Buenos Aires Restaurant: New York brunch with an Argentinian accent

Buenos Aires Restaurant: New York brunch with an Argentinian accent

Buenos Aires Restaurant proves itself as a worthy new player in the New York brunch scene bringing to the table the best delicacies from Argentina.

Buenos Aires Restaurant meat

As any meat-lover worthy of that mantle knows, when it comes to grilled beef nothing beats an authentic Argentinian parrillada. Its unique flavor and uncomparable juiciness are worldwide famous, and it was only fair that New York had a place to feel like a true pampero surrounded by choripanes, matambres, and alfajores. Chef Ismael Alba was of the same opinion when he decided 13 years ago to open in Manhattan´s Alphabet City a restaurant that truly reminded him of his native city. Today, Buenos Aires Restaurant stands out with a one-of-a-kind brunch imbued by the heart and soul of Argentina’s gastronomic mecca.

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires

The moment you cross the threshold of the restaurant, you are not in New York anymore. Get used to it, and do it fast, because the experience can be delightfully overwhelming. The main dining room exposed brick walls are literally bursting with vintage pictures of Buenos Aires, Mafalda comic strips, Pope Francis’ memorabilia, and, of course, plenty of soccer treasures such as signed flags, scarfs, and uniforms of Argentinian’s biggest astros. So, yeah, you can expect plenty of Messi and Maradona around. Even the restrooms are charmingly decorated with quintessential movie posters and affiches from Latin America and Spain. The place was completely packed, so we were lucky to secure a spot in the cowhide, a more intimate seating area located in the back.


Let’s talk about brunch. Buenos Aires’ offers 2  ourses, 2 drinks (Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Sangria, or beers) and coffee or tea for just $35 (or $25 if you decide to stick with non-alcoholic drinks.) A truly tempting and competitive choice among the countless options that literally flood Manhattan’s weekends. Even so, we decided to order both from inside and outside the brunch menu to take the most out of our experience. Our first pick, a true Latin American classic: empanadas! One filled with ham and cheese, the other with hand-cut meat, both were the perfect starter for our meal.

Meat paradise


But we couldn’t lose sight of what truly brought us here: the trademark USDA prime grilled meat that proudly celebrates Argentinian cuisine around the world. So we went for it and order the entraña (grilled skirt steak) and a succulent chorizo criollo (homemade Creole sauteed sausage).


Although the chorizo tasted really good, the entraña was just mouthwatering. Delicious, perfectly cooked, and juicy, this piece of meat is everything you would expect from an Argentinian parrilla, and then some.

A sweet farewell


Did anybody say pancakes? Although we were pretty stuffed, it would’ve been unforgettable to miss the chance to try the dessert. And, certainly, we couldn’t have chosen better, with a panqueque de dulce de leche and ice cream accompanied by a traditional chocolate alfajor that provided a magnificent finale to the meal.

Buenos Aires Restaurant is cozy, authentic, and true to the best Argentinian principles: Superb meat, top-notch service, and an unbeatable atmosphere that transports you, even for a few hours, thousands of miles away from New York’s chaos. If you want to try a different brunch with the best Argentina can offer, search no more. ¡Buen provecho!

Where To Go

Buenos Aires Restaurant

513 East 6th Street

M-T: Noon – 11pm

F-S: Noon – Midnight

D: Noon – 11pm

Phone: (212) 228-2775

Price: $$-$$$

Make your reservation at: https://www.buenosairesnyc.com/


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