Clean Beauty Memorial Day Deals in Beauty Heroes

Clean Beauty Memorial Day Deals in Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes is a full-size subscription box that specializes in green beauty and lifestyle products.

Memorial Weekend is just right around the corner, and for green beauty enthusiasts like myself, it’s a great opportunity to stock up and discover new clean beauty brands. I recently received my first Beauty Heroes box, and I absolutely loved the experience (more on that below.) Because I love snagging a good deal, I wanted to share some super cool picks that are available at a super discounted price in their site with an additional 10% off.

Clean Beauty Deals Alert!

Beauty Heroes heroscope boxes

Although Beauty Heroes’ Heroscope Discovery Box page is a treasure trove of clean brands in itself, there are two boxes that no green beauty lover should miss:

Beauty Heroes Living Lighter Box

beauty heroes living lighter box

Living Lighter is the ultimate luxury. With a wonderful mix of sustainable daily supplies to elevate your beauty routine to the next level, it concentrates in everyday products with a sustainable twist. Carefully selected because of their high-performing botanicals, respect to the environment, and giving back programs, it is the perfect introduction to the eco-chic lifestyle that I have been touting for years. Worth a whopping $203, it includes:

  • A duo pack of Saalt menstrual cups, which are an ecological alternative to tampons and disposable period products.
  • Bamboo vegan floss by Lucky Teeth, infused with charcoal for a sustainable and beautiful smile.
  • Two bamboo toothbrushes by Mable.
  • Davids’ famous charcoal toothpaste, a staple in any eco-warrior beauty enthusiast medicine cabinet.
  • An aluminum-free natural deodorant by Meow Meow Tweet Tweet (one of the rare brands that I haven’t tried yet, but that has raving reviews from my green beauty reporter peers.)
  • A vegan lip balm signed by Meow Meow Tweet Tweet (who, for the record, were pioneers in the clean deodorant trend a while ago, and are proudly made in the USA in small batches.)
  • ‘Olena Beauty Oil by Honua Skincare (this was one of the brands that truly stood out to me in the Green Beauty section of Cosmoprof a couple of years ago, and I extensively wrote about it in the Spanish magazine for which I am the US correspondent.) Botanical-based and made in Hawaii, it is a traditional beauty ritual that respects the environment and the people involved in its production. It works extremely well on dull and dry skin. I should know, because the East Coast winters leave me looking like a crocodile, and this oil has been a savior in those days where the temperatures were crazy low.
  • Custom bamboo reusable utensil kit and glass straw, created by Californian artisans for Beauty Heroes. I personally think this is a magnificent idea, because it is a very cool way to pass on your green living message during lunch break, and if you work in a New York building with a lot of security, bamboo forks and knives won’t set off the metal alarms.
  • Ashley Piper’s book Give a Sh*t. Do good. Live Better. Save the Planet. I haven’t snatched my copy yet, but if it’s half as good as The Green Beauty Rules by Paige Padgett, I’m all in.

And here comes the fun part. Remember I told you the retail price of all these full-size values is way over a couple hundred bucks? You can snag this box for $110.00, and until Monday, May 27th, you get an additional 10% off (which brings this beauty to $99.) Truly. A complete green living kit that covers everyday essentials, beauty, and lifestyle goods, for less than a hundred bucks. I am still pinching myself.

My Experience With Beauty Heroes: May 2019 Ayuna Discovery Box

beauty heroes may 2019 ayuna review

I was telling you that I recently had my first Beauty Heroes experience, and I received a sample of the May 2019 Ayuna Beauty Discovery Box. As I am a native of Spain, I cannot tell you how much it meant to receive a box of luxury clean beauty that, like me, has traveled across the ocean to discover a whole new world (with which I fell completely and utterly in love, but that is another story!)

Patriotic pride aside, I fell in love with Ayuna from the first moment I tried their products at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York, and I even went as far as to take the #AyunaChallenge a year ago. But the fun story is that I have been traveling so much lately between Europe and the US that I haven’t been able to try their latest launches, which funny enough were included in this discovery box! Talk about kismet! ­čÖé

The box includes:

  • VELO, Ayuna’s latest innovation. Believe me when I say that it is a gift that keeps on giving. A breathing veil of protection, it shields skin from daily environmental aggressors, including pollution, dehydration, oxidation, and the proliferation of yucky icky bad bacteria (if you ever ride the New York subway, you know how easy it is to mindlessly scratch your cheek with the same hand that grabbed a minute ago the very disgusting pole. So yeah, any extra help is most welcome.) With a high dose of minerals, antioxidants, protective botanicals, and probiotics, this living emulsion pampers the suprastatratum skin layer with a boosting dose of goodness. I personally have very dry skin, and this emulsion has worked wonders! I use it as a finishing layer after my daily moisturizer, and guess what? My skin looks so radiant that I bypass my regular tinted cream. I like my skin to breathe! And I love the idea of putting probiotics on my skin to feed the good bacteria that lives there.
  • The Facial (Low): Another one of Ayuna’s biggest launches for 2019, The Facial is conceived as a professional resurfacing treatment in 60 seconds. With a more substantial formula than a regular toner, it provides a gentle yet powerful exfoliation that can be used on a daily basis. Water-based (meaning gentle on the skin) with a colloidal (meaning silver-treated) suspension of acid complexes, this liquid powder is great to mattify the skin and balance the microbiome, soothing the appearance of inflammation. And I know that this might sound counter-intuitive, but dull and dry skins like mine benefit greatly from gentle exfoliants to bring back the lost brightness. Granted, it is not a product that I personally use on a daily basis, but I have added it to my Sunday pampering routine with spectacular results after three uses. After I use it, my skin looks bright, polished, and somehow very comfortable despite the fact that it’s an exfoliating treatment.

These two products cost $252 together, and they are absolutely worth every penny. Mind you, we are talking about luxury clean beauty with truly innovative formulas (the founders have extensive beauty experience in this area since they used to work for another great Spanish haute beauty brand, Natura Bisse.)

Considering that a 3-month prepaid subscription of Beauty Heroes comes down to $128.85 (or $42.95 per month), this box alone more than doubles the value of a three-month commitment in which you will get at least one full-sized product to discover every month. I love this green beauty math!

Ayuna beauty heroes collection

Although this specific box is not available on the Memorial Day promotion, Beauty Heroes is selling a limited-edition Ayuna Box that contains a full-size volcanic revitalizing mask (Balm, which is my favorite product of the brand) and the award-winning natural rejuvenating treatment, Cream, in travel size, for $69.00 (with the discount, it gets down to $63.00) instead of the retail price of $190.

To check all the Heroscope special boxes by Beauty Heroes, click here. Trust me, it is well worth a visit.

The author received a sample of the May Beauty Heroes box that didn't influence the decision to feature the brand, nor the opinions stated in this piece. Disclosure policies.

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