Ahnu by Teva Montara Boots: A Manhattan Love Affair

Now that the winter weather is finally settling in after a few days of unseasonal mildness, it is important to gear up for whatever Mother Nature intends to send over New York City. As finding snow boots that are stylish and high-performing is complicated, I recently put to the test a pair of Ahnu by Teva Montara Boots that I received for editorial consideration. My aim was to see if they withstood the sleet and the snow while keeping my toes toasty, stylish, and comfortable.

The Product: Ahnu by Teva Montara Boot WP

I’m so bad at sports that I had never considered investing in a hiking boot to cater to my Manhattanite needs. However, the Ahnu by Teva Montara Boot is extremely lightweight and designed to take you from a muddy patch at Central Park to the rocky cobblestones of the Village while resisting rain, sleet, and snow. Carefully crafted from waterproof Nubuck, I was very surprised to see that its design wrapped perfectly around my ankles, which comes in handy as I keep twisting my ankles for no apparent reason. Did I already say I am extremely clumsy?

Part of the Ahnu by Teva collection, the Montara Boot is crafted from waterproof Nubuck and high-density EVA. With a very sleek and stylish design, it also features a custom Vibram outsole and Ahnu Numentum® Hike technology to keep your foot extra stable on challenging trails. Unfortunately, this leaves me with no excuses to avoid partaking in the hiking trips that my better half insists we do.

The Ahnu Montara Boot retails at $164.95 at www.teva.com


The Test: A Manhattan Marathon

New York City can become a commuter’s nightmare at any given time and turn into the Manhattan Olympics. I’ve been seen sprinting as my cab was stuck in a traffic jam, half-skiing in the snow because the subway once again broke down, and literally hiking to get into a bus. Yeah, not that bad for a clumsy person, right? Except that, in most instances, my shoes couldn’t keep up with my needs. Believe me, running shoes do not do the job when it’s cold, wet, and snowy outside.

I decided to use the Ahnu by Teva Montara Boots for two weeks straight, taking in a change of shoes whenever needed for my social commitments. And oh boy, was that a good decision! All my previous Manhattan Olympics training was put to a very good use when I was able to walk the East side of Central Park (don’t ask) without skidding in the trails, or when my feet didn’t get trapped in the cobblestone roads at Greenwich Village. Plus, they are so comfortable that I was able to walk like a tourist without having sore feet (I have very high arches.) My experiment ended with zero blisters, nonexistent twisted ankles, and none fashion faux-pas. The stylish design of the boots really blended well with my Manhattan all-black uniform.

Finally, in my little experiment, I noted that these are the type of boots that can take you from a comfortable morning commute to an impromptu hiking trip on the weekend. I even took them to a trip to Europe to see if they withstood my extreme walking habits when I’m back home. Aside from adding virtually zero weight to my luggage, they behaved extremely well. Still zero sores and still zero twisted ankles. Plus, they must have some top-notch insulation treatment as my feet were toasty and comfy all day long, and they kept dry even after what looked like a tropical storm.

The Verdict: A Manhattan Love Affair

For all the above reasons, I personally loved the Ahnu by Teva Montara Boots and will keep an eye on the brand as it truly delivers on its promises. It is indeed an ideal boot if you live in Manhattan or the suburbs, and do a fair amount of walking every day during the autumn and the winter (including the impromptu marathons due to commuting problems.) Plus, it is designed to be the perfect hiking buddy, so you’ll be getting a rain boot, a snow boot, and a hiking boot all in one! Believe me, saving on wardrobe space in Manhattan is priceless.

{Doing The Math}

Do I think it’s wise to purchase a pair of boots for $165 a pop? Yes, I do. I prefer having THE one pair of good snow boots to purchasing fashionable boots with fake fur that in the end do nothing to keep my feet warm, dry, and comfortable. 

Also, the Montara Boot has such a great quality in its craftsmanship and its materials that it is built to last. Good-quality shoes are always the wise choice. Even if you destroy your shoes after walking like a maniac for two winters, you’d end up paying $80 for every winter of dry and warm feet. Believe me, those cheap options out there do not even withstand three days of snow without falling apart. Been there, done that.

{Styling the Montara Boots}

What I believed to be the hardest part of my experiment was to style the boot. Remember: I suck at sports, so wearing hiking boots has never been on my fashion radar. Until now.

The Montara boots pair up well with a pair of jeans and a big oversized cardigan for an apres ski pick-me-up look. If you are walking the streets, they look great with virtually any type of coat (and are an interesting fashion choice if you wear a military-style long coat, like yours truly.) Also, they look great with a short knit dress and a denim shirt with patches, much like the way we styled things in the 90s (my childhood is making a comeback!)

Have you already found your perfect hiking and commuting buddy?

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