The best subscription boxes to enjoy at home

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Looking to bring some cheer to a loved one while they voluntarily self-isolate? Try one of these subscription boxes!

These past few weeks have been intense, to say the least, due to the spread of the Coronavirus disease. Many of us have decided to self-isolate to protect our loved ones, our neighbors, and also ourselves while we try to flatten the curve in New York City. I personally do not go outside my apartment unless it is absolutely essential, and I would rather not risk yet another encounter with a selfish runner who doesn’t care about keeping the security distance. [Insert big roll-eye here]

I know I am not alone in my decision to self-isolate. And I’m sure you know someone who has also decided to stay at home for the greater good, no matter how hard it is to resist the sun shining outside.

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Let’s face it: Being home 24/7, for days in a row, is hard. We all need some much-needed cheering up because of the uncertainty we are facing — psychologists are now talking about a new collective type of trauma. We all have loved ones with pre-existing health issues, someone who has lost their job, or someone who is serving in the healthcare system. That is why we have decided to start a series of posts showing things we can control, and things we all can do to spread some cheer and support the American economy at the same time.

Today we want to share with you some of our favorite subscription boxes. We personally think there is nothing better than receivig a beautiful surprise in the mail, and these subs truly deliver far more value than what you are paying for them! So cozy up and dive in, because we have the perfect surprise gifts to say I love you to a friend, a family member, or your favorite docs and nurses who are fighting to save lives.

Legs In Style: The Rachel Box

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A Rachel subscription delivers two curated pairs of high-quality, made-in-Italy tights for $25. A perfect subscription for your fashion-forward bestie, it is the perfect reminder that this, too, shall pass. Plus, experts say it is important to still find joy in dressing for your day, regardless of whether you are staying in or going out virtually (on this note, if you are looking for plans to enjoy New York while you stay at home, we have you covered in this article.)

What we love about the Rachel hosiery subscription box is the unique array of tights they can surprise you with (some of their styles are super cute and we haven’t seen them anywhere else), plus their products are truly high-quality. Their tights don’t break easily, look uniform on the legs, and they don’t lose their shape after washing them. Also, their subscription model is personalized, and you can choose the style of the tights and the frequency of the shipments or skip months altogether.

Does this subscription pique your interest? Visit the Rachel website for more info.

Maeven, a Luxury Subscription Bridal Box

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Many of our friends have had to put their weddings on hold due to the coronavirus. So how about using this extra time to lend them a hand in rearranging their wedding plans and show that you will be there for them, no matter how and when they choose to tie the knot?

We liked the idea of Maeven, a luxury subscription bridal box, to send a supportive message to your friend soon to be married. You can either choose from a single box or a subscription that includes stunning gifts and inspiration to help throughout the planning process, with seasonal and trendy ideas.

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Maeven sent us a box to test, and their items are really outstanding. We loved the high-quality contents of the box, and also how easy it is to gift them. You can choose from either a month-to-month subscription, a prepaid subscription for a certain amount of months, or a standalone curated box. Need some help deciding? We personally love their standalone box The Best of Bridal box, which includes some cool 10-free Zoya nail polish, a satin robe, and everything that a bride-to-be needs to do some serious self-care in the comfort of her own home.

Each Maeven box contents retail for over $120, and a monthly subscription runs for less than $50 per box. That means getting more than double your money’s worth!

To learn more and buy a bridal subscription box for your friend, visit Maeven’s site.

Creative Folks, Unite! Bluprint Subscriptions

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Bluprint has all types of classes to teach your friend how to knit, bake, draw, paint, make jewelry, quilt, and sew while respecting the strictest social distancing norms. What sets Bluprint apart is its incredible range of expert-led workshops from renowned instructors such as Danielle Donaldson, one of my favorite illustrators. It is also very rich in terms of content, because you can find online classes for literally any type of hobby. Want to learn how to make your own bra? There is a class for that. Is home decor something you’ve always wanted to dabble in? Bluprint has you covered with high-quality videos and reliable instructors.

For context, Bluprint is the new site that hosts what used to be Craftsy, a well-known arts and crafts site that became very popular back when Etsy was an artisan haven. So it’s been around quite a while, and it is a site trusted by some of the most popular American contemporary creators to teach their techniques.

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And while Bluprint is different to the other subscription boxes in the sense that it is completely virtual, it is the perfect solution to help your loved ones keep their minds busy while they learn a fun new hobby. Bluprint is also very generously offering a free trial of their subscription service until April 16. After that date, they are offering an annual plan for only $39.99, which includes unlimited watching and free shipping if you decide to purchase supplies for your classes from the Bluprint store.

To learn more and to subscribe, you can visit the Bluprint site here.

Subscription Box with a Cause: Meet CAUSEBOX

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CAUSEBOX is quite a unique subscription box because it features fair-trade products made ethically, which means they respect the environment and the workers’ rights. Every season, members receive a limited edition curation of products from socially conscious brands that make a positive impact in the society. Some of them are designed exclusively for CAUSEBOX, and many help artisan women around the world earn a fair wage that allows them to support their families.

We are regular subscribers to CAUSEBOX and like that each one of their boxes includes a big-ticket item. My favorite so far was a Turkish towel that came with a summer box, but the cute vegan handbag in the Spring box has also been a very cool choice. Their boxes usually include beauty, fashion, and lifestyle fair-trade items that retail for over $200, whereas the quarterly subscription retails for $54.90 and includes free shipping, plus the possibility to purchase from their Market with discounted prices.

malin goetz recovery treatment oil

In general, CAUSEBOX is well worth what you pay for it. I personally like to support with my money the work of female artisans around the world, and I think that with the coronavirus crisis it will be of even more importance to support their work to help rebuild their communities. The quality of the items is usually fairly good, and CAUSEBOX often mixes goodies from national and international brands that support good causes (in one of my boxes, I received a Malin + Goetz Recovery Treatment Oil, made with care in the USA with natural ingredients.)

The only negative experience I have ever had with CAUSEBOX was the massive delay they had with their Winter boxes. To be honest, I think they didn’t communicate well with their users they had a problem with a delayed production of one of the items, making most of their boxes ship well after Christmas. And some people were not happy about that!

To learn more about CAUSEBOX and get $10 off your subscription, please click here .

We hope you have found one or several cool subscription boxes to gift your loved ones and send them some much-needed cheer! Please leave a comment if you want to share other sub boxes that you like.

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