Indie Beauty Expo: 5 Natural Beauty Finds for the Fall

Looking for new natural beauty finds for the Fall? You’ve arrived at the right place! I scoured the Indie Beauty Expo 2017 to find the best products to treat yo’self (and your body) with the pampering you exactly deserve.

Without further ado, here are my five natural Indie Beauty Expo finds for the Fall!

1. Portable Yoga: Relax with East Coast Glow

Indie Beauty Expo Review: East Coast Glow blue body serum with tansy

There seems to be a new trend in cosmetics that has to do with naturally blue products. The culprit? Blue tansy. With a rich blue hue and a sweet, sweet smell this essential oil is cherished for its outstanding calming properties.

East Coast Glow Balance Body Serum ($60) adds an indulgent step to your body care routine with an infusion of wildcrafted botanical extracts carefully curated to hydrate and nourish your skin during the change in season. Handcrafted with love in Canada using only natural ingredients, its formula includes shea olein for a non-greasy but deeply hydrating routine, frankincense essential oil to give skin its suppleness back, and German chamomile essential oil to help you relax in synergy with the tansy extract.

This body oil is ideal to wrap yourself in the calming properties of botanicals while you enjoy a Netflix + hot cocoa afternoon. It really doesn’t get any better than this, ladies!

2. Crocodile Skin? Cherish it with Bottega Organica

Bottega Organica Cherish Face Balm review at New York For Beginners

Bottega Organica is one of the truly 100% natural and organic beauty brands that exhibited at the Indie Beauty Expo show in New York this year. With sumptuous formulas based on the discoveries of molecular geneticist Andrea Alimonti, their products combine the best in nature with cutting-edge scientific discoveries designed to slow the aging process.

As yours truly has already hit the big three-zero mark, I am beginning to introduce some rejuvenating formulas in my skincare regimen. Bottega Organica Cherish Face Balm ($78) is an incredible face balm that seems to hug my very dry skin with the sensual properties of the vanilla plant. A natural anti-inflammatory, Cherish combines vanilla plantifolia extract with apricot and wild carrot virgin oils to support the skin. As usually dry skin comes with an extra dose of sensitiveness (maybe because our crocodilesque skin is more exposed to the weather changes), the chamomile and high mallow extracts have helped me control the seasonal redness that I suffer with the transition to Fall. After just a week of using this little miracle in a bottle, my skin seems plumpier, more hydrated and, overall, happier with the change in weather.

If you have dry skin, do yourself a favor and give Bottega Organica Cherish Face Balm a try. You can thank me later. 

{Green tip}: This bad guy is extremely concentrated. I like to apply two drops on my face after toning at night, and add an extra drop to my moisturizer in the morning. I little really goes a long way, and makes a great difference in dry skin!

3. Gothamist? Pamper Body and Soul with Intelligent Nutrients

Indie Beauty Expo review at new york for beginners: Intelligent Nutrients destress body oil

I am a big believer in the power of aromatherapy. Scents can evoke memories, enhance moods, and even destroy germs if you diffuse them. That is why I can only say good things about Destress Express, a USDA Organic hair and body treatment oil carefully crafted by Intelligent Nutrients.

Fellow Gothamists, Destress Express is a remedy for daily living in the city that never sleeps. Highly moisturizing, it is perfect to fight in style the insane temperature changes curated by the MTA on the platforms and trains (hi, L line users!) A true restorative care for body and mind, it can be used on your scalp to rebalance and nourish the hair bulb, on your hair to condition and make your mane shine, and on your body to avoid hating the rest of strap-hangers when you become a sardine in a tin while commuting for work. The savvy blend of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary will cool you down on those hot-like-Hell subway platforms, and will provide a wonderfully scented escape while you silently pray for your stop to be the next. How do I know, you might ask? Because I am a commuter myself.

Intelligent Nutrients was founded on the base that “everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe”, and this Destress Express Hair and Body Oil treatment ($47) is a great example of nontoxic and high performing botanicals that make living in New York a bit easier.

4. Unleash Your Inner Mermaid with The Seaweed Bath Co.

Review of Whole Seaweed detox bath by the seaweed co at the indie beauty expo

I have to confess that my favorite Disney princess is Ariel. Here, I said it. I have always wanted to be a red-haired mermaid. As my DNA had other plans for me (no mermaid tail, and no red hair I’m afraid), the next best thing I can think of is taking a seaweed bath to replicate Ariel’s best-kept beauty secrets. In case you are wondering, combing my very curly hair with a fork is just not an option.

The Seaweed Bath Co. manufactures a Whole Seaweed Detox Bath ($12) that is incredibly detoxing. Featuring organic bladderwrack seaweed sustainably hand-harvested in Maine, this product is chock-full with vitamins and nutrients from the sea. 

On  personal note, I love using seaweed as a seasonal detox cure as it helps draw out heavy metals from the body, and is insanely moisturizing for my dry skin. Plus, the gel released from the seaweed can be used to soothe your scalp.

The only downside to this product is that I could not go full Ariel because I didn’t find a Sebastian crab inside the package. Seaweed Bath Co., may I suggest you strike a deal with Disney and create a special mermaid edition? 

5. New to Green? Try Going Bare

Review of Bare serum at the indie beauty expo new york 2017

Nope, I am not suggesting an act of public nudity. If you are dipping your toe into the world of natural cosmetics, your best best is to transition with a formula that includes a savvy mix of natural extracts and a few synthetic ingredients.

Bare Bespoke Natural Extracts is an Australian company that creates amazing hybrid serums. Halfway between your conventional beauty products and a purely natural formula, it combines deeply hydrating botanicals with synthetic high-tech ingredients to deliver fast and fabulous results. It is one of the few brands that uses Kakadu plum and Tasmanian pepper fruit, which are traditional healing remedies of the indigenous people in Australia.

With a beautiful scent, the Ambrosia Soothe serum for dry and sensitive skin ($90) is a wonderful addition to your vanity if you are considering transitioning to a cleaner beauty regime but are not ready yet to go fully 100% natural.

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