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Gifts for new yorkers

If there’s a city to enjoy Christmas every single year, that’s New York. There is something magical about the Rockefeller Center tree, the decorations on Fifth Avenue, the contrast of the ice skating rinks with the skyscrapers… If the lights of the city also inspire you, keep reading to find our curated gifts for New Yorkers. Manhattanites living in the city and beyond, this one is for you!

manhattanites gifts for new yorkers 2020

1. Invisible Shield Defense Serum by Acaderma ($68): New Yorkers know that there is a price to pay to live in New York. The extreme temperatures, the pollution, and the FOMO because there are a gazillion things happening at the same time can leave skin dull and depleted. And let’s be real: Radiant skin is always an awesome gift to give your loved ones. This daily serum brought by Acaderma provides long-lasting antioxidant protection to get through the stress of the holidays looking always fresh. With sesame, peony, and summer snowflake extracts, this ivory emulsion is a good match for all skin types. Its revolutionary formula includes the powerful antioxidant SesaHelio in combination with other 11 clinical actives to protect skin against blue light, pollution, and free radicals. Are your phone and your BFF (aka your laptop) giving you wrinkles? Not anymore! Think of this nifty serum as a skin shield that protects it from the tech overload we are living (unfortunately, it won’t save you from yet another Zoom virtual party, but I’m sure they are working on it.)  Completely vegan and cruelty-free, it’s exactly what any skin wants for Christmas! {This serum is lovingly made in the USA}

2. New York Icon Mugs by Molly Hatch ($16 each): Giving mugs for Christmas? Seriously? You betcha. This set of four beautiful 20oz mugs is an absolute must-have for every New Yorker at heart, even if they live thousands of miles away from the Big Apple. Each of them features an old-timey illustration in striking black and white that perfectly embodies the spirit and rhythm of the city that never sleeps: a bagel, a hot dog stand, a cab, and, of course, an apple. More than just a vessel for your morning coffee or a hot cup of cocoa, any of these mugs is a heartfelt declaration of love to a city that always finds the strength to keep fighting and moving forward no matter the crisis. Classy, stylish, and microwave and dishwater safe, they are the perfect excuse to renew your kitchenware or surprise those friends of yours who just won’t stop talking about that amazing trip they made to New York last year. You’re welcome.

3. Modern Script Fountain Pens and Journal by Ooly ($13.99): You never know when inspiration’s gonna struck, so it’s always clever to be prepared for when the muses whisper in your ear the plot for the next great American novel. Sure, you could open a notepad app in your cell phone and start texting like there’s no tomorrow, but where’s the fun in that? These holidays, give the joy of old-school writing with this marvelous set of 3 flashy black ink fountain pens and a slim 60-page gold and silver journal. Handwriting has never been so fabulous and portable, fitting in most handbags or even pockets to satisfy all your impulsive-writing needs on the go. A truly cool piece of stationery, it’s the perfect gift for intrepid journalists, wannabe writers, curious minds, and those who still value the power, elegance, and classiness of traditional handwriting in these incorrigible smartphone-obsessed days.

4. 3/4 Sleeve Top and Slim Pant PJs by Room Service ($58.00): Admit it. A stay-at-home holiday season doesn’t sound that bad because it means you have permission to spend most of your days in PJs. It’s perfectly fine. That means you’re a human being who just loves coziness. Being comfy is important these days, but this doesn’t have to be at odds with your otherwise fashionista state of mind. Based in NYC, Room Service is a fashion brand specialized in contemporary sleepwear and loungewear. Don’t you feel soft, comfy, and cozy already? Of course you do. All their products are sustainably produced and show a perfect balance between unique designs and comfort to create top-notch pajamas that you won’t want to take off. Pamper your loved ones (or yourself, why not?) with a high-quality sleepwear set and turn those endless hours stuck at home into precious, stylish moments without renouncing your favorite attire. And it might be us, but the breakfast in bed print is darn cute and a great way to set your expectations for the day.

5. The World of Maira Kalman Engagement Calendar by Workman ($19.95): True New Yorkers live with a grippling fear of missing something out. In the city that never sleeps, there are many interesting things happening at the same time, even during the pandemic. Be it a virtual ganache class, a socially-distanced gallery opening, a free concert, or an exclusive Broadway show streaming, the Manhattanite always has a hard time choosing what not to do. Help her or him avoid the analysis paralysis with this engagement calendar filled with the charming and subtly humorous illustrations of artist Maira Kalman, whose work is as familiar to New Yorker readers as a good friend. The World of Maira Kalman features weekly spreads that combine her best paintings—each one exquisitely reproduced and printed—with grids that are spacious enough for all your daily appointments and reminders.  A fantastic gift for art lovers and New Yorker fans, the calendar includes fine finishes like hand-drawn endpapers and collage pages.

6. Chantalle Ribbon Belt by Skye ($30.00): True New Yorkers are capable to pop by the local bodega in their PJs and at the same time look impeccable at all times. This beautiful ribbon belt by Skye Los Angeles feels like a small work of art. Delicate, light, and super versatile, it can be worn in many ways to take the city goddess from day to night. It can be used to put the finishing touch in an overflowing dress, as a hairband for a classy look, or the festive accessory for that virtual holiday party. With an exquisite cut-out design that reminds of a snowflake storm, it is the perfect accessory to honor the winter and create killer looks while maintaining a comfy side. A true one-size-fits-all, it looks beautiful on all body shapes and is the perfect gift for the true New Yorker– she will love combining it with her black statement pieces!

manhattanites gifts for new yorkers christmas 2020

7. A Flow Book: Keep what You Love by Workman Publishing ($9.95): After months of self-imposed, soul-sucking quarantines at home, New Yorkers are no strangers to spending time rearranging, organizing, and redecorating their cluttered apartments. Is there a better gift for them, then, than a decluttering guide? This essential little book will help everybody in need of an extreme home edit to sort the precious from the unnecessary, the indispensable from the accessory, the “I need you in my life” from the “thank you for your service, bye now”. With cute yet detailed pictures of anything you can find at home, Keep What You Love will make sure you make a decision regarding what to keep and what to dismiss. Because it’s hardly an easy or grateful task to accomplish, the book also features useful tips to organize your things in a proper way, maximize your space, and do everything you can to coexist with your valuable stuff without getting swamped in the process. A true survival guide to succeeding in the odd, indoorsy era we’re living!

8. Scizza Pizza Scissors by Dreamfarm ($29.95): A pizza cutter is always a fun, ice-breaking gift to give any time of the year. But, at the same time, it may not be something as original as you might think. Unless, of course, you bring to the table (literally) something that really breaks the mold. Or the slice, in this case. Introducing Scizza, a marvelous invention that brilliantly combines the easy functionality of a pizza wheel with the sheer practicality of a pair of scissors. Scizza guarantees clean perfect cuts, without abrupt movements that may displace (or even throw away) your precious toppings because its curved blades made the full cut from above. Once finished, just pinch your slice and serve it using its handy spatula base. And that’s it! It works with thin crust, flat breads, deep dish, and, yes, of couse, New York style pizzas. It’s also heat resistant up to 400 F, so you will not have to worry about burning your hands while trying to serve your hangry party ever again. A true no-brainer for the pizza addict in your life!

9. Kamut starter kit by The Food Nanny ($49.95): Ok. So you have started to cook during the pandemic and know everything about feeding a natural yeast starter. Are you absolutely, 100% sure that you know everything about baking bread? Think again. Enter kamut, the unknown ancient grain you didn’t know even existed, but will irremediably love. Excellent for cooking breads, cookies, or cakes, kamut has become the trendiest all-purpose flour for an ever-growing number of cooks around the world. If you’re surprised, wait until you learn its history. Legend has it that a US Airman named Earl received this mysterious cereal from an anonymous guy in 1947. Apparently, the unknown donor took it from an ancient tomb in Egypt! The grain was eventually harvested in Montana, from where it expanded throughout the country. Aside from being an extremely fancy ingredient to have in your pantry, kamut also has remarkable health benefits, as it is completely organic and has a low glucemic level. This gift set has everything you need to get you started: A copy of the For The Love of Kamut book, a packet of French natural salt, and a bag of Kamut flour. Whether it’s for you or a fellow New Yorker foodie, this set is a great gift to learn more about a completely unexpected kitchen partner and all the possibilities it offers!

10. Apple Sauce Multi-Day Edge Control and Edge Brush by Ecoslay ($20): Any New Yorker will tell you that the level of humidity in the city can attain insane levels. And while that might be good to have your skin a little bit more hydrated and plump, it’s a recipe for disaster if you have curly hair like yours truly. Enter an all-natural, made-in-USA dynamic duo to the rescue. Apple Sauce is the ultimate edge and flyaways control for the discerning beauty aficionado. With no flaking and no caking on dark hair, it rinses easily with water and lasts all day long. Combined with the edges bamboo brush to coax those pesky baby hairs into place, it is the ultimate beauty tool for the Manhattanite at heart. And yes, as it is made of bamboo, the brush can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill. Green and chic! {This product is lovingly made in the USA with natural and sustainable ingredients}

11. Movie Night Variety Pack Box by Quinn Snacks ($26.99): The holiday season is almost here, which means cozy hours wrapped in your favorite blanket while watching wintery, cheesy flicks! Or maybe a light, family Christmas comedy? Even Die Hard is Christmasy, if you think about it. No matter your taste in films, the holidays are perfect to spend  quality time with your significant other and enjoy together a good movie. Missing something? Right! Where’s the popcorn? Quinn comes to the rescue with this highly collectible box filled with memorable movie quotes (you will immediately recognize The Goonies and The Big Lebowski the moment you open it) with 9 bags of popcorn, 9 oil packets, and 9 seasoning packets to complete your perfect movie experience at home. With three flavors that go from American classics like Real Butter & Sea Salt and White Cheddar & Sea Salt, to fancier concoctions like Aged Parmesan & Rosemary, this pack brings all the salty charm of the theatre experience to any living room. A farm-to-bag company, Quinn uses only natural ingredients from traceable suppliers to concoct their delicious microwave popcorn. And yes, you won’t find any nasties here: They have removed the chemicals and plastics in favor of real ingredients and BPA-free containers. A more than proper gift to any movies fan in your life, you just can’t miss with this delicious pop culture item. {This item is lovingly made in the USA with natural ingredients, and organic whenever possible}

12. New York City Hot Sauce Three Pack by Small Axe Peppers  ($18.99): NYC has a flavor of its own, formed by all the cultures that coexist together in what sometimes looks like a spicy amalgam of ideas, creeds, and of course, culinary tastes. Small Axe Peppers truly got the idea, coming up with a quintessential trio of hot sauces that put some of New York’s most representative boroughs on any kitchen. It’s no coincidence, though: These peppers are locally grown in Queens and The Bronx. Directly inspired by the city’s dynamism and diversity, each bottle magistrally captures the essence and soul of the area. Take Queens 7, for example, a true representation of the borough’s ethnic amalgam imbued with a unique umami flavor. Or The Bronx Green, prepared with 6 ingredients in accordance with the special recipe of the Bronx-educated chef King Phojanakong. Last but not least is The Bronx Red, with a strong color resulting from late-season peppers left longer on the vine  for a ripe taste. No matter which one you choose, any of these sauces will be sure to bring some of that NYC sassiness to the table! {This gift set is lovingly made in the USA with natural ingredients from community gardens}

Are you still looking for the perfect gifts for the New York lover? Check out our other Holiday Gift Guides for 2020 below!


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