The Best Face Masks for the Holidays

The Best Face Masks for the Holidays

Are you looking for breathable, fashionable holiday face masks? Are you planning to attend a socially-distanced celebration and are looking for a face mask that compliments your outfit?

We have you covered! We have found the best breathable face masks for every single festive occasion, and many of them are glass-friendly too! Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to read our unbiased review and see why each of these beauties has conquered our heart, and thank you for choosing to mask up and help save lives!

Best holiday face masks

LaMaskit Paris Face Masks: Chic meets Safe

Want to protect your health and that of your loved ones and neighbors with class and style? Look no further! LaMaskit have an astounding variety of high-quality, fashion-forward masks to match any kind of holiday outfit. From Christmas dinner to New Year’s Eve, their luxurious accents and attention to detail will compliment your festive mood with a touch of European chic. A true piece of art that starts at $25, LaMaskit embodies how the world of high fashion has turned its wheels to create beautiful, wearable designs that make wearing masks a bit less constricting and a lot more fun.

The lead designer behind these works of art is an interior designer for high profile clients in Paris, Miami, New York, and the Caribbean. With a clear passion for fabrics and shapes, this mask collection has been inspired by her travels around the world, offering an alternative for the demanding fashionista that likes to look impeccable at all times.

The Deets

Most of the LaMaskit models are made with at least two layers of 100% superior quality ultra-soft cotton for optimal comfort, designed for repeated, long-term use, and ideal for people with sensitive skin. They also include a nose wire and an interior pocket for optional filter inserts.

Our Favorites

We don’t like to play favorites because all their masks are extremely beautiful, but here is our selection of the most holiday-friendly models in their catalog:

LaMaskit holiday face mask gold

Ambre (now $30.25) is made with a soft gold ruched lame fabric on the outside and lined in soft cotton. Perfect to elevate your casual outfits to a perfect festive attire, this fancy mask is also very thoughtfully designed: The double lined interior is created to make any make-up stains less visible if you have to remove it to drink or eat. The final touch is a delighful removable gold chain to hang it around the neck in style.

LaMaskit satin face mask

Lea (now $25.00) introduces the elegance of satin and French lace for your sexy, feminine looks. Reminiscent of haute lingerie, it is soft, breathable, and strikingly classy for a fun socially-distanced night. Perfect to spice up your look, the double-layered cotton interior lining is as soft as your favorite tee. Tres chic!

LaMaskit face masks review keila

Keila (now $25.00) is carefully made with elegant, simple, and ergonomic lines that fit the contour of the face comfortably for an effortless chic result. With a silky finish in eight different colors, these masks are as vibrant as they are beautiful. Perfect to pair up with your favorite holiday looks, Keila puts an elegant touch to what is otherless the cumbersome task of having to wear a mask on the outside. Bravo!

LaMaskit cotton love face mask Mathieu

Mathieu (now $25) is a comfortable cotton mask made with a very substantial, yet breathable fabric. Printed with holiday words such as peace and love, it is a unisex model that looks gorgeous with your favorite winter sweater and a pair of jeans. Perfect to take you from the holiday season and beyond, it feels like your favorite tee, but elevated.

Our Experience

We found that the LaMaskit masks were extremely comfortable and soft on our skin (so no #maskne, please and thank you!) Even though they are clearly made from luxurious, high-fashion fabric, it is easy to breathe through them, and the lining is very soft.

Reusable and washable, you can pop the cotton fabrics with your laundry. For other types of fabrics, I prefer to wash them by hand and hang to dry. We personally like the adjustable double straps for a perfect fit, and we have fallen in love with the removable straps to hang the mask around the neck when needed.

In terms of the nose wire, we were very pleasantly surprised to see that it works. Other masks that we purchased at the start of the pandemic had a very thin wire that did not adjust at all, but LaMaskit has opted for a stronger wire that bends comfortably and somehow adjusts extremely well without digging in. So they get extra points for a thoughtful design!

The +: Aside from being very breathable and extremely luxurious, they are extremely well stitched and don’t dig on my skin.

Rafi Nova Winter Novelties: Holiday Face Masks for the Whole Family

We were lucky to be introduced to the Rafi Nova face mask designs earlier in the year, and we weren’t surprised when they came up with fab new pieces with a holiday theme. After all, they were the first brand that came up with a transparent mask to show the mouth (which, aside from being great to flash a smile every so often, is of extreme help to the Deaf community as it helps read lips.)

While you can read our full review here, at the risk of repeating ourselves we’ll say that this brand offers consistent great quality with very beautiful designs. Their masks are thoughtfully designed to fit virtually any need, and they have launched an initiative that offers masks under the “pay what you can” honor system to help those Americans who are struggling under the economic impact of the pandemic. That alone speaks volumes of this business, in my opinion.

So what is new in the Rafi Nova (virtual) shelves for the holidays?

Sequin Mask ($18.00): A fabulous way to put a touch of sparkle in your face, the multicolored sequin face mask has stolen our hearts with its fun design. Thoughtfully lined with the softest cotton to avoid being accidentally poked by a sequin, it includes three layers of moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric to protect you and your loved ones. With bendable nose wires and adjustable loops, this delighful and festive mask is the perfect way to ring in the new year!

Studded Masks ($18.00): Want to add a touch of glam to your outfit without going all the way of sequins? This beautiful mask is covered in understated matching crystals for an elegant effect that will elevate your look for any important occasion. Bring a little bling to your wardrobe with this rich royal blue mask with matching studs. And don’t be fooled, because this mask is pretty and functional, as it is a hybrid between the brand’s Performance Mask and their best-selling Everyday Mask. Designed for extra versatility and breathing comfort, this 3-ply mask is made with the patented Aerosilver antimicrobial moisture-wicking material.

Adults Everyday Holiday Face Mask ($16 for a pack of three): We know that this sounds too good to be true. But you can snag three high-quality, holiday-themed masks for a little over $5 apiece. Optimized for easy breathability and machine-washable for easy care, the bendable nose bridges are super efficient at avoiding fog in my glasses (true story, and one of my major pet peeves) and the customizable ear loops makes it a breeze to adjust these masks without major dramas.

Can we also take a moment to speak about the beautiful prints? They are so pretty and come in so many different options that there is everything for each taste. From winter wonderland scenes to Hannukah or Christmas motifs, Rafi Nova has something perfect for you. And some of the holiday masks are actually embroidered, making them a true statement piece that you will cherish for a long time.

Don’t Touch That Bundle ($38.00): Ok, we know that gloves aren’t technically masks. We get it. But these cuties are copper-infused, which means they have anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Perfect if you want to run some holiday errands in style or if you are looking for an added layer of protection in your outside winter activities, they come in neutral colors (black and heather stone) to match your winter outfits. This essential kits includes as well  a No Touch screen tool and a washable antimicrobial grocery cart cover that transforms in a carrying case doubling as a cell phone holder. Perfect to take you to the holidays and beyond!

Primal Wear Santa Face Mask

Say ho, ho, ho, holiday mask! Carry the spirit of the season in style with an easy-to-breathe, lightweight holiday mask with a Santa print. Perfect to put a festive touch to any outdoor celebration, this reusable mask bundle has everything you need to become an instant holiday hit.

Our Experience

Primal Wear Santa Face Mask 2.0 with Filter and Frame ($22.00): Let me start by saying that wearing this mask instantly puts a smile on everybody you see on the street. I think we all are experiencing pandemic fatigue in one way or another, and it is very refreshing to see people sporting seasonal face masks to help spread holiday cheer (but not the virus!) I got more than one friendly, socially-distanced nod, and a family man outright asked me where I got it to secure a few for the holidays. So yeah, we can say it was an instant hit.

The Primal Wear mask comes in a bundle that includes a neck strap, which is particularly useful if you are doing a picnic outside, a reusable filter, and an X-frame. This patent-pending invention helps lift the fabric mask off the face, making it extremely easy to breathe in it and avoiding the constrictive feeling of other face masks. It is also perfect if you have chosen to wear your lipstick on and don’t want to look like the Joker when you remove the mask; since it is not rubbing your lips constantly, I was able to pull off a quite decent look by the time I removed my mask to eat.

Let me say something about the filter: Normally, these filters are small and designed for a single use. The NT3D filter that comes with this mask is wide enough to cover the full design, which gives me more peace of mind, and can be washed by hand up to 10 times, which is more environmentally-friendly than other options.

Our Verdict: If you want to sport a decent makeup look and are looking for a festive alternative to the regular black cloth face masks, don’t hesitate to check this fun face mask out. The frame makes it very comfortable to wear, and it won’t ruin your lipstick!

Ghluv: Antimicrobial Hand Protectors and Masks

The Deets

Ghluv started as a company that manufactured an innovative antimicrobial treated hand protector to accompany your trips to the outside world with an extra layer of safety. With a special fabric treated with HeiQ Antimicrobial technology, which the company explains that actively inhibits and destroys most microbes upon contact on the textile, it is worn as a scrunched sleeve and pulled down as needed. For example, it is very useful if you don’t want to touch anything with your winter gloves.

Our Experience

Stylish and discreet, the Ghluv hand protectors come in different fun prints (including animal or metallic, perfect for the holiday season) and are extremely lightweight. They are fantastic to avoid touching door handles (especially when you live in a building with extremely heavy doors that have snapped more than one touchless key -true story.)

The hand protector gives me a super cool 90s vibe because it is meant to be worn scrunched on the wrist when not in use, and when you need it you just pull it down with your opposite hand. Easy peasy. I have used these sleeves to push a grocery cart, to open my building’s heavy doors, to press the elevator buttons, to open the door of my uber, and so much more. Because they are washable and reusable up to 30 times, they have spared the environment from extra landfill waste in tasks that I would normally use gloves for.

Since I have some metal sensitivities, I am always very wary of products that have been infused with copper or other metal alloys because sometimes they will have a combination that gives me a rash. Not Ghluv. Their technology is infused into the fabric and hasn’t given me an allergic reaction, so they get extra points for that.

The technology they use is a Swiss-made antimicrobial proprietary infusing system called HeiQ V-Block, which is intended to make the fabric resistant to the spread of microorganisms. And while I always carry a lot of hand sanitizer with me and make sure to wash my hands properly when I get home, I for one am super grateful for a solution that allows me not to touch surfaces.

The Holiday Edition

Ghluv Antimicrobial Face Mask Metallic ($10/pack of 2): If you are planning a socially-distanced gathering with your loved ones, check out the Ghluv masks in metallic print. They have a filter pocket, are extremely lightweight and breathable, and also have a beautiful fabric that looks like a starry night sky. They look really cute paired up with a holiday look, and will give you an additional layer of protection without being bulky or uncomfortable.

Ghluv Hand Protector Metallic ($10/pack of 2): Carry an extra layer of protection under your coat with these fashionable hand protectors in black with a silver sheen. Perfect for that impromptu trip to the supermarket or to open door handles without scrubbing your hands raw with hand sanitizer, they look sparkly enough to match your festive outfits but without being overpowering.

Disclaimer: This article features civilian face masks as an alternative to homemade face coverings, which in nature are non-medical grade masks, and does not constitute medical advice. These masks are reusable and must be washed before and after each wear with care. The civilian masks are not a replacement for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment, and do not offer a total protection against airborne viruses or bacteria. Please consult your physician to decide the adequate level of protection required  for your specific needs. The authors received no compensation to write this article. The authors received samples of some of the products featured in this article for editorial consideration. Please click here for our full disclosure policies.


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