Indie Beauty Expo NYC 2017: What You Can Expect

Indie Beauty Expo is coming again to New York City, on August 22-24 2017! As a green reporter, it is very exciting for me to see so many natural and eco-friendly brands come together under a single roof, and it is definitely a wonderful opportunity to those willing to greenify their beauty routine to meet and greet similarly-minded companies.

The Indie Beauty Expo has grown exponentially over the past years, filling a niche in the market that demands more independent beauty brands to have a voice and an opportunity to grow.

Are you still wondering what you can expect from Indie Beauty Expo 2017 in New York City? Fear not, as I did the hard work for you: I literally asked the founders Jillian Wright and Nader Naeymi-Rad to spill the beans and tell us what is new this year. Believe me, you are going to want to secure a VIP ticket and grab some of those sweet, sweet exclusive samples!

New York For Beginners: What is the idea behind the Indie Beauty Expo?

Jillian Wright: When I launched my skincare line in 2013, I assumed buyers would come in droves to carry it in their stores. I wanted at least 50 retailers by the end of the year. I had been an aesthetician and spa owner for 18 years in NYC, I had performed over 12,000 facials, and I had received a wealth of good press. I got *ok* press for the skincare line as well, but the retail piece didn’t fall into place right away and I was humbled. I realized that I needed to market myself at trade shows. However, I couldn’t find one that fit my needs as a brand. I considered Jillian Wright Skincare to be luxe niche or indie, and I didn’t want to be dwarfed by the bigger brands and shows. Frankly, I wasn’t ready. I had no idea what I was doing and that scared me. I needed some friendly advice from people like me who had been down this road, and I couldn’t find them. There was no one to hold my hand. So, out of frustration, I decided to start my own trade show. When the idea manifested, I visualized all the other brands I respected—such as Tata Harper, Tracie Martyn, Lotus Wei, Kahina Giving Beauty. I shared my idea with my then facial client Nader Naeymi-Rad and without hesitation he said, “Let’s do this.”

New York For Beginners: So, what is an Indie Brand?

Jillian Wright: An indie brand is one that is owned and operated 50% by the founder. Think of it as the opposite of mass beauty. 

NYFB: How can consumers support indie beauty brands? 

J.W.: The best way to support indies is with your dollars and positive reviews, social sharing and interaction. Come to the SHOP INDIE event on Wednesday August 23rd from 5pm-9pm to meet the founders and learn more about their brands, their missions and what they are up to for the future!

NYFB: Although this is not an event exclusive for all-natural brands, you have quite a lot organic brands exhibiting. Do you know why? 

J.W.: Indie brands have a closer connection to their ingredient suppliers and since they work in smaller batches, they can offer cleaner and greener formulas. 

NYFB: Can you give us a sneak peek of what the Indie Beauty Expo 2017 in New York will look like? 

J.W.: With 200 indie brands under one roof, it is not an event you want to miss. You will want to send every minute and discover, try, learn and connect with the brands. Each brand will be shopable and with a general admission ticket, you get a tote bag to fill up. With a VIP ticket, you get tons and tons of samples from the brands. Either way, it is a win-win for all. 

NYFB: How many different countries will be exhibiting in New York this year? 

J.W.: We have 15 countries outside the US represented as far as Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, the UK to name a few! The IBE is now a multi-city event that takes place several times a year. Did you foresee you’d be so successful? IBE is on a mission, to shed light onto independently owned beauty brands to the press, consumers and buyers. We are always striving to build a better platform for all that are interested in indie brands to thrive. We are nowhere done. This is just the beginning.

[New York For Beginners IBE Hack]: Plan your visit ahead! This year, the Indie Beauty Expo will have three separate portions: A networking day for professionals, a Shop Indie portion (dedicated to green beauty consumers, on August 23rd), and a trade portion. To learn more about the Indie Beauty Expo 2017 in New York and the activities offered at Skylight Clarkson Square (550 Washington Street, New York), visit

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