Robin McGraw Revelation Luxury Skincare Review


Robin McGraw recently hit the news with the launch of her new luxury skincare line Revelation. The well-known TV personality, philanthropist, and two-times New York Times bestselling author recently partnered up with Dr. Jessica Wu to launch a luxury skincare line with 14 professional-grade products.  New York For Beginners attended the launch event and received some samples to test the new luxury skincare line created by Robin McGraw.

The Vision

In the presentation event, Robin McGraw explained her vision for this new luxury division of her acclaimed lifestyle brand, insisting on the concept that women have to take care of themselves first, which is often dismissed by society.  “I want to encourage women to put themselves first, understand that they deserve to embrace their own beauty, health, and happiness, to know they must take care of themselves so they can take care of those they love,” said McGraw. “It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. You deserve to love who you see in the mirror and what you feel once you put yourself at the top of the list.”

A lesson she learned after a series of painful losses translated into a living motto, and in turn into a custom-crafted collection that encapsulates the most potent active ingredients along with cutting-edge technology.  This line of 14 products is void of harmful sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, and chemicals. Plus, and as with all Robin McGraw Revelation products, there is no animal testing.

Dr. Jessica Wu, Robin’s partner in crime, is a dermatologist to the stars that shares the vision that we ladies should put ourselves first. “Robin and I realized that by working together we have the opportunity to help women everywhere with an offer of professional-grade skincare products at attainable prices,” she stated during the event.

The Products: The Brightening Trio

robin McGraw revelation brightening trio

Starlight, Face Bright

This nourishing night treatment contains a proprietary Triple Action Brightening Complex and stabilized Vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of dark spots for a more supple, radiant complexion.  $50/ 100 ml

The Pros: This product really works well to treat dark spots during the winter. As I’m personally allergic to some of the components of the formula, I gave it to a friend to test and checked the results after two and four weeks of continued daily use. I can honestly say I noticed her skin to be more supple and radiant, and she was very happy to see how some of her most stubborn dark spots had started to fade. Plus, the price point is excellent for this type of dermatologic-grade treatment, and I know she has purchased an extra jar to continue the treatment after she’s done with the one I gave to her. 

The Cons: I always recommend to be very cautious when using a Vitamin C treatment. Make sure you don’t forget to use your solar protection, and reserve this treatment for the winter months as Vitamin C renders your skin more sensitive to the sun!

Twinkle, Twinkle, You’re a Star!

A good scrub is the secret to a radiant skin, especially after the harsh winter weather renders it dull. This multi-action polishing scrub ($28) features the same Triple Action Brightening Complex found on Starlight, Face Bright. The formula works to refine pores and fade the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

The Pros: If you are really willing to get rid of your dark spots, exfoliation should be one of your priorities. However, some physical formulas can be too harsh. To test this product, I enlisted another trusting friend (aka my guinea pigs) to see how it worked on her skin. After just a couple of uses, she told me she was loving the product as she could see immediate results; her skin was glowing! Plus, it’s an eco-conscious beauty choice: The combined use of finely ground pumice and bentonite clay assure a good and deep cleanse without polluting our waterways with nasty plastic beads.

The Cons: I recently discovered I’m allergic to the preservative Phenoxyethanol, which is used in this formula. If you happen to share my sensitivity to the ingredient, and although it’s used in a mild dose, I’d recommend testing it in your neck or the inside of your wrists prior to using it.

Let There Be Bright!

Behind this sassy name, you’ll find a triple-action brightening serum with highly stabilized 10% Vitamin C. This serum is designed to fade the appearance of existing spots and discoloration, plus protects, brightens and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Pros: My guinea pig squealed with excitement when I told her what I had in store for the new test. The idea of this serum is to brighten the skin by balancing pigmentation without using harsh or dramatic ingredients, which was something she had been looking forward after having children. After a month, she stated that she saw some of the dark spots that she acquired during her pregnancies go away. Plus, the built-in antioxidant support worked well as a pollution shield; I specifically asked her to observe if her towelettes appeared dirtier when she removed her make-up and, guess what? They did. This means this product acts somehow as a physical shield, avoiding the pollution to actually penetrate the skin.

The Cons: It’s the most pricey option of the three ($66 a pop), but I still think it’s quite worth the price tag, especially when comparing it to other brands that offer less potent solutions for a three-digit price.

All in all, all the testers loved the new Robin McGraw Revelation luxury skincare line. The packaging is beautiful, the products are obviously loaded with high-quality and high-performing ingredients, and the price is more than reasonable.

The products are already available at

Have you tried any of Robin McGraw’s Revelation luxury skincare products?

Disclaimer Level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this post. The author received a sample of some of the products featured for editorial consideration. Receiving a sample didn’t influence the decision to feature a brand nor the opinions expressed by the author. All links provided in the article are for information only and are not part of any affiliate marketing program.



  1. Patricia Beaumont
    May 23, 2020 / 11:49 pm

    Used two times sunspots disappeared on my face

    • newyorkforbeginners
      July 12, 2020 / 9:50 pm

      We’re glad to hear the product worked for you! We liked it very much when we tested it

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