Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate May 2017

Guardians. Exceptionally brave beings gifted with a deep sense of heroism who protect the innocent and fight any threat against them. Protecting your neighborhood’s soul, defending New York City or even saving the whole universe, the guardian type plays a pivotal role in many movies, TV shows, comic books and video games as the ultimate peacekeepers and protectors of justice and freedom.
With the return of our favorite team of space outcasts, Lootcrate pays tribute this month to some of these intrepid champions.

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– Let’s begin, precisely, with two of the most beloved members of the always awesome Guardians of the Galaxy, ready to rock again the theaters with a new adventure. It is well-known our obsession with the amazing Q Fig! figurines, and this marvel-ous (see what we did there?) Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot mini statue has become one of our collection’s undisputed favorites.
Intense, spectacular and adorable as hell, there’s only one way to put it: I AM GROOT!!

– Don’t go back to Earth yet, because it’s time for the most famous space adventures of…well, all times. Star Wars, of course! Jedis, droids and charismatic scoundrels join the latest coloring for adult books trend, bringing the balance to those souls stressed by the Dark Side of the routine. Take the (conveniently included) color pencils and unleash the power of the artsy Force!

– This month’s T-shirt is a wonderful hommage to the 80’s most beloved group of treasure hunter preteens. Prepare for unbearable nostalgia with the motto that sums up this immortal classic: Goonies Never Say Die!

– But if you’re more into electronic entertainment, this set of patches from the successful video game Destiny is just perfect to customize any clothes or accessory

– We wrap May’s loot with the monthly pin, dedicated this time to the main star of the manganime Avatar (no, not THAT Avatar, but the manganime). And look at this! For the first time some areas are fluorescent, so it actually glows in the dark!

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Galaxy’s saved again! Now we’ll have to wait for summer in order to enjoy a new and refreshing geek loot.  What will we find next month?

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