Review: Rituals Urban Samurai For Men

Review: Rituals Urban Samurai For Men

As a guy usually proud of his own manliness, I have always been suspicious of having (let alone using!) skin and body care products. Creams, lotions…heck! Even the after shave seemed a bit “girlie” to me! 

However, sometimes, only sometimes, a brand surprises you with a refreshing mix of innovative products, daring approach and superb customer care. That’s the way I felt with the recently launched Rituals Ancient Samurai line, inspired by the exquisite and strict beauty criteria adopted by the legendary Japanese elite warriors. No, I am not kidding. What, haven’t you seen the meticulously groomed beards and the dreamlike topknots they wear into battle? Being a bad-ass and kick asses was important for the samurais, but the dedicated beauty care also constituted a crucial aspect of their code of honor.

But enough with the History lesson. In my case, this brand didn’t have a “surprise factor” for me. I knew it was good. Rituals has been an old friend since my days back in Spain, a perfect source of gift ideas and an unique oasis of peace and relax amidst the most crowded malls. Even at Christmas! That is why I was delighted to attend the Ancient Samurai exclusive event that Rituals  recently held in its New York City’s SoHo shop.

From the moment I stepped in, I was treated with the most attentive and courteous care. No wonder why my wife loves attending events! A professional hairdresser groomed my scruffy beard with the Ancient Samurai products while I sipped a Heineken beer and nibbed some of the nicest sushi in Manhattan. A few minutes later I felt completely reborn, with my chin smooth and my facial hair neat and clean. I told my wife I kinda liked it, but the truth is it was one of the most relaxing experiences in my life.


Rituals Samurai for men skincare line


The Rituals Ancient Samurai line consists of 22 products catering to men’s three basic needs: skincare, shaving products and body care. All of them treasure in their core powerful botanical components oriented to satisfy the most demanding standards. The Japanese Mint, for example, refreshes and revitalizes both mind and body, whilst the Organic Bamboo, Ginger and Tiger Grass protect and nourish the skin. Every aspect of the daily care is covered, with products like Samurai Cool Scrub and Samurai Cleanse Face wash for exfoliation purposes, Ice Shower Gel for body washing and Cool Deo Spray for a 24 hours odorless protection. The objective: To provide you, the average urbanite wage-earner, with the same sense of confidence and inner strength that the Samurais of the past felt knowing that they were not only the best at what they did…but also pretty damn handsome.



I’m not very good at admitting that I like cosmetics, let alone creams, but I found a new bestie in the Samurai 24h Hydrating Face Gel. My skin felt supple, hydrated, and even my wife appraised its new softness. Kinda deal for 29 dollars, in my opinion. IMHO, the shaving cream is the second best product of the line. It is perfect for achieving great shaving results without dryness or redness. It actually makes shaving my strong beard easier.

To sum up, using this line is not only a treat to your skin, but a debt of honor to your personal appearance. Thanks to Rituals, now it’s easy to prepare for your daily battles with the proper look!

Disclosure level 1: The above author was fed during the event and given samples of the products to try at home. There was no paid compensation. This post doesn’t contain affiliate links.



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