prebiotics. Ayuna Body Cream combines Plasma Rich in Cell Factors from the Noni fruit and Peptides from lactic bacteria for a silky, non-toxic skincare superhero that balances the skin’s own microbiota. Conceived to help reinforce the skin’s own natural defenses, it is the perfect gift for that New Yorker who is exposed to many daily aggressions (such as the sun, the heat, the unbearable commute, or the MTA delays. I am pretty sure that never knowing if you will get on the train is a major aging factor!) A wonderful concoction to take skincare to a new level of soothing and nourishment, the cocktail of lipids and essential fatty acids in this product is perfect for the Nor’Easterns that are coming our way. {Psst, if you want to learn more about Ayuna, here is our latest review of the brand}


holiday gift guide with refined gifts


6. Figleaves Merino and Yak Coatigan ($78.00): A good hibernator knows that the best recipe to enjoy a gloomy winter Sunday is a pair of comfy PJs, a blanket, a steaming cuppa of hot cocoa with marshmallows, and a nice couch. And what is the most glamorous gift for that professional dreamer, in the strictest sense of the word? A coatigan, of course! Super soft and uber chic, this coatigan is the most versatile lounging piece ever. Thrown over PJs for a good Hallmark marathon or over jeans for a shopping trip with friends, Figleaves’ Merino and Yak coatigan is the it piece of the season. Made to last with natural fibers, this coatigan is so cozy that it is the perfect gift for the discerning fashionista who loves to unwind and practice a bit of hygge from time to time. 

7. Tani SilkCut Camisole and Panty ($65.00): Who said that giving underwear for Christmas is dull? Knitted in Europe with Micro Modal Air, a fabric thiner and smoother than silk, this set of lace camisole and panty might be the fanciest underwear you’ll ever give to your better half during the holidays. Luxuriously soft and lightweight, Tani’s proprietary fabric is perfect for the vegan souls who love the feel of silk, yet do not want to use any animal fibers. Perfect for layering in the winter or wearing with a pair of jeans in the summer, the Tani camisole is a staple piece in any fashionista’s closet.

8. Leovard 10-piece Stainless Steel Premium Nail Care Kit ($40.00): Inspired by the high precision tools of surgery, this 10-piece Nail Care Kit is an original and thoughtful gift for anyone who loves haute beauty essentials.  With a 100% leather case, the manicure and pedicure tool set is designed by a physician and manufactured in high-quality surgical steel for a perfect clipping experience every single time. Its gender-neutral, thoughtful design will become a staple piece in the discerning beauty lover’s bathroom. The kit includes two nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, cuticle nipper and pusher, peeling knife, nail file, ear pick and fork trimmer for a flawless mani pedi every single time.

9. Verloop Bobble Hat ($39.00) and Bobble Scarf ($79.00): Give the gift of elevated winter clothes with this unique set of accessories featuring a raised-dot knit pattern. Carefully crafted with a brushed mohair-blend yarn, they are extremely warm without getting too heavy. The bobble scarf is generously sized, and the bobble hat is just too cute for words. A perfect pair to face the New York winters with a smile, they are the perfect gift for the fashion-forward person who loves to stand out from the crowd with unique designs crafted with high-quality materials. And have we mentioned they feel like a hug?


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