Fashion for Travelers: November Rain Poncho

Fashion for Travelers: November Rain Poncho

November Rain manufactures a foldable rain poncho jacket to travel light and in style.

As many of you know, I am an avid traveler. I love to pack my bags and discover new places and cultures. As I suffer from chronic lower back pain, I have to plan very carefully what I am carrying in my suitcase, because I love to pack light yet still wear cute outfits. A girls gotta keep her style, if you ask me! That is why November Rain’s poncho has marked a before-and-after moment in my traveler’s packing list. Cute, waterproof, stylish, and long enough to cover my calves, it is a wonderful spin on the traditional Niagara-Falls-Style-Raincoat that makes everyone feel their look is beneath their dignity. Isn’t Oriental Bird ($59) much cuter?

Woman wearing a rain poncho for travelers

Rain has always been one of my major headaches when planning for a trip. Since most of my coats aren’t waterproof (even my beloved Ultra Light Down from Uniqlo gets wet with heavy rain), I have to decide between carrying a heavy coat that can withstand any type of weather but will be too hot if it gets over 30 degrees, or to suck it up and carry a tiny umbrella that makes my legs get wet and makes it impossible to multitask. And, oh boy, do I hate my pants getting wet and soaking! There is nothing worse than the feeling of cold, wet jeans on your legs, if you ask me. The fact that they end up smelling like a wet dog doesn’t help either.

Woman wearing a rain poncho in a city

Here is where November Rain ponchos come to the rescue! Designed with portability in mind, it folds into its own cute pouch to save up a lot of space in your luggage. Hey, it’s so portable that I carry it in my handbag every day! Made with luxurious satin polyester with a waterproof backing, each poncho has a front pocket (because phones hate getting wet), a detachable hood, reinforced snaps and zippers (so you can either go full poncho or create the illusion of a rain jacket), and heat sealed seams to prevent any water leakage. Welcome to my world of dry clothes!

The thing with November Rain is, you can really do whatever you want with this poncho! Your range of movement is completely unrestricted! Here you can see me doing one of my favorite rainy day activities (singing in the rain and jumping on puddles of water), but I have also been seen chatting with a friend without hitting my head with the umbrella, walking on the street without getting my umbrella tangled with other people’s, answering my phone without dropping my umbrella (or the phone), getting home with my vintage wool coat dry and impeccable. Do you notice a pattern here? I have been freed from the tyranny of umbrellas! In New York City, of all places!

I have already mentioned that November Rain manufactures eco-friendly rain ponchos. And although it seems like a buzzword these days, these folks really mean it. The printing process uses waterless printing methods to protect the environment and it is crafted with heat sealed seams designed to last. No programmed obsolescence here.

In a powerful cute package, November Rain ponchos combine design, functionality and fashion that comes in a true one-size-fits-all. Available in a wide range of prints, Oriental Rain stole my heart for its bold and yet understated pattern. Not to mention how great it looks with my navy rain boots and my navy favorite Le Pliage Longchamp bag!

For more information about the rain poncho revolution, visit November Rain’s website.

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