Review: Pevonia Botanica Piña Colada BodyRenew

Pevonia Botanica new BodyRenew bath collection has a wonderful pina colada scent that we review at New York For Beginners

If you love Piña Colada and taking baths, chances are you won’t be disappointed with Pevonia Botanica new Pineapple & Coconut BodyRenew Bathing Collection. I discovered it recently with a fun yoga event, and I’m obsessed ever since!

The Deets

When the dog days of summer strike New York City, I try to transport my body and my mind to a tropical sanctuary where the waves take the place of tourists. And though a virgin mojito or piña colada with a full blast of A/C usually does the trick, sometimes it is just not enough.

Pevonia Botanica BodyRenew Collection review at New York For Beginners

That is why I was elated when I discovered Pevonia Botanica’s new BodyRenew Bathing Collection in Pineapple and Coconut. A mesmerizing aromatic collection, the trio of body moisturizer, bubble bath and bath salts are infused with organic phytoextracts from pineapple and coconut for a fully tropical experience. Plus, it literally smells like a Piña Colada, but without the calories!

Pineapple is a natural anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant that mineralizes, brightens and repairs the skin. Coconuts are well known for moisturizing and protecting the skin. The two fruits combined make an excellent skincare duo for those who suffer from psoriasis and eczema. Plus, the rejuvenating and healing formula is created using carefully chosen botanicals and a handful of safe synthetic ingredients to cater to even the most delicate skin.

My Personal Experience

As many of you already know, I have very dry and sensitive skin. To make matters worse, I am very sensitive to SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), which makes it complicated to find a good commercial bodywash that doesn’t leave me with hives afterwards.

Although castile soap is my go-to for its high compatibility with my skin, I have had very good previous experiences with Pevonia Botanica’s products, so I decided to go rogue and have a full paradisiac experience with their BodyRenew coconut and pineapple collection. Spoiler Alert: If you want to create your perfect spa staycation on a budget, look no further!

Pevonia BodyRenew Bath Salts review New York For Beginners

To start with, the Pevonia BodyRenew bath salts in Pineapple and Coconut ($10.50) have an intoxicating scent. It is so fragrant that I found that a little goes a long way, so to make the most of my experience I mixed a scoop of their bath salts with a scoop of my regular Epsom salts (which are great if you suffer from lower back pain as I do.) This homemade mixture is the bomb! Aside from feeling extremely relaxed in body and mind, my usually oh-so-sensitive skin loved the formula, so they get extra points for their gentleness. Plus, and for those penny-pinchers in my audience, the small 5 oz packaging is quite deceiving. I have used them at least 10 times and I still have a bit left. That is less than a dollar for each bath!

Pevonia BodyRenew bubble bath review at New York For Beginners

To continue the experience, the BodyRenew line has a wonderful bubble bath ($18) that can transport even the most stressed-out person to a tropical paradise island. A decadent and luxurious experience, its formula contains antioxidant fruit extracts that are also de-stressing. Also, the formula is created using a gentler version of the SLS sulfate, so it is a good choice for those of you who have sensitive skin. As I’m personally very sensitive to most sulfates, I use very small quantities in my bath (just enough to get the fragrant experience), but my significant other, who has very delicate skin, is simply addicted to the stuff.

Finally, Pevonia’s BodyRenew eco-chic line circles back on the tropical experience with a highly hydrating body moisturizer ($24). With aloe leaf extract to soothe skin, it has been designed so even eczema and psoriasis patients can use it. With a balanced mix of natural oils such as safflower and coconut oil, it uses real fruit extracts to perfume the formula, making it a wonderful choice for those looking to avoid synthetic perfumes.

Green Commitment 

Pevonia Botanica BodyRenew event

In keeping with Pevonia’s green ethos, BodyRenew features a unique program called Pevonia Planet Bloom as an extension of the brand’s commitment to environmental conservation. BodyRenew products include a wildflower seed infused tag that once planted, help beautify our surroundings for a greener earth. Isn’t that a great idea?

How are you guys creating the perfect staycation this summer?

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