Luxury Gifts: Show-Stopping Picks

The best sustainable gifts for the whole family

Make a statement this holiday season with these must-have luxury gifts.

Our most luxurious Holiday Gift Guide celebrates the concept of true luxury as the experience of receiving a thoughtful gift that delivers fuzzy feelings of comfort. Because true luxury means different things for everyone, it is not tied as much to the price as it is to the experience it delivers.

a show stopping luxury gift guide


1. Ritual Collection for Self Love by Vosges ($85): If you think that a box of chocolates won’t surprise anyone these days you’re in for a treat, because this set is nothing short of amazing. Few things can provide as much pleasure and happiness as chocolate, and this box has been lovingly curated to turn its consumption into a true ritual to soothe mind, body, and soul. These 9 dark chocolate truffles will take you on a suggestive journey throughout some of the world’s most exotic flavors. Absinthe, Hungarian paprika, Tanzanian dark chocolate, Ceylon cinnamon, or Mexican vanilla bean are just some examples of what you will find the moment you open the box. But that’s not all. This unique sensorial ceremony also includes a Hartley and Marks silk notebook for mindful journaling, a Shining Light Palo Santo bundle with a Selenite crystal, a ritual card, and an intention card to fill you with good energies and positive vibes while eating some of the most sophisticated treats available on the market. Sustainable, natural, and intentional, the Vosgues chocolate is literally infused with good vibrations and created using the highest-quality raw ingredients possible. A true luxury gift that keeps on giving, it is perfect for that friend who is struggling to reconnect with her inner self during the pandemic. {This is a 100% natural product lovingly handmade in the USA}

2. Issey 18K Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace by Skye Los Angeles ($165): When it comes to luxurious gifts, few things can beat pearls. Handcrafted from 18 karat yellow gold threads with a beautiful, organic freshwater pearl peeking from the pendant, this limited edition necklace is a perfect way to show your love during the holiday season. The natural pears provide small irregularities and shapes to create unique pieces. You won’t find two identical ones! This accentuates the beauty and character of a gift that stands out on its own, providing a modern take to a traditional style. Dress it up or dress it down, this necklace is a true statement piece that can elevate a (Zoom) office attire or set the mood for an elegant and romantic date night. This timeless gift is also extremely meaningful during turbulent periods like the year we are living, as pearls are the symbol of wisdom, invite a calm introspection, and convey a sense of security. The Zodiac stone for Gemini, pearls are also a sought-after gift for brides and significant others, as it is a symbol of integrity and loyalty. {This is a 100% handmade product with natural pearls}

3. Kayali Eau de Parfum Deja Vu White Flower by Huda Beauty ($118): Give the gift of sophistication with a perfume created using the most luxurious ingredients for completely unique scents that match many different moods. Kayali, which translates from the Arabic as “my imagination”, is a fantasy in a bottle that took 57 rounds of formulation to achieve the perfect balance of warm and sultry. Inspired by the luxury and the rich heritage of the Middle East, White Flower 57 is carefully handcrafted by master perfumers in France. Perfect to impress during the holiday season and beyond, this fragrance is a sultry white floral with a spice touch, in which the aroma of tuberose entices the senses with an elegant presence, while Sri Lankan Sandalwood adds sophistication. But there is more to White Flower 57 than meets the eye. Its comforting scent tells a tale of future adventures, of a life well lived, and the nostalgic memories forever etched in our personalities. A fresh bouquet of flowers in a single bottle of perfume, it’s easy to let worries go away with a sultry blend of Indian jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, patchouli, white nectarine, orange flower, Cashmere woods, Tahitian Vanilla, and Sri Lankan sandalwood that flower with each spritz. If you are looking for a luxury gift for a special woman, this classy perfume will be an absolute success.

4. Arctic edited by Kobalann Editions and Hemeria ($95): One of the most stunning books you’ll get your hands on these holidays, Vincent Munier’s bestseller just made its awaited debut in the US. From Scandinavia to the northernmost islands of Canada, Munier captures in this breathtaking photo album an unbelievably beautiful white world inhabited by polar bears, foxes, caribous, hares, snowy owls, musk oxen and, above all, the majestic white wolves (or “ghosts of the tundra”, as are also epically known in Inuit communities.) You can almost feel the harshness and freezing temperatures of the Great North in this unique selection of 200 pictures taken over the span of 6 years in a visual expedition that truly embodies the dream of any nature photographer. A volume that deserves a place of honor in your personal library, Arctic will take you, if only momentarily, to one of the most fragile and remote places on Earth without leaving your couch. Much more than a coffee table book, this breathtaking glimpse into a winter wonderland is a fantastic gift for the globetrotter stranded (temporarily) at home. That alone should be reason enough to put this really special luxury gift at the top of your list!

5. Bliss Cashmere Tie Detail Hoodie by Figleaves ($126): Cozy cashmere for lounging around the house this winter should be at the top of everybody’s list to Santa. A naturally warm and soft fiber, cashmere feels like a hug at a time than everybody feels a little bit more lonely due to the intense social distancing measures. Figleaves goes beyond the standard cashmere sweaters to bring the most gorgeous, 100% cashmere hoodie that is as luxurious as comfy. The hoodie is soft, thin yet substantial, and has ribbed cuffs and stylish ties on the hip for a perfect fit. And let’s be real for a second: A cashmere hoodie is the ultimate luxurious layering piece for that loved one who works from home and likes to feel comfortable and put-together in a simple step. Carefully created to last for years to come, this high-quality piece is as cozy as elegant with its brushed grey hue. A perfect mix of casual with a hint of luxury, we’re sure that this cashmere hoodie will be received as the precious gift that it is. {This is a 100% natural product made with cashmere}

show stopping luxury gifts


6. Relax and Unwind Perfume and Self-Care Gift Set by Raw Spirit ($165): Treat someone special this holiday season with the gift of ultimate relaxation! This luxurious pack includes five full-sized Raw Spirit best-selling items in a single package. Let’s start with the Mystic Pearl Scented Body Butter, imbued with the essence of real South Pearls, white flowers, a hint of coconut, and tropical spices. Like how it smells? Wait for the Mystic Pearl perfume, with oceanic tones to create a truly refreshing scent that invites to travel with the mind to a tropical paradise. For the ultimate ritual of relaxation, light up the Wander Candle, and you’ll feel that you have landed in the middle of a garden filled with roses, lavender, and bergamot fruit. This luxury gift also includes two high-quality skincare products to help create a safe and stylish handwashing ritual. As we all wash our hands a thousand times a day, there is nothing that beats a nourishing soap with antimicrobial properties. The Moisturizing Antimicrobial Foam is formulated with an organic salt that will take care of most common germs and bacteria. To top it off, the Moisturizing Antimicrobial Hand Lotion sanitizes and hydrates skin with probiotics, geranium, ginseng, and moringa seeds. A whole package of utter relaxation! {This gift set is lovingly made in the USA}

7. Magic Minerals Deluxe Airbrush Foundation Set by Jerome Alexander ($59): Give the gift of an Instagram filter in a bottle with this curated set of mineral makeup. Because even if we are not seeing each other as much as in previous years, nobody wants to look gloomy during their holiday video call with their in-laws, do they? With this fantastic set, your loved ones will have everything they need to get a flawless result in three easy steps. First, spray the Air Primer onto the SlimLine Kabuki Brush or the regular Kabuki Brish (both included) and let the invisible film balance the skin of  face and neck. Next, do the same with the Foundation for a silky smooth coverage from forehead to chin. Finally, close your eyes and use the Setting Spray on your face. The light mist will hold and enhance the results. Whether it’s for you or a special person, when it comes to holiday makeup this is the only package you’ll need!

8. Starter Kit by Ettitude ($56): These holidays, give the gift of eco-friendly sweet dreams! Introducing Ettitude’s Starter Kit, a fantastic trio of bamboo sundries that includes the softest and silkiest pillowcase set, a waffle bath towel, and a unisex eye mask. A perfect introduction to the world of Ettitude, they are a wonderful gift for any spa goer, eco warrior, or just anybody who could do with a little bit more of luxury in their life (and yes, in case you are wondering, we have used their products for a long time and are still hooked! You can read our reviews here and here.) The  towels, the eye mask, and the set of matching pillowcases are made of CleanBamboo, an avant-garde, moisture-wicking fabric made from 100% organic bamboo that is way softer and breathable than your regular cotton. You’ll feel like you are sleeping in pure silk, but in an eco-friendly and vegan way! The cherry on top for a relaxing evening is the eye mask, that blocks out the light without pressing too hard on your peeps for an oh-so-great night of good sleep. Besides, this trusty trio is produced without harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, and has been Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. A must-have for any occasional pampering session! {This is a 100% natural product}

9. Professional Teeth Whitening Tech Kit by GloLit ($149): Give the gift of a hassle-free bright smile with this innovative, clinically proven teeth whitening device that can be used in the comfort of your own home. GLO uses  wireless Bluetooth connectivity to deliver professional-grade blue LED light and heat to offer fast, visible results without sensitivity or discomfort. Perfect for those loved ones who don’t feel at ease visiting the dentist for anything other than their regular checkups, this luxury gift connects wirelessly to the GLO Whitening App to let preview results, schedule treatments, get reminders, track your progress and more!

10. Fine and Thinning Gift Set by Eufora for Men ($69.99): Give the gift of peace of mind with than award-winning set of products that create the ideal scalp environment for a naturally healthy hair growth. Enriched with Eufora’s patented Pro Amino Peptide Complex ™, the complete shampoo, the revitalizing treatment, and the scalp rescue help reduce follicle atrophy and anchor the hair bulb to the scalp. To top it off, the post-shave cream is perfect to soothe and hydrate skin with an ultra-lubricating, pH balanced formula. Wrapped in a complimentary keepsake birchwood box, this collection of haute grooming products is the perfect luxury gift for the man in your life.

11. ProTech Tool Kit by iFixit ($69.99): Armed with the data of thousands of teardowns, this tool kit includes everything your loved one needs to tear virtually any gadget apart and repair it. A perfect gift for that STEM-loving person in your life or those who want to try their hand at repairing their electronics themselves, this handy kit contains the right tools to fix your stuff. Powered by the data of the iFixit’s engineers experiences taking apart devices, this handy toolkit is loaded with our 64-bit kit and our most popular opening tools. With over 65,000 repair guides on—anything from a smartphone to your key fob to a vacuum—your loved ones will have a hard time finding something the Pro Tech kit can’t fix. Because innovation isn’t only for geniuses, give the gift of self-empowerment with a cool set of tools to solve the most common problems of modern life!

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