Naot Shoes Review: Comfort meets Fashion

Fall is finally here! I have to admit it’s my favorite season for two reasons: It’s my B-Day and it’s the time for boots. Speaking of boots, today I want to share my experience with Naot, a brand that produces extremely comfortable shoes with very nice designs. 

For me, finding the right boot that I can wear to work and date nights is always a hassle. I have a very high arch on my feet, small ankles, and lower back pain. That means most boots with a bit of heel are either too big, uncomfortable, or make me look like a clown. On the other hand, it is hard to find a comfortable boot that doesn’t look orthopedic or a wardrobe malfunction. The struggle is real!

That is why I was extremely happy to discover Naot. This company has raving reviews from physicians and customers alike, and I was very excited to find The. Perfect. Boot in their Fall catalog. Its name is Stunning and is my new BBF (Best Boot Forever.)

Comfortable shoes that are fashionable and sweatshop-free? Yes, they exist. You can thank me later!

Any lady will tell you that there are a few basic, good-quality items in which you need to invest because they go with everything and are never out of fashion (not to mention they last forever.) Little Black Dresses aside, a good pair of black ankle boots can work miracles with any outfit, be it for work or for leisure. Naot’s Stunning boot is one of those few staple pieces.

My Experience

I have tested these shoes for a full month to share my experience. In the past 30 days, I’ve taken my Naot boots to long walks in Central Park (and by that I mean a 2-hour brisk walk with the occasional rough path), work events, date nights with my friends, my B-Day party, and even a trip outside the city. Long story short, I have walked (and ran) a lot with them in the sun, the rain and the wind.  I have even stood on these heels for 5 hours straight at an event. The result? They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, unicorn slippers aside. No more feet on fire for me, please and thank you!

What makes these shoes special is their footbed, which is designed to mold to your feet to create a “negative” print, very much like when walking in the sand. Add to that equation a pair of flexible side panels and you’ll understand why I have fallen in love with this brand.

The Naot footbed literally embraces my feet, and the structure is sturdy enough to support my ankle and heel even on uneven paths. The balls of my feet start being sore after a couple of hours with what I considered to be my most comfortable pair of little black boots. I was very surprised when I discovered it took 6 hours one day before I felt I was actually wearing shoes and that I needed to rest for a bit (that’s the MET effect, I guess!). My Naot boots get extra points for being extremely lightweight and shock-absorbent, which is always a plus when you have lower back pain problems like myself.

Another aspect that’s very important for me is that boots need to be comfortable and fashionable, because when I invest in a staple piece I expect to wear it every day and under every circumstance. I love to wear these boots with my career pants, which are wide enough to allow me to wear boots underneath, and use them with other fashion-forward pieces.

Believe me, you can pair up these boots with virtually everything. Here’s a picture of one of my favorite combos (the skirt is from Express, the bag is from Craie, the organic cotton leggings are from Pact, and my jacket is from Zara), but you can also style them with leggings and an oversized jumper, fitted jeans and tees, your favorite dress… These boots just work with everything!

The only thing that didn’t work out as I expected was the sizing. As I’m in between sizes, I found that I had to size up. So, if you have a chance, avoid purchasing your first pair of Naot online and go in person to an authorized retailer, so you can figure out what your correct size is.

The Deets

Stunning is part of the Naot Supreme Collection, and has a narrow to medium width, ideal for small feet like mine. Made by hand in Israel with smooth Italian leather and embossed stretch panels, the Stunning boots feature an anatomic cork and latex footbed wrapped in suede that molds to the shape of the foot with wear. 

The heel has a 2-inch height (which happens to be my favorite, because it is dressy enough without causing me lower back pain), and the platform is 3/4 inch high. It has the look of a 2-inch heel without the feel!

The Stunning boots retail for $216 and can be found at Harry’s Shoes in New York City, at 2299 Broadway. For more information and availability, you can visit Harry’s Shoes website here.

To learn more about Naot shoes and why podiatrists and fashionistas around the world are recommending them, you can visit their American website here.

Have you ever tried a pair of Naot shoes? Do you own a pair of comfortable and fashionable boots? I would love to know more about your experiences!

Disclosure level 1: The author received a sample of the Naot boots to test. This didn’t influence the decision to feature the brand nor the opinion expressed here. The author received NO compensation to write this article. Links are provided for information only.


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