Mr. Gotham’s review: Loot Crate February 2016

February. Month of lovers, intimate dinners, romantic presents…and the rise of the dead! Yep, Dead is the keyword that Lootcrate has chosen to surprise their fans with an assortment of geek products filled with zombies, demented immortal super heroes and other franchises where death runs amok.

We know that you are dying to know the contents of this pack. Just FYI, if any of these attacks you…aim to the head!

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Deadpool is an absolute game-changer, and Lootcrate completely saw it coming. Good proof of that is the exclusive figurine of the “merch with a mouth”, perfectly sculpted by QMX. A must have to all the Marvel superheroes fans around there. 

– More from the good (well, not that good, really) Wade Wilson. What a better way to “break the Fourth Wall” than with this awesome addicted-to-tacos-Deadpool T-Shirt? We are sure that he would kill for them.

– Now it’s the turn of the most successful zombie saga of actual comic books and TV: The Walking Dead. Thanks to the random collectable figure included in this crate, you will now be properly accompanied to fight the undead…unless you get the zombie, of course! Fortunately we received Daryl Dixon, so…sorry, walkers! 

– The main course of this month also comes from The Walking Dead franchise: the ear necklace portrayed by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) in the show! The perfect accessory to brag in any social event. If you are the ones who think that may be too morbid to wear it outdoors, don’t worry…in fact, it’s a soap collection! Bravo, Lootcrate. 

– The last ítem is the iconic Lootpin that will allow you unlock digital content online. This month, a new character for The Walking Dead mobile videogame .

That’s not all, folks! Let’s see what we can find in this month’s Level Up!, the additional Lootcrate’s subscription service with even more material just awaken from the grave. 

– ¡Socks, of course! One pair with the masked face of Deadpool and another one inspired by the Harry Potter saga…that glows in the dark!

– A T-Shirt with motives of the classic thriller The Silence of the Lambs. Hello, Clarisse…

– A one-of-a-kind long-sleeved T-shirt with The Walking Dead’s Michonne facing her two chained zombies, coming right outside the frontal pocket.

– A nerd manicure kit to zombify your nails, without any kind of glue. Indispensable for any zombie parade.

– The last accesory is a rose-shaped necklace, also from The Walking Dead, that works as a portable mirror. Stylish and useful! For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

Seriously, we can’t wait to see the contents of this March’s Lootcrate: Versus! Daredevil vs Punisher. Batman vs Superman. Alien vs Predator. ¡Boy, it’s going to be a long wait!

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