Beauty & Fashion Hacks I Learned at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Beauty and Fashion Hacks

New York Fashion Week is a race against the clock. Making it to different shows a day in time is a real feat, especially when the weather decides to go crazy. If this past New York Fashion Week taught me something, it was to make my life easier. 

Looking put together at all times while running up and down the city is something that CAN BE DONE. Yep, even in the midst of a helluva of a snowstorm. You just need the help of a few beauty and lifestyle friends that will make your life much easier!

That’s the reason why I wanted to share with you my beauty and lifestyle hacks to make your life so much easier. In the end, if I was able to make it to a ton of shows without looking with a crazy person, you can do it too!

Hair Woes?: Fake it ‘Til You Make It

If you don’t have the time or the budget to rock a perfect ‘do every single time you have an important commitment, don’t drive yourself crazy. The solution is much easier than trying endless products that will leave your hair dull and overstyled.

New York Fashion Week Beauty and Fashion Hacks

And hey, you’re not alone! I honestly believe my hair conspires against me while I’m sleeping. Anytime I have an important event lined up, it decides to show its might by becoming untameable. In the light of the evidence, I’ve decided to win the war by using a two-in-one accessory and styling tool by Scunci. This brand has some genius inventions to tame hair in three minutes flat, and the Hollywood Half-Up ($9.99 at Ulta and Walmart) is yet another one of their successful contraptions.

In just three easy steps with this bewitching tool, it is possible to create a trendy, half-up/half-down look that looks great for the office and can be worn into your evening dates. Plus, it has a hidden Velcro to add volume and keep hair in place.

hairdo invisible extension review at New York For Beginners

If you really want to add a little bit more of body to your hair but don’t have the budget to go for permanent extensions, a temporary extension system is your go-to secret weapon. But believe me: You want to look into a very simple-to-use extension system that can be snapped in place in less than two minutes when your client decides to have a last-minute meeting. I personally loved my experience with the Hairdo Invisible Extension to get thicker, longer and fuller hair in seconds.

The Hairdo Invisible Extension ($79 at Ulta) has a clip-free system that instantly adds volume and length and stays in place, no matter how much you have to run in the city. Very easy to wear, this synthetic hair stands heat, so you can flat iron, curl, or blow dry it to match your style. What’s best, each color is made of 7-11 shades to match your natural color perfectly.

{Insider tip}: As my hair is naturally curly, I wanted to give this extension piece a try to blend with my own mane. To curl a synthetic hair piece, it’s important to curl, heath, cool, and then release. Otherwise, it won’t get the shape you wanted!

Flawless Makeup With a Silicone Applicator

This year, silicone makeup applicators are all the rage. I have to confess that I’m one of those bad mujeres that secretly laughed at the beauty victims that were using their bra silicone pads to apply their foundation on Instagram. That is, until I came across The Makeup Drop ($20). It is so much easier for someone shortsighted like me to avoid makeup drama and streaks by simply looking where you’re putting the product in the first place! So yeah, those Instagrammers were onto something: Silicone applicators are a darn good idea, provided you haven’t put them in your boobies first.

silicone makeup applicatior makeup drop

Plus, this silicone makeup applicator is designed to completely eliminate wasted makeup: You only need half of what you would usually apply on your face. Plus, it works with liquid, powder, or cream formulas, so it’s perfect to carry on your purse along with a few makeup samples to have a hassle-free beauty kit. And, if an emergency arises, your applicator can double up as a bra pad to give you some extra cleavage for an unexpected date night. Just joking. (Or not!) #sorrynotsorry

Avoid Germs In Style

Let’s say that sometimes people forget they’re visiting public restrooms, even in the middle of New York Fashion Week. So, if you have to visit a restroom that is not up to your standards, you don’t have to suffer from a lack of soap nor carry a big Dove bar around. Just pack a couple of Senteurs D’Orient Mint tea soap leaves ($40) in a zip bag, and use a little square to wash your hands when the need arises. Small, light, and portable, they won’t add any unnecessary weight to your bag and your shoulders will definitely thank you for it!

senteurs d' orient leaf tea mint soap

Every leaf is perfect for a single use, so you won’t have scum from the soap lying around on your purse. Just use (and abuse) for squeaky clean and hydrated hands, and forget about the rest! Plus, the scent is so invigorating and luxurious you’ll forget the stress of your day, the weather that threatens to ruin your shoes, and even the fact that you’re in a public restroom! The germophobe that lives in me can’t say enough good things about this invention…

Turn Your Instagram Shoes Into Slippers

Speaking about making your life easier, I and my guinea pigs have tested some of the great inventions by the thinking minds behind Air Plus with great success. There really is no need for you to torture your poor peeps with uncomfortable shoes, and if you must you should look into these feet hacks that will turn them into slippers.

Hug My Heels ($5.99) are a pair of silicone band-aids to protect your delicate feet from your favorite pair of high heels. These gel heel liners adhere to your shoe and become invisible to the naked eye, and avoid the constant rubbing and chafing that leads to painful blisters and sore spots. My guinea pig is extremely happy with this invention and has sworn to take extra good care of her new besties!

If your problem is in your forefoot, Ball-Of-Foot gel cushions ($5.49) provide targeted relief for that delicate area. I have used them with my high heeled boots with great success, and they get extra points because they fill exactly the space between my foot and the shoes. So no more rubbing and chafing, please and thank you!

What are your lifestyle and beauty hacks to survive the modern world? I’d love to learn your tips!



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