My Organic Beauty Routine for Dry Skin

Believe me: Finding a trustworthy beauty routine with organic skincare products can be time-consuming, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my dry and sensitive skin. Ever since I made the complete switch to all-natural, nontoxic and organic skincare products, I’ve seen my epidermis’ hydration levels skyrocket, and the texture of my skin seems to be more bouncy than before.

It has taken me a few weeks shy of two years to completely develop an organic skincare routine that works for me. As I test a lot of stuff, I always keep a few staple pieces in my day-to-day basics, that I will complement with the product that I’m testing. That way, I make sure I’m getting consistent results and that I can effectively compare one product with the others.

Today, I’m sharing my current organic and all-natural beauty routine to pamper my dry and sensitive skin in the hopes that you don’t have to kiss many beauty frogs before settling for your own skincare prince(s)! What’s best, all these products are cruelty-free and vegetarian (some of them might include beeswax so I can’t honestly say all of them are vegan), so they’re good for you and the planet!

My Organic Skincare Routine For Dry and Sensitive Skin

 {Daytime Routine}

Organic skincare routine for dry sensitive skin

1. Fine Herbal Cleanser by Farmaesthetics ($35): With only five ingredients, true geranium and lavender, it is one of the gentlest and most purifying cleansers I’ve ever used. For some reason, it doesn’t strip off my skin’s own oils, yet leaves a very nice glow to start the day with. I like to put half a pump of this herbal cleanser on my Foreo Luna and start the morning with an energizing ritual. I feel it leaves my skin so comfortable that I don’t need to use a toner afterward, which is a plus because I’m quite lazy in the morning. {This product is all-natural and made in the USA.}

2. Organic Cucumber Juice Renewal Serum by 100% Pure ($55): I was extremely excited when 100% Pure launched its first USDA-Certified Organic collection, and this serum really lived up to my very high expectations. Created with glacier water and a myriad of organic goodness, this serum contains Hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, Coenzyme Q-10 to boost my collagen levels, and nourishing oils to leave my skin hydrated for the day. It’s so gentle that it can be used even on the eyelids, and ever since I started using it my skin is more resistant to extreme temperatures. As in it’s less itchy and I don’t visibly peel, unlike my first winter in New York. {This product is 95% organic and certified Organic by Oregon Tilth in compliance with the USDA requirements.} 

3. Rose Day Cream by Dr. Hauschka ($45): To start the day with the right foot, I need to have a moisturizer that will protect me from the harsh reality of a commuter life. The contrast in temperature between the street and the New York Subway (which in some platforms resembles Hell) really takes a toll on my poor epidermis. If you add the pollution to the equation, you’ll understand why some days my face itches and has red spots when I get back home. What I like most about this formula is that it’s extremely lightweight, so I’m not “sweating cream” afterward (believe me, this is a thing), and it’s still moisturizing enough to keep me put together for hours. It really is soothing, hydrating, and comforting, which is a godsend if you have dry and sensitive skin. I really am not surprised to learn that this cream is one of the brand’s bestsellers! {As anything in the Dr. Hauschka line, this product is 100% natural certified by NATRUE.}

4. Rose Tinted Face Sunscreen SPF 25 by Badger ($19): Finding the right natural sunscreen has been a bit of a struggle. However, about a year ago I came across this wonderful product handcrafted by the folks at Badger, and it really changed my beauty routine. To start with, it has no synthetic chemical filters and uses natural, physical filters, so it works immediately. Second, it blends beautifully without using nanoparticles, which is rare to come across. Third, it provides enough UVA and UVB protection for my daily life during the autumn, winter, and spring months, so it’s a staple piece on my vanity. {This is a 100% natural product handcrafted in the USA.}

 {Nighttime Routine}

organic nontoxic vegan skincare for dry skin night

1. Damascus Rose Face Cleansing Oil by Badger ($19.99): After a day out and about, the best thing you can do for your skin is to take every nasty particle off. I like to start my routine with this wonderful organic cleanser that literally melts off my makeup and my sunscreen particles with a mix of castor, apricot, olive, sunflower and jojoba oils. Aside from being incredibly soothing, they work in harmony with the rose flower oil and the lavender flower oil in removing impurities even better than a conventional soap. I like to warm a bit on the palms of my hands, massage it on my dry face with a circular motion, and use a wet and warm organic cotton washcloth to steam the pores open and remove the excess oil. Believe me: This method is non-comedogenic, and it’s the best way to cleanse a sensitive skin that struggles if you remove its essential lipids. {This is a 100% natural product handcrafted in the USA and certified organic by the USDA.}

2. Makeup Remover by SW Basics of Brooklyn ($14): My eyes are so sensitive that this is the only stuff I let near them. To remove my mascara and any stubborn eye liner, I saturate a cotton pad with a few drops of this wonder in a jar and dab carefully to see every single trace of makeup dissolve. As it’s extremely hydrating, I like to leave a thin coat on because it seems to help my eyelashes grow more resilient and prevent wrinkles in my undereye area. Plus, as it’s extremely efficient, I don’t need to pull or scrub the area, preventing further damage to the very delicate skin under my eyes. {This is a 100% natural product handcrafted in the USA.}

3. My Secret Combo: Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil by Pai ($40) and Organic Cucumber Juice Moisturizer by 100% Pure ($49). This secret combo consists of mixing three drops of Pai’s Rosehip oil on the palm of my hand with a pump of 100% Pure moisturizer. This creates a very light yet rich moisturizer that lasts all night long. To be honest, I prefer this combination to many heavy-duty creams designed for dry skin as it lets my epidermis breathe, and I find that I’ve gained in radiance ever since. {Both products are 100% natural and certified organic.}

Have you found your perfect organic, all-natural and nontoxic beauty routine for dry skin? What are your current favorite products?

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    Glad to be of help @Mary L.! If you want to discuss privately your skin concerns, don't hesitate to DM on social media. I'm always happy to share what I consider to be the best products out there!

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