5 Safe Physical Sunscreens Made in the USA

My Top 5 Safe Physical Sunscreens Made in the USA at New York For Beginners

If you are looking to dip your toes into the world of physical or natural sunscreens to protect yourself and your family from skin cancer, finding a good and safe physical sunscreen can be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily for me and many people who have health issues or allergies, there
are alternative safe options out there in the market. Many of them are even manufactured in the USA by responsible companies that strive to provide quality jobs and respect the environment. Today, I’m sharing my top 5
safe physical sunscreens made in the USA to keep you (and your loved ones) protected this

My Top 5 Safe Physical Sunscreens Made in the USA

My top 5 safe physical sunscreens made in the USA at www.newyorkforbeginners.com

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[1] SPF 30 Tinted Unscented Sunscreen ($15.99) and SPF 25 Rose Face Sunscreen ($19.99) by Badger

Badger nontoxic physical sunscreens review at New York For Beginners

These two 100% natural bad boys are my absolute favorites to use during the summer. Of all the physical sunscreens, Badger has found a way to deliver a non-whitening formula that is also non-drying for my dry and sensitive skin. Extremely pleasant to use, even my reluctant better half (who by the way calls natural sunscreens “a hippie affair”) uses it without realizing he’s slowly turning a green beauty addict. 

Badger SPF 30 Tinted Unscented Sunscreen is a great organic option for a full body protection as it is very easy to apply thanks to its high content in sunflower seed oil goodness. Plus, if you haven’t still developed a tan, it leaves a beautiful sheen on white complexions (even if you have olive undertones, like myself.) On the other hand, Badger SPF 25 Rose Face Sunscreen is a dream come true. Aside from protecting extremely well from the sun, it is an excellent base for your makeup as it won’t leave any white sticky residues behind. For a full review of these two bad boys, read my article about Badger sunscreens here. Both formulas are 100% certified natural. {These products are Made in the USA. Badger is a certified B Corporation. NSF certified}

Badger nontoxic physical sunscreens review at www.newyorkforbeginners.com

I have said this before and I still stand by it: If you want to start getting your feet wet in the world of physical sunscreens, go for Badger. Badger uses non-nano and non-coated zinc oxide as a physical sunscreen ingredient to keep harmful UVA and UVB rays at bay. As this mineral sits on top of your skin, it reflects the light before it reaches your skin cells below. Plus, their green masterminds have found a way to make the sunscreens not look pasty so you won’t have to work the minerals to avoid the dreaded ghostly white effect that comes with zinc oxide. I can’t wait for them to develop a SPF 50! 

[2] SPF 30 Yerba Mate Mist ($36) and Everywhere Sun Stick SPF 30 ($20) by 100% Pure

100% Pure safe physical sunscreen review

If you don’t like the feeling of rubbing lotions on your skin, you should definitely check out these two wonderful options by 100% Pure. The Yerba Mate Mist is a quick-drying, easy-to-apply continuous spray with zinc oxide broad spectrum sun protection. Enhanced with the antioxidant properties of yerba mate extract, this product is extremely lightweight and sprays evenly for full coverage. It gets bonus points in my book for being water resistant and not leaving behind a white and sticky residue, and being a TSA-approved travel size. {This product is Made in the USA.}

The 100% Pure SPF 30 Everywhere Stick is, quite literally, an answer to my prayers. For some reason, there are some parts of my body that have developed a better sun resistance over the years, while my ears, nose, and shoulders seem to require some extra care and attention. So I pop this little SPF 30 on my bag to have some extra protection anywhere I go. What I like most about it is that it’s very, very moisturizing, and it dries out clear by rubbing it on the skin. Also, the formula is so clean that you could eat it, and uses a combo of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to deliver some concentrated skin protection. {This product is Made in the USA.}

[3] Face The Day SPF 30 Sunscreen and Firming Primer ($17.90) and SPF 30 Everyday Natural Mineral Sunscreen ($3 to $17.99) by Goddess Garden Organics

Goddess Garden Organics sunscreen and primer review at www.newyorkforbeginners.com

Face the Day has been one of my best green discoveries of 2017. This amazing makeup primer doubles up as a wonderful SPF 30 sunscreen for my city adventures and one of the best nontoxic primers I have ever used. With a balanced formula of safe synthetic ingredients and organic botanical extracts, this primer stops sun damage with a sheer and lightweight moisturizing effect. Suitable for all skin types, I was very surprised to see how wonderfully well this primer worked on my dry and sensitive skin without accentuating my “scaly” areas. Although I rarely ever use foundation, it works like a dream prepping my skin for those days when I want to amp up my makeup game. {This product is Made in the USA following the NSF standards. Goddess Garden Organics is a certified B Corporation.}

Goddess Garden Organics’ SPF 30 Everyday Natural Mineral Sunscreen has a balanced mix of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to prevent sunburn. The formula is composed of a blend of organic botanicals and a few carefully chosen safe synthetic ingredients. Water resistant up to 80 minutes, it has a wonderful and soft lavender fragrance that immediately takes my mind off my stressful week. This sunscreen gets extra points because it is manufactured in an airline size, making it the perfect companion for an impromptu trip to the other coast. {This product is Made in the USA following the NSF standards. Goddess Garden Organics is a certified B Corporation.}

[4] 30+ Facial SPF ($24.99) by Mad Hippie

Mad Hippie facial spf 30 review at www.newyorkforbeginners.com

If you believe in flower power, Mad Hippie has your back during the sun-drenched months. Its SPF 30 physical sunscreen provides full spectrum protection without the nasties. Plus, the added antioxidants made in nature help pamper your delicate skin to curb aging due to free radical exposure. With a formula rich in zinc oxide and red raspberry seed oil, this facial SPF is designed to reduce photoaging with the power of nature.

If you are wondering how this product behaves on dry and sensitive skin, I can only say that it works surprisingly well. The combination of aloe vera, shea butter, and carrot seed oil are particularly moisturizing, and work to keep my hydration levels up even on those lazy mornings where I forget to put on my daily cream first. {This product is Made in the USA.}

[5] SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick ($26) by Coola

Review of Coola spf 50 sport physical nontoxic sunscreen at www.newyorkforbeginners.com

If you have particularly sensitive skin, using an SPF 50 physical sunscreen can be the safest bet against sunburn and premature ageing. However, it is very difficult to find effective and non-whitening products above SPF 30 for a reason: They are extremely difficult to formulate without nanotechnology, especially in a lotion format.

That is why I love this easy-to-apply mineral SPF 50 sport stick by Coola. With non-nano zinc oxide for broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, it delivers a wonderful transparent protection and respects the skin (and the environment) with 70%+ certified organic ingredients. Extremely portable and with a delicious chocolate-y smell, it is the perfect companion for those outdoors adventures that require spending a few hours in the sun. Did I mention it is travel-friendly too?

Why I Choose To Use Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreens 

Wearing any sunscreen will always be better for your health in the long run than wearing no sunscreen at all. Traditional
sunscreens are made by using a chemical ingredient or a combination of
chemical and physical filters.
The difference between the two is that a
chemical filter will penetrate your skin and act as a barrier beneath
that first layer, whereas the physical sunscreen sits on top of your
skin. Don’t get me wrong: Both do an excellent job keeping harmful UVA
and UVB sun rays away. But some components of the chemical sunscreens
can cause irritations in people with sensitive skin, or can be worrisome
for those who have a health condition. 

this is why I personally avoid chemical filters. Avobenzone, the most
common chemical filter, is in my personal list of no-nos because it is
considered to be a potential hormonal disruptor. As the EWG puts it, sunscreen ingredients soak through skin and can be detected in people’s
blood, urine and even mothers’ breast milk. Several commonly used
ingredients appear to block or mimic hormones, and others cause allergic
reactions on sensitive skin

Finally, I wanted to say a word about SPFs: The difference between a SPF 30 and a SPF 50 is the percentage of harmful sun rays they are blocking. At 97%, a SPF 30 is good enough for me, but if your skin is extremely delicate you might benefit from the additional 2% that the SPF 50 offers (up to 99%.) Also, any SPF marked above 50 is getting advantage of marketing verbiage. There is really no notably difference in the protection of a SPF 50 and a SPF 100 except the label.

Disclosure level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this article. The author received samples of some of the products featured for editorial consideration, which did not influence the author’s decision to feature any item nor the opinions expressed here.This post contains NO affiliate links; links are provided to inform the reader.



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