Styling a Comfortable and Professional Career Wardrobe

comfortable and professional office attire

Building a comfortable and professional career wardrobe is not an easy task. As I’m a curvy, skinny, and petite woman, I often find that career clothes are either too big, too uncomfortable, or simply look wrong on my frame.

To me, finding comfortable career clothes is a vital step in every person’s life. As this society is turning into a service economy, meaning most of the jobs are done inside an office, it’s important to have a few staple pieces that make you look put together and that are still comfortable enough to wear all day. Can you imagine what it is to do a job interview with a gaping top, a too-tight pair of pants, or shoes that are killing your feet? Believe me, these wardrobe malfunctions don’t help you project a confident self when you do job interviews, nor help to keep you calm when you have a last-minute project.

Although many people use a tailor to make their clothes fit perfectly, I’m personally taking a different approach. I’ve decided to explore comfortable fashion options, and I have to say I’ve never looked back. Read on to discover my favorites to style a comfortable career wardrobe!

Back to Basics: Use Natural Fibers

Finding the right career tops is a personal headache for me. Regular shirts are a no-no because I have a diminutive back, and the petite sizes simply don’t accommodate my curves. There are a gazillion options out there that are made of non-breathable fabrics, and to be honest that’s not an option if you’re taking the Subway in rush hour.

My latest take on the situation is to invest in natural, breathable pieces in neutral colors that I can pair up with a lively jacket. I recently discovered Boody, a company that produces organic bamboo eco wear for every single situation.

My favorite product of the line is their Cami Bodysuit ($24.95). Extremely flattering with its gently curving neckline, it is the perfect layering piece for that dress that’s perfect for work but needs some extra coverage in the cleavage area, or to wear with a bright jacket and a pair of black pants. As you can see in the picture, it looks crisp, professional and put-together. Plus, the neckline is beautiful, flattering, and office-appropriate.

Silky, soft, and luxurious, this bodysuit is extremely comfortable and doesn’t crease, helping me look put together even after a long day running up and down the city. Plus, it’s breathable and thermo-regulating, so it’s a perfect piece for both summer and winter.

{A Note About Bamboo Rayon}

Although bamboo fabric has gotten a bad rap in the green community because it’s rayon, a fabric that’s chemically processed, I personally like Boody’s products for different reasons. To start with, because they are very open with regards to the composition of each piece of clothing so people with allergies can decide whether to avoid them or not. 

Second, because Boody has several certifications that guarantee the quality and eco-sustainability of their products. To me, the most important are Ecocert (which guarantees that the originating bamboo is grown organically, which is good for you and for the communities harvesting it), Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (which guarantees that although rayon is obtained via a chemical process, they are avoiding potentially harmful compounds), and SGS (which further tests their compliance with health and safety standards.)

Finally, Boody produces in China, which is something conflictive for me because of their non-existent rights for their workers, the pollution, and the carbon footprint of importing products. However, and in this case, it really makes sense as the bamboo is harvested in China, and Boody has enough certifications that guarantee their workers are being compensated fairly (Oeko-Tex guarantees the whole process) and that they are not polluting the environment, nor using polluted water or dyes to produce their products.

So, although this fabric is chemically processed, I trust it to be completely free of the harmful chemical compounds I’m personally looking to avoid.

Comfortable Career Pants

Wearing a comfortable top can defeat the purpose if your pants are literally killing your midriff area. I highly recommend that you check out my review of Betabrand’s Yoga Dress Pants. They are stylish, comfortable, and made with an extremely nice fabric.

The Shoes

Quoting Jenn from The IT Crowd, The Shoeess play in a totally different league when you’re building your career wardrobe. They have to be comfortable enough for you to commute in them, stable to take you from the concrete to the office carpet, and fashionable to make you happy in the office.

For career shoes, I have two favorite brands.

The first one is Naot. I reviewed the Naot Stunning boots here, and a few months later I stand by my opinions. I’ve used these boots extensively and they look great with my career outfits. Plus, they are so comfortable that I can run to catch my trains without ending up with blisters.

My second brand of choice is Aerosoles. They have a wide range of career shoes, including my beloved Super Soft Tassel Loafers in neutral tones that I pair up with my spring and summer work outfits to be comfortable and stylish.

What are your comfortable fashion choices that are office-appropriate?

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    April 19, 2017 / 12:38 am

    THANK YOU for this! Where do you buy the Body bamboo clothing?

  2. New York For Beginners
    April 19, 2017 / 12:55 am

    Hi dear! You can buy Boody's products on their website. Just click on the pink links on the text and they will take you there. Hope this helps!

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