Meaningful Sustainable Gifts for the Whole Family

The best sustainable gifts for the whole family

Sustainable gifts are the way to go if you want to start more meaningful consumption habits that, in turn, help the environment. We have curated a beautiful holiday gift guide with eco chic options for the whole family, which are good for your loved ones and the planet. Are you ready to make a positive change in the world starting this holiday season? Keep reading!

The best sustainable gifts for the whole family

1. Revtown Women’s Skinny Jeans in Black Black ($79.00): Revtown is on a mission to make jeans clean again (and sustainable gifts trendy!). To avoid the pollution caused by the traditional craft of making denim, their mill takes a very interesting approach to sustainability. All their waste is recycled into denim yarn, and Revtown sustainably dyes their jeans with nut shells, orange peels, and shrimp shells.This process uses half the water, 70% less chemicals, and 30% less energy than the traditional denim dying system. And these jeans make the perfect sustainable gift for everyone in your list, because they are cute, comfortable, and made to last. The denim is made from a premium Italian yarn, and their fit is like a second skin minus the constriction thanks to their engineered four-way stretch. With a super soft feel, they are perfect to take your loved ones from a meeting in the morning to date night while respecting the environment. We are absolutely in love with them!

2. Tini Lux Shoot for the Stars Earrings in Rose Gold ($65): The key to sustainability is to invest in timeless pieces that won’t end up in a landfill. And Tiny Lux specializes just in that: Beautiful statement earrings that are made with high-quality, truly hypoallergenic materials that won’t hurt sensitive ears and you will be able to reuse time and time again. These beautiful earrings are made of surgical-grade biocompatible titanium posts and rose gold plated stainless steel. The dainty design features a star and a moon, and are perfect for layering with other pieces. Minimal, fashion-forward, and simply charming, they are made with care in America with the intention to last many years. Shoot for the stars with a wonderful gift for that friend who is looking for alternatives to fast fashion.

3. Intelligent Nutrients Hand and Nail balm ($29): Intelligent Nutrients specializes in organic beauty products that are safe for the environment and the human body. This hand and nail balm is the perfect gift for that special person who loves sustainable and eco-chic alternatives to body care products. Certified organic by Cosmos, it has a lightweight creamy formula that feels like a hug, calms cracks, fades dark spots, nourishes nails and softens cuticles. And all of this without having been tested in animals! The packaging is also easily recyclable, and Intelligent Nutrients is Green-e certified, which means they use wind energy to create their plant bioactive products.

4. Take My Face Off Mitty Mini Poinsettia gift set ($55): Say farewell to cotton balls that end up polluting our landfills and the marine ecosystems! These reusable makeup removers and luxury washcloths are made with a luxurious Korean fabric that traps makeup without polluting the environment. Each convenient finger mitt has a round side for larger areas and a pointed tip for delicate areas like the lash line. This gift set includes six Mitty Minis (3 white and 3 gray) for the ultimate beauty lover with a green conscience. Because sustainable can also be chic, these exclusive Take My Face Off Mitty minis come in the cutest poinsettia shape just in time for the holidays.

5. Goddess Garden Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet and Happy Day combo ($19.99): The holidays can be quite stressful. We know. Luckily Goddess Garden is here to help with this unique bracelet that works as an aromatherapy portable diffuser. Just pour a bit of the Happy Day natural blend on the stones, and inhale as you need a quick pick-me-up. This is the perfect gift for the green gal that loves essential oils, and wants to enjoy their therapeutic properties anytime, anywhere!


The best sustainable gifts for the whole family

6. MamaP The Trio ($16.00): This bamboo toothbrush has a dual purpose: A sparkling smile and clean landfills. Effective and non-toxic, it is a green alternative to the everyday plastic toothbrush. Fully compostable and with recyclable bristles, it is the perfect stocking stuffer for that loved one who loves to take care of the environment, but doesn’t know where to start. Plus, this gift set includes a cute printed cotton linen travel bag and a ceramic holder that will make a splash in your loved one’s bathroom. Did we mention that a portion of the sales of this kit support an ocean conservation nonprofit? Sustainable and chic, this gift is perfect to save Mother Nature one toothbrush at a time.

7. Hozen Card Pouch Plata ($90.00): If you are looking for sustainable gifts that are also stunning, look no more. This hand-size, uber fancy wallet is just what you need to delight your loved ones with an haute eco chic pouch roomy enough enough to carry money, a bunch of cards, and other small goodies (like her favorite organic lipstick!). Made with the proprietary pineapple leaf fiber animal-free “leather” Piñatex®, this beauty is lined with recycled plastic and organic cotton twill, sewn with recycled plastic thread, recycled plastic zippers, recycled cotton label, and vegan adhesive. But wait, there is more! Hozen takes care of the environment and its local community by hand-producing its goods in small batches at a fair-wage factory in Los Angeles. That is why your loved one will find an “I Made Your Bag” card, featuring the smiling face of the maker whose hands crafted it. Besides, Hozen donates 10% of the profits from your purchase to the non-profit Mercy For Animals. A sustainable and uber chic gift for the green gal in your list, it is perfect to provide many hours of joy knowing that you have made a positive impact on the planet with your choices. Way to go!

8. Boot Rescue ShoeRescue Kit ($35.50): The key to sustainable gifts is to buy high-quality products that your loved ones can reuse over time. However, the fast fashion industry tends to produce low-quality products that break after a few uses, thus filling our landfills with half-used products. That is why this ShoeRescue Kit is perfect for the eco-warrior in your list. A gift that keeps giving, it comes with everything you need to care for shoes and boots so they look and stay new for much longer. Made with 100% natural ingredients, the set includes a ShoeRescue Wax, a cloth, Protector Spray, wipes and a wooden suede brush.

9.  Package Free Zero-Waste Kit with Lauren’s Essentials ($65): Package free is on a mission to help humans make life less trashy, and this cute kit is the perfect initiation gift towards a waste-free life. The super cool tote is packed with reusable alternatives to some of the most commonly used single-use plastic. It includes: A reusable cotton shopping tote; a reusable bamboo cutlery set (because who likes to eat with flimsy forks at lunch?); a stainless steel container to bring your food or carry your leftovers from your favorite restaurant; a mason jar with lid to say buh-bye to the paper water cups at work; a stainless steel straw; a beeswax food wrap variety pack, to make your kitchen greener, and a bamboo toothbrush. This is truly one of those perfect sustainable gifts for those who want to become a no-waster in time to ring in the new year.


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