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If there is something I have learned with my Earth Day posts is that a green lifestyle can be totally chic. Long gone are the days when natural cosmetics were messy, required refrigeration, and sometimes smelled downright funny. Today, more and more companies invest in research to apply the latest scientific knowledge to the creation of all-natural, high-quality formulas that can even outperform their synthetic counterparts.

Whether you have stumbled upon this post by sheer curiosity or because you are in a personal quest to greenify your life, rest reassured: I have personally tried all the products featured here and I have double-checked their ingredients (and consulted EWG) to verify their formulas are totally natural.  Some of them are 100% natural and verified organic by the USDA! Although this blog features both traditional (synthetic) and natural beauty options, I am very careful when labeling each product so you, my readers, can make an informed choice that resonates with your personal needs and values. 

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8. Lemongrass and Mint body oil by Mullein and Sparrow ($24): I very recently discovered this niche brand that creates astonishingly beautiful and high-performing natural products. This body oil is formulated to cater to all skin types because it doesn’t leave a greasy residue in your body. The lightweight vegetable oils in the formula penetrate quickly, and this body oil can be used as a massage oil (did you say something about a romantic night?), as a self-indulging body moisturizer, or even an aromatherapy companion for a long and relaxing hot bath (just pour a few drops and let it do its magic!.)

9. Organic Sea Mist by John Masters Organics ($16.50): This all-natural and USDA organic-certified salt mist spray is a great product to create effortless beachy waves that look straight out an influencer’s Instagram profile. The natural sea salt gives your mane an extra boost, while the lavender protects the hair from drying out. Genius, isn’t it? What’s more, I have personally found this product helps me define my curls very naturally and without looking tremendously styled. Who said luxury came with a great price tag?

On a side note, I have used John Masters Organics for a long time and I love their hair products. Although not all their formulas are 100% natural if that’s what you’re looking for, their overall scores in EWG are between 1 and 3, and their performance is excellent every time.

10. Bedtime Stories lavender kit by Lather ($25): This beautiful and affordable set includes bath and body products designed to induce a good night’s sleep. Formulated with lavender oil and other 100% natural ingredients, this kit is an ideal self-gift for those of us who fight stressful days with the occasional sleepless nights.

The set includes one of their well-known vegan aromatherapy candles, an oatmeal lavender handmade olive oil soap (ideal to cleanse sensitive skin), an eye mask, and a quiet night aromatherapy and skin conditioning balm. 

I have used this kit as part of a relaxing ritual (warm bath with the scented candle and the relaxing soap, a healthy dinner, and an application of the conditioning balm in my solar plexus before going to bed) and I can happily report I feel calmer. Although I lead a quite stressful life, I find lavender is a scent that soothes my mind, and this set is perfect to combine different products and create a bit of quality “me-time” before going to sleep.

11. Vanilla Grapefruit healthy fragrance by Lavanila ($58): According to Paige Padgett, perfumes are one of the worst offenders in what refers to including toxic ingredients. Because the industry often uses synthetic petroleum-derived notes that are highly volatile, some people with health concerns and allergies have found it very complicated to get a satisfying and all-natural alternative.

I am happy to report that Lavanila offers 100% natural formulas and creates its scents with a base of vanilla mixed with organic sugar cane alcohol for a modern twist on the classic art of perfumery. This citrusy version includes a blend of grapefruit, cedarwood, lime, and Madagascar vanilla notes to create an invigorating and mood-lifting scent that reminds me of the south of Spain. What’s more, this fragrance is very long-lasting, making it the perfect alternative to a traditional, synthetic sillage.

12. Organic hair creme and organic hair rinse by Dr. Bronner ($7.99 & $9.99): Dr. Bronner is a 150-year-old American company devoted to making soap and beauty products with natural and organic ingredients. Very well known for their quirky packagings that detail the message of Dr. Bronner to bring positive social change, their organic hair products work wonderfully with my long and curly mane. 

The USDA-certified organic hair creme is a wonderful styling aid that leaves my locks shiny without adding unwanted weight. The citrus hair rinse, which is designed to work as a complement to a shampooing ritual with vegetable-oil based castile soap, is a natural acidic solution that closes the hair cuticles and moisturizes them at the same time for an extra boost of shine and manageability. It is very important to dilute the hair rinse according to the instructions; a little goes a long way with Dr. Bronner!

13. Natural lip balm by Chop Saver ($9.90/2-pack): Originally created to alleviate the dry, chapped lips of a musician, this totally natural lip balm includes ten highly moisturizing and soothing organic ingredients. Available with or without SPF 15, this lip balm is highly performing and I can honestly say it even surpasses the moisturizing abilities of other formulas that include synthetic ingredients. Very comfortable on the lips, it leaves no greasy residue behind (I hate it when my hair sticks to my lips on a windy day!).

14. The Healthy Deodorant by Lavanila ($14): This grapefruit vanilla version of the original healthy deodorant boasts a surprisingly effective 100% formula without aluminium, propylene glycol, or other hormone-disrupting nasties widely found in most of the deodorants available in the market. 

Although it takes a bit of time for the body to switch to a natural deodorant, I can report that after only a couple of days my body adjusted to this all-natural formula, which works wonders for me. Plainly said, it works, it doesn’t itch, and it smells wonderfully clean. In fact, the formula is gentle enough to use after razing your armpits!

15. Organic body oil by Wally’s Natural ($13): Do you like Bio-Oil but are looking for an all-natural and organic-certified alternative? Search no more. This wonderful little buddy works as well as Bio-Oil on stretch marks, scars, and patchy/scaly/dry skin without using synthetic and petroleum-derived ingredients. Packed in a convenient roller-ball bottle, this formula acts in two steps to deeply penetrate the skin layers.

Although this organic body oil works wonderfully for stretch marks, scars, and dry skin, I have found it does wonders as an all-natural make-up prebase for my extremely dry skin. If I use it two minutes before applying make-up, it goes on smoothly and lasts longer.

16. Bamboo face wipes by Kaia Naturals ($15.50): These award-winning bamboo face wipes work wonderfully well to remove stubborn make-up without stripping the skin off its natural oils. My extremely dry skin loves this gentle formula, and my eco-conscious side is glad that the bamboo fibers are biodegradable and don’t contribute to overflowing landfills.

17. All Good hand sanitizer by Elemental Herbs ($4.99): This 100% natural and USDA-certified organic formula is ideal to clean your hands without using nasty chemicals when water and soap is not available.

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