Bokksu, Tasty Japanese Treats in a Monthly Box

Bokksu, Tasty Japanese Treats in a Monthly Box

When it comes to Japanese food, it’s easy to think of sushi, sashimi, soy sauce, ramen cups, and wasabi as the main ambassadors of the Far East nation throughout the world. But what about snacks? Would you even consider Japan when craving for fruit or candies? Well, you will now. Meet Bokksu, a Japanese snack box that will fill these hot months ahead with a summertime classic: citrus!

It doesn’t matter if you are in Utah, Venice, or Morocco: nothing feels better than an iced, refreshing lemonade on a scorching summer afternoon. There’s just something about citrus that soothes the spirit and awakens our inner child. Now, if you want a twist on your regular citric fix, you should look to  Japan. Turns out, the Land of the Rising Sun is also a haven for fruit lovers. Did you know that Japan has 25 different varieties of citrus? From Okinawa to Osaka, Japan’s prefectures are rich in refreshing fruits that are masterfully crafted into delicious snacks. A quite unique heritage that can be now enjoyed by Western foodies thanks to a new player in the always competitive monthly crates game.

Ready for a Citrus Summer?

Bokksu Summer Box

Conceived as the most convenient way to discover the best Japanese snacks, Bokksu is a subscription service that combines fruity candies and cookies sourced from local makers with free shipping and tracking worldwide. There are 2 sizes to choose: Classic (with 20-25 snacks per box) and Tasting (with 10-14 snacks per box), and the payment plans range from 12-month subscriptions ($36/box) to 1-month purchases ($39/box). The more you pay, the more you save!

What's in a Bokksu box?

Just in time for the heat, this July 2019: Citrus Summer edition is a welcomed and refreshing addition to the brand’s juicy selection. This is what you’ll find inside the Classic-sized box:

  • Seaweed tempura: Setouchi Sudachi Citrus Flavor (1 bag)
  • Okaki Rice Crackers: Lemon and Vinegar (1 bag)
  • Kakitane: Yuzu Kosho Flavor (1 bag)
  • Pom ponjuice Mikan Orange Mochi (1)
  • Orange Stick Cake (2 pieces)
  • Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs: Setouchi Lemon (2 bags)
  • Yuzu Pepper and Shrimp Senbei (1 bag)
  • Candied Iyokan Peel (1 bag)
  • Yuzu Peanut Brittle (2 bags)
  • Handmade Yuzu Sake Candy (1 bag)
  • Arare Rice Crackers: Lemon and Vinegar (3 pieces)
  • Organic Genmaicha Tea (2)
  • Okinawan Orange and Black Tea Cookie (3 pieces)

Intrigued? Then give it a try! Bokksu changes the contents of its boxes every season, and Halloween is around the corner…



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