Mr Gotham’s Review: Loot Crate May 2016

Do you think you’re worthy to contain the mighty items you will find in May’s Loot Crate? You better, because this month’s theme is no more, no less than…POWER! Omnipotent dragons, overpowered scientists, mad titans, wild orcs…damn, even the box itself is bigger and meaner than ever!

What are you waiting for, puny human? Let’s open it!

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– This month’s T-shirt honors one of the most sought after and wildly anticipated movies of the year (most gamers would argue, not mistakenly, of the decade): Warcraft. No matter if you fight for the noble human Alliance or the vivious orc Horde…this will be your armor when the time to invade the theatre comes!

– Time to smash! Well, not literally, of course. You want to enjoy your goodies after all, don’t you? But it’s difficult to contain our green, gamma-ish excitement with this ubercool (yeah, we love to say that) cartoonesque Hulk mini-bust. If you have in your power (pun intended) the impressive Deadpool mini bust contained in February’s Lootcrate, then you already know that these exclusive QMX items are simply marvel-ous (wow, we are on fire today!). 

– Another awesome Marvel article…in our humble opinion, the best one in this loot. The one that put a smile on our faces the moment we opened the box. Because, oh mortals, this month, Lootcrate allows you to have all the power of the Thanos, the Mad Titan himself, in your own hands…literally! Behold, the Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitts! Seriously, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Hell, I even want to cook some cookies right now, just to feel its cosmic power! 

– Dragon Ball Z is, undoubtedly, one of the most beloved franchises of the planet (Earth, Namek or Vegeta, you name it). With this adorable 4 star Dragon Ball (or should we say, Grandpa Gohan?) & Shenron plush keychain, you will be closer to make your wish come true. Yeah, even THAT wish. Just keep looking the other six, and be careful with the sayans, galactic tyrants…you know how it goes.

– Last but not least, this month’s Lootpin unlocks redeemable online content for Battleborn, an Xbox/PS4/PC videogame where you will have to fight in a distant future to save the universe.

Ready for more? Your crave for power is insatiable, indeed. Don’t you worry now, because Lootcrate has you covered: here it comes, the almighty Level Up!

Socks time! Summon all the Power of Grayskull with He-Man or try with a more pixelated approach with the invincible Mario Bros Star power-up. Your choice!

– If you are into Masters of the Universe, this is definitely the Level Up! you were waiting for. If the socks are not enough, with this amazing T-Shirt with a very unique design of He-Man and his loyal buddy Battlecat your wardrobe will be worthy of Eternia’s might.  

– At this point, the number of hours spent improving your skill with Super Mario Bros video games may be infinite. What better way to celebrate this fact than wearing this awesome infinite scarf filled with 8-bit iconic Mario motives? Geeky and classy, that’s the way we like it!

– The One Ring is by far one of the coolest and most tempting artifacts of power ever seen. Thanks to this preciousssssss long sleeved Lord of the Rings T-shirt, you should be able to resist its luring call. Or was it the other way around?

– Finally, feel the unstoppable power of Marvel’s Avengers with this formidable bracelet.

For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

Next month we will travel to an unsettling Dystopian future…prepare your survival gear, cans and radioactive suits!

SAFETY RECALL UPDATE: Loot Crate has voluntarily recalled the Infinity Gauntlet oven mitts because some users have reported it failed to resist oven temperature items during normal use. To Loot Crate’s understanding, some mitts may pose a safety hazard, including a risk of burns. They recommend to stop using the product immediately and wait for Loot Crate’s instructions for a return/disposal protocol.

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