Seecaas, Stylish Leather Flats With a Cause

A Seecas pair of pink flats with a white vase with pink and white roses

Click here to read our review of Seecaas, a new brand of trendy flats made with the softest leather and washable insoles.

What is Seecaas?

When Seecaas contacted me to offer me a pair of their shoes to test, the first word that came to mind was softness. From the beautiful sliding case in a feminine pink, to the gold carrying pouch and the beautiful pink hue with glitter details of the actual shoes, these flats are super stylish and exhude feminity.

Seecaas is a very particular brand. To begin with, they manufacture a single model of their signature leather flats (the Ella flat) with coordinated accents and removable straps in a few color schemes. It’s baffling to me how such an apparently simple idea can be so smartly executed; if you look at their hashtags on Instagram, you’ll see that these shoes have been designed with the multitasking girl in mind. They look amazing with everything, and you can dress them up or dress them down to match virtually any outfit. And if this were not good enough, Seecaas is a company that makes a social impact by raising awareness and contributing to increasing the number of adoptions in the USA.

Seecaas, a review of my experience with the Ella flat

New York For Beginners writer modeling Seecaas pink leather flats

Now, if you ask me, what makes these shoes outstanding is their design. To begin with, the pointed toe (which I usually abhor) looks completely beautiful in their gilded designs.

Also, the construction of the sole is very well thought through. I have high arches and I cannot wear flats except for a few honorable brands that I keep close to my heart. Seecaas has a small heel that is just the perfect height to avoid foot pain, and also features removable insoles made with recycled thread so you can wash them. And this is huge! Because in the middle of the sweltering New York summer, feet are going to sweat and very probably your shoes will stink at some point.

A pair of pink Seecaas Ella flats sit on top of a black dress with embroidery flowers

With Seecaas that problem is taken care of with its very materials: Leather doesn’t absorb bad smells, and the insole can be washed as often as necessary (plus it doubles up as a nice supportive cushion, so you don’t feel every little rock on the ground when you walk with them.)

A pair of pink Seecaas pink flats sit on top of the Thread & Needle coppelia dress with tulle accents and a beaded top

Finally, can we speak about the beautiful colorways they come in? I personally fell in love with the light tan with glitter cap toe because I needed something joyful and soft to lift my spirits during the pandemic (not to mention that tan shoes look good with virtually anything, from my favorite Needle & Thread tulle dress to my sailor shorts from Express, as you can see in the pictures. They even match my custom pink locket created by A Token Of !) My personal second favorite is the leopard combination. I have seen it styled on Instagram and it looks stinking cute with jeans, or even black pants!

The Seecaas Deets

New York For Beginners writer sitting on a chair

Seecaas retails exclusively on their website (although I foresee a brilliant future for this brand with more retailers on sight!). The Ella flats with a set of removable straps retail for $150.

The Seecaas Story

Seecaas is the brainchild of Ashley Hensley, a very smart gal that started her business in January of this year out of personal need. “I have wanted a flat that is comfortable that can be worn many different ways, and that can go from day to night. I am on my feet all day for work and also have 3 children, so comfort and style is a must!”, she explained to us.

I am not surprised that behind such a great invention is a smart woman. Ashley is also the owner of Smocked Polkadot, a Southern-inspired children’s clothing company. She designs each piece of clothing for Smocked Polkadot, and she enjoyed her design experience so much that she decided to design something for women. And somehow she landed on the most versatile flats ever.

1. Seecaas Ella Flats
Seecaas Ella flats in light tan with glitter cap toe
2. Personalized locket by A Token Of
A beautiful personalized locket by A Token Of made with gold-plated sterling silver. It features a small diamond in the back, and has space for the pictures of two of your loved ones.
3. Vintage candle by Skeem Design
A beautiful candle in a recycled glass field jar scented with the Vintage Peony composition exclusive for Skeem Design. Made with love in USA.

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What really piqued my interest about the brand was that it is very involved in spreading the word about adopting children. As Ashley explained in our interview, “adoption is a huge part of my company. I am a very big adoption advocate, and we also have our Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation [which helps alleviate the adoption costs for the recipients of their grants]. I am a mom of three kids, two of whom came to us through the miracle of adoption.” That is the reason why the symbol for Seecas is a triangle.

In terms of the design of the Ella flat, Ashley explains why her business model is apparently simple, yet extremely efficient: “I wanted to kind of have a 2 in one shoe. With Seecaas you can do that. You can wear with the removable strap, without, or interchange between the Ella’s.”

If you are already a Seecaas fan, you will love their plans for the brand: “We are currently working on different colorways for our Ella flats. We have a limited edition releasing soon that we are very excited about. We will also be releasing more colorways towards the fall that we can’t wait for.” Well, keep us posted, because we definitely want to see more of the Ella flats!

And what is the founder’s favorite color combination? “You can style them so many ways with the removable strap. Currently my favorites are the navy Ellas paired with the pearl strap, it dresses up a basic outfit. I have been wearing those a lot. I also use the black gold studded strap with my leopard that I am loving.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing a lot of Seecaas in my future wardrobe staples!

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If you have tried the shoes, please share your experience in the comments section. I’d love to hear what you think of them!

Disclosure: The author received no compensation to write this article. Seecaas sent us a pair of their Ella flats to test. This didn't influence our decision to feature the brand, nor the opinions expressed here. Please refer to our disclosure page for more information about our review process.

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