Buy Local Gems: Fantastic Gifts Made In USA

fantastic gifts made in usa

Did you know that the United States is a treasure trove of talented artisans and makers? Because we believe in the power of buying local, we have searched high and low for the best gifts made in the USA for the whole family. We hope you consider supporting American businesses during this holiday season!


fantastic gifts made in usa


1. Catskill Provisions Artisanal Chocolate Honey Truffles ($25.00): The perfect gift for that sweet-toothed friend, these artisanal, handcrafted chocolate truffles are made using 100% raw honey.  Bittersweet and infused with Dark Fall Honey from local bees, these delicacies made in Heaven (oopsie, we meant New York State!) use vanilla, salt, local organic butter, and cream to create a richly decadent Catskill experience.  And who knows? As ’tis the season for sharing, you might get lucky and get a taster if you have been nice. Pair these with a Dirty Dancing viewing marathon, and your BFF won’t believe her luck. {Note: Dirty Dancing takes place in a resort in the Catskills, so if there is a perfect chocolate pairing for a movie, this is it!}

2. Skeem Design Lemon and Oak Print Block Perfume ($24.00): The perfect gift for the lover of everything natural and simple, Lemon & Oak is a woodsy blend with tea, lemongrass, citrus peel, and amber. This rollerball perfume is made with just three clean natural ingredients: filtered water, denaturated alcohol, and natural fragrances. Long-lasting and perfect to carry in the smallest of purses, it is also TSA-friendly and a beautiful ornamental piece for any vanity. The lid is carved in maple wood, and is an homage to the Indian traditional wooden blocks used for printing fabrics. 

3. Momotaro Apotheca Tonic Oil for Bath ($44.00): Momotaro is an organic skincare brand that carefully crafts in the USA products for intimate wellness. This bath oil is made with a thoughtful blend of essential oils like cedarwood and Oregon Grape to help balance skin, relax and rejuvenate. With botanicals carefully curated to relieve symptoms of irritation and chafing, it is a perfect gift for women with an active lifestyle due to its multiple soothing properties. Hint: Aside from making a mean relaxing bath after a long day slayin’ it at work and the gym, it also works wonders as a post-wax and post-shaving regimen! {This is a 100% natural product that uses certified organic ingredients}

4. Roots Rose Radish Vetiver and Lemongrass Solid Perfume ($49.00): Let’s face it: Perfumes are an absolute Christmas classic, but sometimes they can feel a bit impersonal. Scents are, after all, designed to recreate a memory, so it can be tricky to find the right fragrances for your loved ones. This beautiful solid perfume is something else altogether. This grounding scent is an ode to the freedom experienced by the brand makers in the Indian jungles. A story of adventures, fragrant nature, and the sweetness of true friendship, the citrus overtones of lemongrass marry perfectly with the clean and crisp scent of the smoky vetiver. A very unique concoction in itself, it is packaged in the most beautiful and one-of-a-kind green natural seashell.  Unisex, this is a truly sophisticated gift to tell your special person how much he or she is loved.

5. Duke and Cannon Jingle Booze Gift Set ($25.00): In an unexpected turn of events, the traditional Christmas song has gotten a boozy beauty fix. This hilarious gift set has captured the woody, boozy fragrances of the season in an ingenious book-shaped box filled with 3 irresistible 10 oz soaps. The kit contains one bar of each Big Ass Beer (woodsy citrus scent), Big American Bourbon (oak barrel scent), and Big Ass Soap on a Rope (sandalwood scent), all made with love and care in the USA.  This is the perfect gift for the man who appreciates a simple way of life, and it also is a great way of giving back to America’s brave soldiers! A portion of Duke and Cannon’s benefits is donated to Veteran causes to honor the military heritage of the brand.


fantastic gifts made in usa

6. Badger Damascus Rose Cleansing Milk ($19.99): One of our favorite brands, Badger is a B-Corporation that proudly makes all-natural bath and body products. Their latest launch is this beautiful cleansing milk specifically geared towards dry and sensitive skin types. A perfect gift for the busy New Yorker who won’t stop because of a Nor’Eastern, Badger comes to the rescue. This restorative concoction nourishes, soothes, cleanses, and easily removes makeup thanks to organic ingredients like Damascus essential oil made from Bulgarian roses. Cruelty and gluten-free, it is made with completely natural ingredients for an out-of-this-world experience. Me time, anyone?

7. Brushopolis Utopia Brush ($110.00): Beauty lovers, rejoice! The perfect brush for hair and scalp health is here. Carefully crafted in the USA, this limited edition wonder tool includes a nylon quill and rubber cushion for a gentle scalp massage.  By distributing the natural oils in the hair and reactivating the microcirculation of the scalp, this brush helps minimize seasonal hair loss. But wait, there is more! Premium boar bristles mean this beauty powerhouse is perfect to detangle dry hair minimizing breakage. The perfect gift for the beauty junkie in your life, this brush is the result of four long years of research and development and thorough testing with celebrity stylists.

8. Goddess Garden Day Undone Natural Serum ($19.99): Have you ever wished you could have a magical remedy to prolong your summer tan well into the winter months? Goddess Garden happens to specialize in natural remedies for beautiful, healthy skin that has been exposed to the sun. And this multitasker is one of their most popular products because, with a single pump, it quenches dry skin and counters the wrinkles, dark spots and rough skin that comes from sun damage. The ideal gift for those who love to soak up in the sun, it is also the perfect remedy for wind-chapped or extra-dry winter skin. Stocking stuffer made in the USA, anyone?

9. Biggs and Featherbelle Ginger Snap Foaming Hand Soap ($5.99): Give the gift of aromatherapy without breaking the Bank! This delicious concoction smells like freshly baked ginger snap cookies. A perfect gift for those foodies who love the scents of Christmas, the notes of ginger and cinnamon sticks are an irresistible treat for anyone in your list. With a rich lather, the formula nourishes and restores skin with clean, all-natural ingredients. A gift that brings the warm scents of childhood holiday memories, it is a perfect token of appreciation for anyone on your “Nice” list. Or even an ideal Secret Santa gift under $10 that won’t disappoint at the office. Pinky promise.

10. Laki Naturals Coconut Milk Bath Soak  ($11.99): Give the gift of utter relaxation with these all-natural, magnesium flake crystals that will turn anyone’s tub into a full-on therapeutic ritual. Its unique formula contains nurturing Hawaiian sea salts and a blend of Zechstein magnesium flakes to relax the mind, soothe tired muscles, and transport you to a tropical paradise. With a delicious aroma of tropical coconut, these bath salts are the perfect gift for those who want to escape the dark and cold winter days without blowing their savings on a trip to Hawa’ii.

11. Social Print Studio Santa Cruz Frame ($28.00): This beautiful frame is the perfect complement to your loved one’s best Instagram shot. With a taste of the seaside, each frame is lovingly made by hand from reclaimed Santa Cruz barn wood. The frame easily fits a 4×4 square print (hello, Instagram shots!) and is the perfect rustic touch for those who long to live close to the sea. Also, no two frames are alike, so this is truly a unique gift that will surely win over your loved one’s heart. Pair it with a set of on-demand Instagram prints at Social Print Studio, and you’ll have the perfect gift for anyone on your list. A perfect and unique gift made in USA that supports local talent.


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