Beauty Squared: Five Nontoxic Beauty Brands That I’m Obsessed With

Beauty Squared Introduced me to Five Nontoxic Beauty Brands That I'm Obsessed With For the Fall

With the transition to the Fall, I wanted to share with you the five nontoxic beauty brands that caught my attention at Beauty Squared, a new professional beauty show that took place in New York a few weeks ago.

Although the word “natural” seems to be the latest industry buzzword, you should never take it at face value. Many companies want to jump on the green bandwagon, and as the use of the word “natural” is not regulated in the US they can claim they are as pure as Earth can be, while loading their formulas with hormonal disruptors and other nasty synthetic chemicals.

Beauty Squared is a new professional beauty show that gave me the chance to discover some noteworthy green beauty brands. Conceived as a space to meet and greet the creators without the hustle and bustle of other shows open to the general public, it was an excellent opportunity to understand what motivated some brands to go completely clean while delivering on their promises.

These are the five nontoxic beauty brands that stole my green heart. Plus, many of them are handcrafted with care in the United States, which is very much in line with my values to support local businesses. Please note that I am not responsible if after reading this post you become as obsessed as I am with these clean, nontoxic beauty brands!

True Natural Fragrances: Sigil Scent

In the world of chemical nasties, fragrance is way high up on my list. Chock-full with hormone disruptors, the word “fragrance” in a label can contain a myriad of undisclosed compounds that can undo the good created by the natural ingredients in a formula. Fragrances are responsible for many contact allergies, and for people with chemical sensitivities they can be the start of a very long and painful headache.

Sigil Scent Aura Room Spray Review at New York For Beginners

Patrick is the scent alchemist that conforms the heart and soul at Sigil Scent, a brand that creates competely natural fragrances using pure essential oils and organic corn-based alcohol when needed. Without synthetic fragrance phtalates, mineral oils, parabens or propylene glycol (present in many commercial perfumes), this brand made in the USA is the answer to many a green heart’s prayers.

Review of Sigil Scent Aura room and body spray, a 100% natural and organic perfume alternative

Although the brand has a very extended and well-rounded line that includes perfumes for him and for her, I would recommend you to start with Aura, a beautiful room and body spray that can be used to perfume spaces, clothes, your pillow, or your body after a shower.

With a complex and mysterious composition that speaks of adventures in faraway places, the notes of oud, palo santo and palmarosa play with oakmoss, labdanum, bargamot, grapefruit and lemon for a deliciously unisex fragrance that brightens up any space. Long-wearing and with a carefully crafted formula, Aura is a plant-based body spray that retails for $40 / 100 ml at Sigil Scent’s online store. {This is a 100%  natural and 94% organic product. Made in the USA.}

One Over One: The Beauty Of Simplicity Inspired by Nature

One Over One is one of those few brands that advocate for a minimalistic mindset. Using a savvy combination of natrual and often organic ingredients plus a few safe synthetic ingredients, One Over One creates clean formulas designed to enhance the natural beauty of the wearer.

Review of One Over one Natural Cosmetics made in California at New York For Beginners

After having a long chat with the founder, I discovered that this brand is one of the few that believes, like me, that there is nothing to correct or to conceal in beauty. They celebrate aging and the natural phases of life. The result? Multi-tasking formulas with pigments drawn from nature for those who are looking for a minimal number of products to compliment their natural beauty. 

The One Over One Sheer Light Base Glow ($42) is a traslucent, all-over liquid glow that warms skin with a subtle radiance (bye bye, panda effect!) Because we all sometimes need an extra dose of sleep, this magic skin reviver helps give an extra oomph to those areas where light naturally falls. With a very clean formula that works wondefully in every type of skin, it gives a glowing effect on the skin without sitting on the crevices. Application trick: A pump goes a loong way. I sometimes start with half a pump depending on how much glow I need! {This product is 94% natural and 21% organic. Made in the USA}

Review of One Over one duotone, Natural Cosmetics made in California

The Alizarin Rose Cream Color ($36) is part of One to One’s Duotones collection, or one of the most versatile products I have ever used (yep, I took them to my New York Fashion Week adventures! See here for all the details.) A pop of contrasting color that can be dabbed on your cheeks, eyes or even lips, this multitasking formula is so clean that it could be marketed as a dessert. A creamy touch of sun with a pinch of flush in a compact and portable case, Alizarin Rose is perfect for an understated contouring that celebrates your natural beauty. {This product is 94% natural and 82% organic. Made in the USA}

Review of One Over one Natural Cosmetics made in California

The Luminous Lip Oil in Crimson Breath ($28) is one of my current natural lipstick favorites. With a base of castor seed and olive oil, it is a soothing lip balm that gives a luminous sheer kiss of color. Very appropriate for an office setting or a weekend outing, it is the BFF of chapped, dehydrated lips. Yours truly has seen the difference after a couple of applications! Buh bye, gloss. Hello, lip oil! {This product is 99% natural and 60% organic. Made in the USA}

Inlight Beauty: Organic Skincare Made in the UK

Finding truly organic skincare products can be an adventure in itself. It is quite rare to find beauty lines that are consistently organic across all their offerings (especially because water-based formulas need preservatives.) Inlight is one of those few rara avis that has concocted a complete line to treat every skincare woe under the sun bearing the Cosmos and the Soil Association Organic seals.

Inlight Beauty Super Food Mask organic cosmetics review at new york for beginners

Dr. Mariano Spiezia is the mastermind behind the brand, that bases its formulas in a patented bio-lipophilic matrix that blends ancient alchemy and modern science.  My favorite product is the Inlight Beauty Super-Food Mask. Naturally exfoliating and rich in chlorophyll, its high content in rich oils makes it a decadent experience even for a person that has been writing about natural beauty for the past ten years (hint: that is moi.) 

With a savvy mix of rich and nutrient-dense oils (like sesame, sunflower, coconut, evening primrose and frankincense), butters (shea butter), botanical extracts (barley and rosemary, to name a few), beeswax and a pinch of magic, the Inlight Beauty Super Food mask is the ideal companion of a dry epidermis to transition into Fall. After just a couple of uses, I have had people commenting how good my skin looks.

Inlight Beauty Super Food Mask organic cosmetics review at new york for beginners

Green beauty trick: This mask works best if you apply it evenly and gently massage it in your face. After 10 minutes, it is a good idea to remove it by pressing a clean and damp muslin cloth followed with the brand’s Floral Tonic or a rose hydrolate. It is the perfect weekly detox treatment!

Hug Your Skin carries Inlight Beauty in the USA and you can find the Organic Super-Food Mask here ($51).

Mythologie: Exquisite Face Oils Made In Brooklyn

If you are on the market for a new serum or face oil, I suggest you go local and pay a visit to Mythologie Skincare’s website. With three face oils to choose from, they cover all your skincare needs with a savvy mixture of organic and botanical ingredients in true 100% natural formulas.

Organic serum for the Fall, Review of Mythologie Radiance face oil at New York For Beginners

As one has to choose in this life, my pick is their Radiance Toning Facial Oil with Passion Fruit and Neroli. If you look at the formula closely, you’ll understand why I am so excited about this brand: It is made with high-quality precious oils. Some brands will literally bottle some subpar argan oil and charge you an arm and a leg. Mythologie will use precious oils and botanical extracts from the four corners of the world and keep the prices affordable. Not all natural cosmetics are created equal!

Radiance by Mythologie ($39) contains passion fruit seed oil, rosehip seed oil (nourishing and antioxidant), chia seed oil (antioxidant), meadowfoam seed oil, kiwi fruit seed oil (OMG!), sea buckthorn seed oil (great for skin rejuvenation), neroli flower oil (which reminds me of Spain), sweet orange peel oil (to brighten your complexion), lavender flower oil and sandalwood oil (a great anti aging ingredient.)

Skincare for the fall, Review of mythologie radiance organic nontoxic toning face oil at New York For beginners

What Radiance does is brighten your complexion, promote healthy cell turnover, stimulate your natural collagen production, and give a youthful glow. Although it works best on normal to oily skin types, I have used it on my dry epidermis to get an extra glow and warmth now that the weather is changing. I use Radiance every other day to transition into the new season, especially now that we are in that rare period where we don’t need neither A/C nor heat, two of my skin’s worst enemies. {This product is 100% natural. Made in the USA}

Enamour: Organic Skincare for Babies

Although I rarely ever write about kids and babies, I wanted to make sure that I put on your green radar Enamour, a Canadian green beauty company that creates minimalist skincare for families. With mild formulas that revisit time-tested classics, their 100% natural and plant based ingredients are ideal for sensitive skin, including babies.

Review of enamour, organic skincare for babies made in Canada, at New York For Beginners

I was personally very impressed by two of their products: The Pure Baby Soap ($11) uses a savvy mix of olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter to gently clean the hair and the body of the whole family. A peculiar twist to the original Castile soap that I grew up with (Castile is a region in Spain where that particular type of soap originated), it is surprisingly hydrating and mild. I am the proud owner of very dry and sensitive skin and, although I don’t share this quite often, regular shower gels give me hives. That is why I use gentler formulas, and this soap is a dream come true. My skin is comfortable, hydrated, and it leaves no redness behind. A winner!

Review of enamour, organic skincare for babies made in Canada, at New York For Beginners

Enamour Calming Baby Sleep Oil ($20) has conquered my nighttime routines with its savvy mix of lavender, chamomile and sweet orange organic oils. With two teaspoons on a hot bath with Epsom salts, it takes my mind off the hectic craziness we all live in and reminds me to enjoy the moment. Believe me: You want to have a bottle of this miraculous oil around, regardless of whether you have babies or not!

{Please note that Enamour is spelt with an accute accent that my American laptop doesn’t contemplate. My apologies to the brand!}

Disclosure level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this article. The author received samples of some of the products featured for editorial consideration, which did not influence the author’s decision to feature any item nor the opinions expressed here.This post contains NO affiliate links; links are provided to inform the reader.


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