Review: Touch in Sol, a must-have K-Beauty brand for New Yorkers

Living in a city like New York with extreme temperatures can render useless the time you invested applying make-up by just waiting for the Q line. Finding light yet durable formulas is one of my personal quests. And I believe it is my civic duty to share my latest discovery for the benefit of my fellow beauty-obsessed Gothamists: Touch in Sol.

Bloggers around the world are raving about this Korean beauty brand, and with all the reason: It is awesome. Instead of concentrating on creating cute packaging (which on the other
hand I love), Touch in Sol puts its efforts in creating amazing formulas
that deliver top-notch results with colors and textures that match the
latest trends. And it’s a budget-friendly brand too!

Touch in Sol has found a permanent place in my summer make-up bag and with all the good reason. Want to learn all about my favorite products? Click on to read more!

Metallist Liquid Foil and Glitter Shadow Duo

Oh my. I believe this should be the most famous product of the brand because it’s simply perfect (I’m not alone, because Sephora is actually out of the stock because of all the craze it has generated.) This long-lasting liquid eye shadow and glitter duo stays put no matter how hot and muggy it gets in New York. With an amazing covering power and five gorgeous shades that look great in EVERY. SKIN. TONE (hallelujah!), Metallist is one of my beauty finds of the year. 

What I love most about Metallist is that it’s a truly multitasking product. You can use it as an eyeliner. You can use it as an all-day eyeshadow. And once you’re done working hard, you can party hard by adding the glitter for a beautiful party look. It literally takes less than one minute to create a rockin’ look. My favorite shade? Talia, which looks like rose gold on my Spanish (yes, as in from Spain) skin.

Metallist will set you back $25 and will last for hours on your skin.

Lust Lacquer Waterdrop Lip Tint

One of my biggest Aha! beauty moments was when I discovered BeneTint in a trip to Paris (back then Benefit Cosmetics hadn’t arrived in Spain yet.) These Lust Lacquers have had a similar effect on me. 

I have been granted extremely dry lips, so any hydrating formula that stays put all day is always most welcome. Lip and cheek tints are usually my go-to option but I always need to use a moisturizing formula on top. Lust Lacquers are a totally different category altogether. Delivering extremely vivid shades with just one swipe of their magic wand, these beauties resist Starbucks, subway temperatures, and humidity galore. Again, it’s possible to take your look to an evening date by applying a second coat. Purr-fect! I’m taking this with me to cover New York Fashion Week.

#NYFBBeautyHack: If you don’t want to carry a whole makeup bag with you, Lust Lacquers can very well double up as a beautiful blush. Don’t forget that a little bit goes a long way!

{Plus: Stay tuned for swatches on my Instagram!}

Flawless Skin Top Coat

There’s nothing worse than feeling how your carefully applied make-up is now part of a sweat drop speeding up to ruin your white blouse. Yeah, I’ve been there too. This summer has been brutal. 

Flawless Skin Top Coat is a hybrid skin top coat that acts like a serum + primer + CC cream + foundation + powder. Believe me, Korean ladies know everything about skin and natural-looking make-up. This product just proves it. 

With a liquid-to-powder formulation, this product stays put up to 9 hours. Yeah, even on dry skin. Amazing!

Style Neon

If you’re looking for an eyeliner that doesn’t bulge, look no more. Style Neon delivers a powdery-finish look after dry that won’t leave you with big panda eyes. I should know, because I’ve consistently used this product to go to the beach and the swimming pool and it works! 

I would normally not recommend to wear make-up to the beach or the pool for the potential disastrous consequences (and hey, friends can be cruel and upload your not-so-cute look to Instagram!) However, I have very sensitive eyes and I read that ladies that live in desert areas wear kohl to avoid the glare of the sand and protect their vision health. I have consistently used dark eye liners on my water eyes and I can assure you it does work. My eyes feel a bit less tired, and that’s priceless!

{My favorite shades? Space Tree and Green Meteor. They look great with my golden/brown eyes}

Disclosure level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this post. The author received samples of some of the products mentioned, which did not influence the content of this article nor the decision to feature the brand. The article contains NO affiliate links.


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