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Broadway Roulette review

If the only thing you love more than a Broadway show is to be surprised, then you’re in for a treat.

Broadway Roulette, Date Night in a Spin

Broadway Roulette takes care of stressful decisions such as choosing the play or worrying about the price of the tickets. Just pick a day, your genre selections, and enjoy your surprise show when the time comes.

When it comes to pure entertainment, nothing beats a good Broadway show. True artists, no doubt about it, live in Broadway. The astonishing talent of the stars that every night make Manhattan’s Theatre District shine is truly epic, delighting audiences from every corner of the world with an uncanny combination of superb acting, energetic dance moves, and powerful voices. In fact, the only bad thing about a Broadway date is how difficult can sometimes be to choose among the vast array of desirable choices available across the Great White Way. Colorful witches, dancing cats, glee Mormons, Disney princesses, pop icons, giant apes, talking lions, wizard kids, masked phantoms…the options are just too many, and what started as a good idea for a Friday night might quickly turn into an overwhelming quest to figure out the best way to spend your well-earned money.

And don’t get me started with the prices. Sadly, a New York salary is not always enough to meet Broadway’s standards. Sure, there’s always the ticket lottery, or camping outside the theater for hours hoping to get permission to see the play on your feet. But sometimes you don’t feel like it. You just want to pay a reasonable price, sit down, and relax while others do the planning.

Our Broadway Roulette experience

Lucky for you, you are not alone. Two theater-loving New Yorkers decided that they weren’t going to Broadway enough because of…well, because life happens, and it’s not always easy to plan in advance. That’s why they came up with a brilliant idea that gives an unexpected (and most welcome) twist to the whole idea: going to the theater without knowing what are you going to see. Surprise!

Show’s over, routine

That’s, in a nutshell, what makes Broadway Roulette so special. The concept is pretty simple and straightforward. You choose the date and the number of tickets and share a little bit of information about your preferences. Love musical shows, or are you more into old-fashioned, classic theatre? Want a naughty play, or need to stick to family-oriented fun? They got you covered, no matter what. After that, you just wait for their confirmation. Now, you might’ve noticed that there’s one step missing in the process. Not at all, because that’s the charm of the whole idea: you don’t know which show you will see until the same morning of the performance, when you will receive an e-mail and text message with the play’s title and the theater’s address.

Fun right? You bet. Now, you also might think, what if I end up seeing something I’ve already seen? No problem. During the selection process, Broadway Roulette allows you to eliminate up 7 shows. Besides, they accurately keep track of your decisions over time, and therefore guarantee that you would never get assigned the same show twice. The price will not be a concern either, with a cost range of just $49-$59 per ticket.

Our Broadway Roulette Experience

Of course, we couldn’t help but personally try this new and exciting way to enjoy Broadway. We picked a day, the number of tickets, and just forgot about it. Broadway Roulette did all the thinking for us. As promised, we received a text the same day of the show that finally revealed the secret: we were lucky enough to enjoy  The Prom, a delightful and brilliant response to homophobia that might very well be not only the feel-good musical of the year but one of the best Broadway shows around right now.

Finally, picking up our tickets at the will call was an easy and smooth process. And if all of this wasn’t enough, Broadway Roulette also features a pretty cool blog about anything Broadway-related.

Still looking for a fun plan for date night? Dare to spin the roulette… you might have a wonderful night ahead!

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