Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate July 2016

Welcome to the Day of Tomorrow! Ok, it’s still the present, but as you will see right away it brings itself a more than desirable future. Robotic heroes eager to get through the most difficult levels to stop the bad guys, delivery spacemen able to fill with laughter whole millenniums, inter-dimensional travelers as crazy as bright…if last month you had to barely survive in a desolate dystopian fate, this time Lootcrate rewards your tenacity with the funniest, wackiest and most thrilling future you could ever imagine.
Futurama, Rick & Morty, Megaman…we are more than ready to discover wait await us out there. But beware…in space, nobody can hear your laughs!

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– Let’s get started with the usual monthly T-Shirt. This month, Lootcrate honors the dimensional gun created by the lovable sociopath Rick Sánchez from the must-see adult animated show Rick & Morty, in which this mad scientist brings his long-suffering grandson through all kinds of impossibly demented realities and parallel universes.  An exclusive item to brag among friends and strangers alike as addicted to this amazing show like us. Wubba lubba dub dub!

– But, if we have to discuss hilarious futures, no one can match the laughing years  of experience achieved by Futurama. The superb animated show created by Matt “Simpson” Groening has earned the cult category by its own right for millions of fans of Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg and the rest of the crew of the most famous delivery star ship in the galaxy. Precisely, is this modern classic the item that deserves our thunderous applause this month: an exclusive replica of the Planet Express crafted by the QMX artisans. Indispensable in any third millennium home!

– Easy, gamers…Lootcrate hasn’t forget you. The oldest of you sure remember all the pain and suffering that took to complete those diabolically difficult levels in the Mega Man video games. Now, those were complicated games, and not the piece of cake we have today! Your years of perseverance and skill behind the pad deserve a prize, and for that Lootcrate gives you this exclusive and adorable Red Mega Man minifigurine courtesy of Kidrobot.

– Obviously, no journey into the future would be complete without joining the Star Trek crew.  With this impressive inaugural plaque you can transform literally anything in your possession into the legendary starship Enterprise. A case for the glasses, a laptop, even your pants…anything is valid to embark on the journey to the final frontier!

– Attention, because this month’s comic book has little to do with the omnipresent Marvel and DC superheroes. Instead, we are invited to discover one of those publishers that has earned the respect of both public and specialized critics with a fresh, different and bold premise: Valiant Comics. With this exclusive cover edition of 4001AD’s first issue, you are out of excuses to start this exciting saga.

– All the Trekkies out there…prepare for this, because this Lootpin is for you: not only features the universally famous Vulcanian greeting, but also welcomes you to the free online video game Star Trek Online with a $50 pack filled with starships, weapons and other extras that will allow you to venture where no man dared to go before.

You want more, we know. Don’t worry. This future is far from over: behold, July’s Level Up! expansion pack!

– Let’s begin with a monthly classic: socks! July brings us one of the best combos we have ever seen in a Lootcrate, with a pair dedicated to the insane characters of Rick & Morty and another one that honors in a stunning, colorful and beautiful way the Mega Man lore.

– ¿Have you seen Voltron? If that’s the case, you already have recognized the cybernetic face of one of this highly successful mecha animated show characters in this powerful T-shirt.

– If if you liked the Planet Express replica that you found in the main Lootcrate, you are going to love this exclusive hoodie portraying the beloved Futurama characters. Perfect for those incoming chilly fall days, meatbags!

– And as usual, Lootcrate has not forget about you, girls. This is not the first time that we find products related to the Bioshock video games franchise, and this time Lootcrate does it again with a lovely tank top created specially for fans of this intriguing saga.

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Brace yourselves, because August will arrive loaded with…heroes? Think again. More like Antiheroes, as Lootcrate has already unveiled as its new theme for next month. Harley Queen, Deadpool, Archer…without a doubt, a squadron as interesting (if not more) as the one that’s already kicking asses in the big screen these days.

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