Slow Living: A Mindfulness Holiday Gift Guide

In this time and age, we all know someone who could benefit from the practice of mindfulness and the slow living philosophy. That is why we curated a mindfulness holiday gift guide with 10 magnificent ideas that help relax mind and body to enjoy being fully present. 

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a holiday gift guide with mindfulness gifts for slow living

1. Ayurvedic Body Oil by Arya Essentials ($70.00): This luxurious body oil can be a wonderful addition to any mindfulness practice. According to ayurveda, a daily full-body warm oil massage acts as a powerful rejuvenator of mind and body. By expressing self-devotion, Abhyanga (or the massage with oils in ayurveda) can help those seeking to live slow and breathe. Light and easily absorbed, it can be used as an after-shower daily indulgence with some serious beauty side effects; the botanicals in the formula can help ease cellulite, increase the hydration of the skin, and relax your mind with the soothing aroma. Enriched with brahmi oil for its healing properties, this body oil a makes a wonderful mindfulness gift. {This is a 100% natural product}

2. Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet and Aromatherapy Blend by Goddess Garden Organics ($14.99 and $9.99): If you are looking to give the gift of mindfulness on a budget, keep reading: This beautiful and trendy bracelet doubles up as a portable aromatherapy diffuser. The porous lava stones helps diffuse the essential oils and enhance the therapeutic qualities attributed to turquoise. The iconic Hamsa charm is the spiritual symbol of faith and protection, making this a very meaningful gift. To use, simply add a few drops of the essential oil blend of choice and allow to dry before wearing. Our tip? Add to your gift one or two aromatherapy blends to give the recipient the power to choose the feelings she or he wants to evoke. {This is a 100% natural product}

3. Tranquil Relaxation Oil Roll-On by Young Living Essential Oils ($37.83): Carpe Diem, Hygge, or ye ‘ole good days. There are many ways to refer to that tranquil feeling that you get when you simply stop to smell the roses and enjoy the present time. However, commuting in New York can wreak havoc even in the most zen of personalities. A portable aromatherapy roll-on is the perfect mindful gift because it can be used anytime, anywhere, and is already pre-diluted so it can be used safely on naked skin. The calming scent of lavender, chamomile and cedarwood helps induce a mindful state of mind even in the most hectic of days. A wonderful gift for the slow living newbie! {This is a 100% natural product}

4. Oola for Women Book by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl ($16.95): Oola (derived from the French expression Oh la la!) is a lifestyle based in 7 areas of self-improvement. Oola strives to live a life that is balanced in seven key areas: fitness, finance, family, field (career), faith, friends and fun. This book explains the principles of Oola and shares stories of 42 inspiring women who have used the Oola principles to face different challenges. A wonderful addition to any slow-living library!

5. Infused 7 by Young Living Essential Oils ($262.83): A wonderful complement to the Oola book, Young Living has created a collection of seven essential oil blends that support the state of mind of the principles of Oola and help engage all the senses. For topic or aromatic use, these oils diffuse beautifully and can complement a mindfulness session at the end of a long day. Already pre-diluted, each corresponds to an Oola affirmation. My personal favorite? “I am enjoying the joys of life”, which corresponds to Fun. A magnificent gift for those who already use essential oils and enjoy their benefits as a slow living tool. {This is a 100% natural product}

a holiday gift guide with mindfulness gifts for slow living

6. Chakra Essential Oil Roll-On by AuraCacia ($15.99 / each): If you know someone whose work to achieve balance includes the study of the chakras, congratulations! You have just found the perfect holiday gift. It is thought that when one of the chakras is over or under expressing its energy, it can manifest as an imbalance of mind, body, and/or spirit. The idea behind this collection is to apply essential oils to calm or energize those points. AuraCacia’s multi-functional chakra roll-ons are designed to focus on a specific energetic point, either as a collection or as a solution to a specific blockage. Empowering is designed to be used on the solar plexus; enlightening balances the crown chakra; expressive helps the throat chakra; grounding acts on the root chakra; insightful is designed to focus on the third eye; opening helps the heart chakra, and sensual can be used to balance the sacral chakra. Already pre-diluted, they can be safely applied on bare skin anytime, anywhere. {This is a 100% natural product. This product is also organic and certified by the USDA}

7. Slow Beauty book by Shel Pink ($15.17 on Amazon): A slow-living approach to life affects many lifestyle choices. Shel Pink, the founder of the eco-friendly brand Spa Rituals, has just launched a wonderful manual to make conscious choices with regards to beauty. With the great wisdom and insight that comes from those who know that beauty products should be used to honor our bodies and not change them, Pink approaches the idea of beauty from the inside out. Sprinkled with the author’s personal rituals, it is a beautiful guide that fills a void in a market where fast fashion and fast beauty seem to be the norm. A delightful read that reminds women to slow down and enjoy life, I cannot recommend enough this beauty bible that resonates with my European soul.

8. The Essential Oils Book by Colleen K. Dodt ($9.51 on Amazon): A masterpiece in the essential oils realm, this book (or should I say oily Bible?) is small yet mighty. With comprehensive yet concise insights, it is a perfect introduction to the fragrant world of essential oils. A herbalist, Dodt details the healing abilities of different plants and explains how to use safely their essential oil distillates. With a bunch of recipes to create all sorts of cosmetics, it is a magnificent gift for those who want to take a deep and fragrant breath. Some chapters highlight natural solutions to modern ailments (such as PMS, stress disorders, or even seasonal blues) and offers some sound advice rooted on the slow living principles. Originally published in 1996, it is still one of the most valuable resources for a green library.

9. Serene Bath and Body Oil by Source Vital Apothecary ($29.90): Described as an aromatic glass of red wine, this savvy botanical blend helps achieve deep relaxation after a long, long day. Used as an after-shower shock treatment or as part or a decadent bath ritual, it encourages relaxation of body, mind and soul for a slow living experience. With calming and sedative benefits, it is great to encourage sleep in a restless mind. Plus, it smells great: with pure essential oils of lavender, petitgrain and sage, it is an uplifting blend that encourages the joy of living. {This is a 100% natural product.}

10. Mindful Moments by LATHER ($28.00): Looking for a mindfulness 101 kit for that stressed-out friend? We have the answer! LATHER has put together its celebrated holiday gift sets, and for the first time it has launched a meditation kit for the newbie and the experienced slow living practitioner alike. A limited-edition collection of aromatherapy and guided meditation tools, it promotes balance, peace of mind and a radiant life. Compact and portable, this fantastic gift set contains an Inner Peace Meditation Balm, a frankincense and sandalwood candle, a premium 3-month membership to Stop, Breathe & Think, and a beaded wrap bracelet with the “be radiant” mantra written in morse code.

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