Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate August 2016

Taking into account the crazy times we are living in, the age of heroes may have been completely outdated. In a world filled with gray areas, the ethic approach regarding classic conflicts between good guys and bad villains may be sometimes something difficult to discern. It’s the moment for lovable scoundrels, good-hearted bounty hunters and the wacky mercenaries who always do the right thing…in the name of all the wrong causes. Because, who doesn’t love a good (pun intended), well-defined anti-hero? Always living between the thin line that draws the difference between right and wrong, these extremely appealing characters have always been the favorites of many pop culture enthusiasts, and with the star roles that guys like the Suicide Squad have been getting lately, it seems that the timing couldn’t be better to join the not-so-good-not-so-bad-either team.
Prepare to give your morals some vacations…it’s time for the Anti-Heroes!

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– Let’s get started with everybody’s favorite crazy psychiatrist/ adorable part-time villain/ hammer-wielding nuttiest fruitcake of all the DC Comics universe…Harley Queen, of course! With her popularity higher than ever thanks to the recently released Suicide Squad movie in theaters, this extremely detailed exclusive QMX figurine sounds just right to us. Come on, it even includes a grinning  harlequin hyena. It can’t get much better than that, puddin.

– And speaking of badass chicks, here’s one difficult to top: Kill Bill’s Bride! Uma Thurman’s “Black Mamba” is one of the most intense female action characters ever, and these socks are a perfect way to take her violent, revengeful might with you at all times.

– This month’s T-shirt belongs to Archer, one of the most popular cartoon shows of the moment. Forget Clinton and Trump…this guy is what the nation needs, and just in time for Election day!

– Ok, get ready for the best item of August’s Lootcrate: a coin bank shaped exactly like Hellboy’s Hand of Doom…you get it? A giant tight-closed hand, to help you not spend that much? Isn’t it genius? Turn apocalypse into savings with this really cool and exclusive collectible. Because you are gonna need some dough for the incoming Comic Con, aren’t you? Yeah, that’s what we thought. 

– Last but not least, a very special downloadable content via Lootpin: no more, no less than the wildly successful World of Warcraft video game plus all its previous 5 expansions...completely for free! If you haven’t tried the most awarded massive multiplayer online role playing game ever, you’re now out of excuses!

Stay evil guys, because the mischief is not over…here comes Level Up!, the always welcomed add-on  expansion pack with more Lootcrate goodies!

– If you had plans to go shopping for more T-shirts, stop right there: Level Up! has you covered with these World of Warcraft and Archer additions to your wonderful geek wardrobe. 

– Speaking of renewing your attire…don’t you think it’s time to throw away your old socks? No matter if you are more a Marvel or a DC fan…with these brand new Suicide Squad and Punisher socks, you will not have to choose!

– And the best for the end…let’s put a cherry on top of that awesome change of look of yours with this sassy and uber sexy Harley Queen mini skirt. Ideal for fan conventions, going to work or even attend mass. Because when you are Harley Queen, you can do whatever you want.

For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

That’s all for today, unusual heroes! September will bring us a daring mix: cars and superheroes. Did I hear Batmovile, anyone? I sure did. See you next month, Looters!

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