Glo Skin Beauty, a solution for every makeup and skincare woes

Glo Skin Beauty review at New York For Beginners

Glo Skin Beauty is a makeup and skincare brand dedicated to giving solutions to all the beauty woes under the sun. With an extensive line that can make your head spin, Glo Skin Beauty provides tailored solutions starting with your cleanser and ending with your perfect shade of lipstick. This magical approach to beauty is the result of the merging of Glo Minerals and Glo Therapeutics, two award-winning beauty companies that have been used professionally for a long time.

What I like most about Glo Skin Beauty is that they see skincare and makeup as an integrated line. Their makeup is specifically designed to continue treating the skin, not undoing the goodness in the skincare that you have invested your hard-earned dollars in.

Glo Skin Beauty review at New York For Beginners

To me, this vision of the beauty industry is an indicator of success. Although I’m used to testing a lot of brands and I’ve been known for doing really strange combinations (like the skincare sandwich), I always recommend my friends to try and stick to one or two brand tops. Usually, brands design their skincare lines with all their products in line, and mixing and matching too many products can lead to disastrous results (hello, acne!). Glo Skin Beauty takes this one step further by offering makeup and skincare that work to enhance each other, making the decision process so much simpler for those who find Sephora an intimidating place.

Although Glo Skin Beauty has a line with everything you could wish for and caters to every skincare woes, I wanted to share with you my top four Glo Skin Beauty products.

1.  Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon in Bombshell

Glo Beauty Suede Matte Crayon review for dry lips at New York For beginners

Remember how I go over and over about how hard it is to care for dry skin? Well, that applies to dry lips as well. Chapping is my number one makeup woe. Being able to find a matte crayon that doesn’t make my mouth look like the Sahara desert is a feat in itself. Guess what? Glo Skin Beauty’s suede matte crayons ($18) work beautifully. I blame the shea butter and mango oil in the formula.

Glo Skin Beauty Matte Suede Crayon in Bombshell review at New York For Beginners

The colors are buildable and allow to modulate the intensity from day to night, and that is why these richly-pigmented mineral lip crayons are one of my go-to choices of the brand. With a longwear, matte, and velvety finish formula, the matte crayons come in seven flattering and hydrating tones. For my complexion, I personally favor Bombshell (a beautiful rich red) and Rumor (a plum which, by the way, is the perfect hue for my Fall looks) . Reds and plums always look gorgeous!

Glo Skin Beauty Volume Mascara Review at New York For Beginners

I like to combine Bombshell with Glo Skin Beauty volumizing mascara ($20) for a perfect pin-up look. For some reason, and despite not being a completely natural formula, this magic wand doesn’t irritate my usually ultra-sensitive peeps. 

2. Glo Skin Beauty Precise Micro Browliner

Glo Skin Beauty precise micro browliner review at New York For Beginners

Did you know that if you have dry skin even your eyebrows can flake? Well, you’re welcome to the knowledge. It happens to me when I don’t remember to apply a bit of argan oil at night.

As you can imagine with this panorama, I rarely ever define my eyebrows to avoid the previously described flaking phenomena. Pencils usually aggravate the problem, so I will privilege a dark eyeshadow that doesn’t look too Groucho Marx-y on me. Another perk of having pale skin and black eyebrows.

I literally fell head over heels with Glo Skin Beauty Precise Micro Browliner ($20). With the convenience of a pencil and the precision of a small tip, I can add a few strokes here and there for a natural look without the flaking. With antioxidant vitamins and crushed minerals, it literally doesn’t bulge for hours and doesn’t irritate my skin.

Glo Skin Beauty gets extra points for creating a wide range of shades and concocting my beloved Raven, a dark rich hue that doesn’t look comical on my skin and that is quite close to the real deal. Buh-bye, black fakey eyebrow pencils. Hello, natural brows!

 3. Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Mist

Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Mist review at New York For Beginners

Have you ever suffered a New York Indian Summer? Let me summarize it for ya: The subway, in an effort to provide a free russian sauna to make up for the countless delays, reaches the temperature of the center of the Earth. The sun is strong enough to cause heatstroke in the middle of September, and even the city critters try to seek air conditioning inside the stores that line up Fifth Avenue. I literally saw a poor mouse entering a store lured by the Antartic temperature inside.

With this in mind, let me tell you what happens when you find a cooling and conditioning mist that you can pop in the fridge to hydrate your skin before the attacks of the weather. Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Mist ($30) for dry skin has saved my poor epidermis of the confusion created by full summmer days when in reality it is Autumn. With a savvy combination of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and a few synthetic ingredients, it really combats dryness and returns the summer glow to my ever-suffering skin.

4. Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant

Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant review at New York For Beginners

To be completely honest with you guys, I still haven’t found a completely natural exfoliant that is appropriate for my dry skin. The different grains can be a bit coarse (don’t get me started on sugar!), and clays aren’t really well-suited for dry skin.

The next best thing for me is a formula that contains a few safe synthetic ingredients and an enzymatic ingredient that avoids the physical abrasion. In this case, Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant ($40) has been a completely unexpected discovery that leaves behind a smooth skin surface without irritation. Gone by are the days of boasting a red face after exfoliating, ladies!

Have you ever used the Glo Skin Beauty line? Which are your favorite products?

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