Thesis Beauty, Organic Cleansing Ritual for Dry Skin

Thesis Beauty is a lovely organic cosmetics brand that I discovered thanks to the Indie Beauty Expo in New York City. And boy, how lucky was that encounter! With the change in weather, my dry skin needs an urgent cleansing ritual that nourishes and hydrates it at the same time with organic ingredients.

Willing to accept the challenge, the folks at Thesis were kind enough to send me samples of their two organic cleansing heroes: The Organic Makeup Remover with Rosemary + Citrus and the Tender as Petals Floral Face Cleanser. Suitable for all skin types, these two products promised to leave my skin clean and fresh without drying or exposing it to the pesky synthetic nasties that give me allergic reactions (hello, sulfates!). Here is my organic cleansing ritual experience with Thesis Beauty!

Thesis Makeup Remover Rosemary and Mint

Even though I transitioned to natural cosmetics a while ago, sometimes I have to use regular mascara because some natural options don’t work well for me (they either irritate my eyes, or they don’t achieve the look I am going for.) When I go for regular mascara, I like to use Glo Skin Beauty because it lasts all day and doesn’t get into my eyes. The problem with some natural formulas is they will flake, and once they get into my eyeballs the allergy party begins. *Big sigh*

So removing my makeup is a pretty big step for me if I don’t want to go to bed with burning eyes. The Thesis Beauty Rosemary and Citrus Makeup Remover ($19.95) uses the power of organic vegetable oils (a savvy blend of jojoba, sunflower and apricot kernel oil) and essential oils (sweet orange, spearmint, and rosemary) to destroy any stubborn makeup traces.

What I like most about this product is how efficient it is without using any synthetic ingredients. Oils literally break down the makeup molecules using the “like dissolves like” principle we all learned in high school. Since makeup is often made of oil and heavy waxes, an oil-based cleanser is a great alternative if you cannot use sulfates like moi.

How do you use it, you might ask? I like to spritz my face with rose water and apply a few drops of the cleanser on my face, working with an upwards motion. I then remove it with my organic (reusable) cotton pad. For my eyes, I like to put the mix on the cotton pad and pres it gently against my lids, and then massage the oil for a bit on my lashes. To avoid having any oils get into my eyeballs (which is annoying, but not dangerous) I go carefully and I do one eye at a time. So far, I am loving the results!

Thesis Natural Face Cleanser Tender as Petals

With such a name, my expectations about Thesis Beauty were pretty high. Tender as petals? Usually, cleansers feel to my dry skin more like Harsh as Thorns! Dry skin puns aside, I am lately using more and more freshly-made powder cleansers a couple of times a week to boost my usual skincare regime for dry skin.

With a beautiful scent reminiscent of a garden, Thesis Natural Face Cleanser Tender as Petals ($20.95) uses a savvy combination of natural kaolin clay and Moroccan Rhassoul clay to cater to all types of skin. These clays are great at drawing impurities out and leaving the skin refreshed. Combined with the oh-so-good blossoms of rose, chamomile, calendula and lavender and the soothing effect of organic oats, this formula is gentle yet effective.

What I like most about this product is that it doubles up as a soothing floral mask when my skin flares up. Here is my recipe of a soothing and hydrating mask for very dry skin:


I like to mix half a teaspoon of powder with a teaspoon of liquid (which can be either argan oil or goat’s milk depending on how badly my dry skin needs some love) and apply for 10 minutes. I then like to rinse it off with water and follow with rosewater. I swear my skin looks forward to it.

Although Thesis Beauty doesn’t have the USDA organic seal (which I understand, as it can be quite costly for small businesses), all the ingredients in the Makeup Remover and the Floral Face Cleanser are 100% natural and, whenever possible, organic (clay cannot be categorized as organic.) Handmade fresh in the USA, Thesis Beauty is a wonderful option for those of you willing to test new natural beauty products without investing an arm and a leg in more costly brands. Believe me: You don’t need to shell out $100 to get a good organic cleanser. 

Have you ever tried Thesis Beauty or washed your face with a floral powder? I’d love to learn about your experience in the comment section below!

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