Stocking Up on Healthy, Flavorful Food During the Quarantine

Stocking Up on Healthy, Flavorful Food During the Quarantine

The Coronavirus pandemic is making it increasingly hard to get some of your favorite snacks delivered. But here’s the good news: It’s an opportunity to start making new habits with healthy food choices.

Read on to learn more about our latest healthy food swaps during the quarantine, and how our change in habits is helping local businesses thrive.

I have to admit that in week 4 of my confinement I craved Coca Cola terribly. And I do not drink sodas that often, but sometimes in the weekends I would treat myself to one when we would eat outside and take long walks in the city. Also, and since I personally do not drink alcohol (gasp!), I tend to drink sodas, mocktails or juices when I socialize. In retrospect, I think I was craving the taste of being out and about, and my Coca Cola frenzy was just a sign that I missed going out.

Fast forward nine weeks into my strict confinement, my soda thirst has somehow weaned out and given me the opportunity to test healthier swaps to my favorite snacks. So while I am definitely eating more than usual (and let’s be honest: Who isn’t?), I am trying to make healthier choices.

Here are some funtastic healthy snacks that have livened up my quarantine, and that are responsibly made in America with the best ingredients. All of them deliver their products, so if you are looking for healthier snacks for your next watch party, it’s worth it to give them a try!

Gruvi Alcohol- Free Prosecco & Other Craft Drinks

Here is the absolute truth of not drinking alcohol: Sometimes your choices can be boring, downright non-existent, or filled with empty calories (hello, soda cravings!) That is why I was stoked when I heard that Gruvi creates craft non-alcoholic versions of popular drinks.

My absolute favorite product of the line is their fantastic Prosecco. This alcohol-free version of champagne starts with handpicked and blended wine grapes to create a semi-dry wine, with floral and tart endnotes. Sulfate, alcohol, and gluten-free, it is not only delicious, but also the perfect companion for those Zoom social work meetings in which it might be totally inappropriate to drink a glass of wine, because #adulting.

Primal Kitchen: Organic Condiments & Sauces

Because sometimes you just need to spice things up with your food, Primal Kitchen has you covered with a wide selection of condiments, dressings, and avocado oils. Lovingly crafted with real-food ingredients like apple cider vinegar or oregano oil, you’ll find no trace of gluten, dairy, or refined sugar on any of these its tasty products. From Vegan Mayo to Organic Spicy Brown Mustard, everything feels natural and healthy, bold and different, compared to the regular stuff you find at your neighborhood’s supermarket. Whether you’re a BBQ maniac or a veggie-lover eager to master the perfect salad, Primal Kitchen is a welcomed addition to any pantry!

Pipcorn Cheese Balls with Broccoli

If there is a perfect way to trick someone into eating healthy veggies, it is these scrumptious cheese balls. Lovingly baked with real organic cheese, heirloom corn and real broccoli, they have zero artificial ingredients with 100% yumminess. I love these cheese balls because they are a healthy snack swap for my 90 Day Fiance watch parties with my friends (yes, I love some good trainwreck on the weekends!), and because they aren’t fried, they don’t leave you feeling full for the rest of your evening. Did I mention that Pipsnacks are a local Brooklyn small business and a Certified B corporation?

Patagonia Provisions Spanish Paprika Mackerel In Olive Oil

Tinned fish is part of the gastronomical cultural heritage of Spain for a reason. Mackerels are caught in the north of Spain by local fishing families with traditional hook and line techniques in pristine waters. This means almost no bycatch, and a high-quality product that you can keep in your pantry for months– making it the ideal companion for a quarantine situation in which you don’t know when or if you will be able to get your Instacart delivery. Patagonia Provisions‘ Mackerel has the wholesome taste of the fish with the tanginess of the spicy mix of Spanish paprika, red bell pepper, onion, and garlic. Packed in extra-virgin olive oil, this is a great pantry staple to give a taste of Spain to salads, pastas, or a tapas weekend. A high-quality product that supports a traditional and sustainable Mediterranean diet, I am smitten with the quality of this Mackerel preserve. Well done, Patagonia!

Undercover Crispy Quinoa with Premium Chocolate

If you are a chocolate monster like me, chances are you’ll have wondered if you can spend your quarantined days eating chocolate. And while that is technically possible (although the sugar high and the tummy ache aren’t worth it), there are better ways to indulge in your chocolate cravings while being a functional adult. Undercover Snacks, a local company that manufactures its products in New Jersey, has launched an irresistible combination of crispy quinoa covered with premium chocolate and pomegranate. Gluten and nut-free, this yummy concoction has a good amount of fiber (so it’s not just empty calories), and honestly feels like you are finally getting the hang of being an adult. Decadent, rich, and a healthy snack swap, I love eating it when I need an extra boost of goodness in the middle of a tough project, or when I want to treat myself after a hard day at work.


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