12 Holiday Gift Ideas to Relax

New Yorker: If you are still looking for holiday gift ideas for your loved ones, we created this relax gift guide with you in mind. Relaxing is a long-lost art that deserves all the praise, especially in the crazy times we are living. Juggling our daily activities in the city that never sleeps might sound like a dream come true, but in all honesty, we all could do with a gift to relax. Keep your eyes open as there might be something that you want to ask Santa for yourself!

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Holiday gift ideas with products to relax and relieve tension

1. Be Well Bubbly Bath by EO Essential Oils ($12.99): There is no better way to unwind on demand than a luxurious bubble bath with selected botanicals and organic essential oils. With eucalyptus and arnica, Be Well is like a refreshing walk in the woods, as this bubble bath stimulates and invigorates the senses while giving tired, sore muscles the relief they crave. Packaged in a very cute recycled blue bottle, this is one of those gifts that is good for you, the planet, and your fellow commuters. The less angry people in the morning rush, the better!

2. Tension Relief Spray by Alba1913 ($18.00): This European concoction is one of the most effective ways to stop stress on its tracks when you need a little pick-me-up. Conceived as a pocket-sized masseuse, this calming body spray is designed to bring peace to body and mind. Using aromatherapy and a rich blend of essential oils, the effects linger while it delicately perfumes your body and clothes. Fear not: This spray has nothing to do with the patchouli obsession of the past. Modern aromatherapy is a classy affair and this composition is just elegant. Includes oils of nutmeg, rosemary, lemon, thyme, cinnamon, peppermint and coriander, among others. {This is a 100% natural product}

3. Ayurvedic Recovery Wellness Tea by The Spice Lab (starting at $5): Have you ever had the feeling that New York city drains your energies? The folks at The Spice Lab have the answer: Drink more tea. This Recovery Wellness tea uses citrus to help restore the body by giving it a much needed boost. Following the Ayurveda principles, citrus fruits can help the liver, cure fevers and restore the acidic balance in the body, which is essential if you are recovering from a stressful period, an illness, or an exhausting meeting with your boss. A natural way to de-stress and bounce back to your energetic self, it makes a wonderful gift for anyone on your list. {This is a 100% natural product}

4. Dragon Time Massage Oil by Young Living Essential Oils ($45.72): Looking for an introduction to calming essential oils and aromatherapy? This massage oil is already pre-diluted and ready to use with a blend of calming of soothing essential oils of clary sage, lavender, ylang ylang and jasmine. With natural phytoestrogens, in Europe it is used to balance fluctuating emotions due to hormonal imbalances, but in reality it is a wonderful massage oil for anybody who wants a cocooning experience with a soothing aroma. Paired up with a professional massage, it is the ideal gift for your BFF who needs a stress detox asap.

5. Bluetooth Diffuser and Top Blends by Art Naturals ($49.95): Aromatherapy has been scientifically proven to affect the mood by infusing aromas into the pituitary, which stimulates your brain influencing “physical, emotional, and mental health” (source: University of Maryland.) If you want to start creating your own aromatic rituals, this beautiful wooden diffuser is a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones. It has everything you could possibly need featuring bluetooth technology
for music play, and alarm functions. Color-changing LED lights and
encased in a beautiful natural wood case, it creates a relaxing ambiance
anywhere (and looks great with any kind of decor!) With 8 top essential oils to play around with, this is the perfect introduction to the world of aromatherapy.

Holiday gift ideas to relax and relieve stress

6. Calm Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend by Everyone EO ($10.99): Looking for a relaxing and soothing aroma without having to fuss yourself with strange mixes? Calm is your answer. A premade synergistic blend of lavender, orange, and cedarwood essential oils, it is designed to help find a peaceful feeling. It can be used properly diluted in a bubble bath, diffused as-is in any piece or even put in a cloth tissue that you can carry during that horrible, stressing rush-hour commute. With a savvy calming blend, it takes off the guesswork of aromatherapy and comes packaged in a convenient bottle with a glass dropper for a mess-free experience. Available at selected Target stores.

7. Dead Sea Mud by Westlab ($9.95): Have you ever seen how animals seem to take an enormous pleasure by covering themselves in mud? Well, Mother Nature is wise because mud is one of the best natural remedies against stress. Dead Sea Mud is naturally rich in essential nutrients (magnesium, potassium, and calcium) to help soothe and relax aching joints or muscles. Westlab’s take on this wonderful ancestral remedy is to pack the highest-quality natural mud in an air-tight container so you can reap the benefits of mud in the privacy of your own home. As we are sure you’ll want to gift one and keep one for yourself, just beware that it’s best if you use it before taking a shower with no clothes on, as it can be difficult to get off fabric.

8. Elements of Love Mud Love Trio by AHAVA ($49.00): For those who need to unwind but don’t see covering themselves up with mud, Ahava has created a lovely gift set with three essential products enriched with Dead-Sea mud and salts. AHAVA’s patented leave-on mud technology in Dermud Intensive Hand Cream
and Dermud Intensive Foot Cream nourish, soothe, and restore even the
driest skin. Paired with Purifying Mud Soap, this box has anything you need to pamper your skin soft and smooth with skin-healthy minerals and botanical extracts. Makes a beautiful gift for Mom.

9. Harmony Blend Essential Oil by Jurlique ($26.00): If you know someone who likes to use essential oils, blends make a beautiful gift. Carefully crafted by artisan aromatherapists, blends are unique combinations of essential oils that aim for a more complex experience. The Harmony blend created by Jurlique is a well-rounded composition of lavender, clary sage, and geranium essential oils to provide balance and soothe the psyche. To be used in a diffuser or diluted to be applied topically, it is a wonderful way to recharge after a long and emotionally draining day.

10. Last Christmas in Paris at Harper Collins ($14.99): Sometimes, the key to relaxation is finding something that takes your mind off your mundane problems. I personally find that reading has a very positive effect on mind and soul, and this beautiful paperback has a gripping love story that will transport you to the Paris of our grandparents. A beautiful romantic novel of the Great War, it narrates the hopes and dreams of three youngsters who plan to reunite in Paris for Christmas after the war is over in a few weeks. As life has a mind of its own, history tells us everything happened very differently. A beautiful epistolary novel, it will keep you glued to its pages and help your mind soar to a far, far away place. An ideal gift for bookworms and occasional readers alike!

11. The Aromatherapy Companion at Workman Publishing ($19.95): Aromatherapy is as much an art as it is a science, and having a solid introduction can prove useful. As essential oils are very concentrated extracts of plants, they should be used with caution. Victoria Edwards crafted one of the best guides in the subject with solid advice and hundreds of recipes for beauty, health, and physical and
emotional well-being. Learn about
the properties of essential and carrier oils, and master classic
recipes for healing and relaxation in the comfort of your own home. A magnificent introduction for the naturally curious, it makes a wonderful holiday gift. 

12. Dead Sea Bath Soak by The Spice Lab ($12): The Dead Sea has traditionally been revered for its healing properties. With waters naturally rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromides, they help relax muscles and replenish the body’s natural minerals with essential nutrients. The Spice Lab carries an impressive selection of Dead Sea and Himalayan Salt Bath Soak blends, and is one of the rare places that carries the real stuff at very reasonable prices. An ideal gift for purists, it is the perfect base for your own aromatherapy concoctions to unwind after a long cardio training or a hectic day with that crazy boss. Believe me: It works.

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