Review: Freya Lingerie, A Bra for Every Cup

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Freya Lingerie supports the body positive movement with cups that compliment every shape.

Before I dive into my review of Freya Lingerie, I want to share a very personal story with you. As a teenager, finding the right bra was a nightmare for me and my friends. My back seemed too small, while my breasts were never at ease with the cups that fancy lingerie chains offered (A or B.) My friends, on the contrary, were told their breasts were just too big for whatever the store offered. The result? Three morose teenagers who felt their body was just wrong.

Growing up I have been lucky to be exposed to women with different body shapes, but very similar complaints. Finding the bra that supports and enhances you in all the right places can be downright impossible if you don’t fit the standard measurements. But who is standard, anyway?

This is where Freya comes at play.

The Fall Bra Edit Freya Review

Freya is a lingerie brand from the UK. Boasting a wide array of youthful and fun lingerie options, they cater from a B to a K cup with a great fit and look. I was able to see their designs in person at an event in NYC, and I was surprised to see actual underwear for fuller busts without the granny look. The nice thing is they also have very cool options for petite ladies like me! I wish my friends and I had discovered a Freya store as teenagers. We wouldn’t have felt wrong and awkward in our own skin.


During the event, a measurement specialist from Freya gave me the surprise of my life. As I have previously explained, my back is ridiculously petite, to a point where I never find work jackets that don’t make me look like Casper the Ghost. However, I do happen to have curves, so in the event that I find a jacket that sits nice and tight on my back, my chest will create awkward gaps in the front. And, guess what? Apparently, the folks at VS measured me wrong. My band is actually smaller and my cup is bigger. As in three sizes up. Oopsie!

I have personally tested two Freya bras with a completely different vibe:

Freya Soiree Lace Black Padded Plunge Bra

The +: A very refined look and design for a bra with perfect hold. Made with a beautiful lace overlay over a sand colored lining, it has a low center to wear with more revealing clothes. This shape, which is new to the brand, fits great in all the right places without the push-up of other Freya’s models. The wire is designed to contour the whole breast, so there is no spillage on the sides and it stays put where it is meant to be. Also, the very discreet padding looks great with any kind of clothes, giving a polished look.

Freya bra review new york for beginners

The -: As you can see, the model seems to wear a bra with a lower center. I am personally partial to that type of cut because it is the most comfortable for my body shape, so I was a bit surprised when the actual bra sat higher on my chest. I’m just assuming the design team realized the higher the cut, the better the support, but I wanted to give you a heads-up so you can have a realistic expectation.

Freya Soiree Lace Plunge back bra review

Verdict: A very fashionable piece that is very cohesive with the rest of Freya’s collection. Unlike what happens with other brands, once you know your shape and your size, any of their models will look great. You can find all the information about the Freya Soiree Lace Black Padded Plunge Bra here.

Freya Active Freestyle Soft Crop Top

The +: Calling my fellow sporty boss babes! Freya has a beautiful line of sportswear with odor-free technology. This bralette has been treated with silver chloride and zinc to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. A wonderful option for those of us who like to break a sweat without having to do laundry every single day, it is very comfortable and has a really pretty design. The cross bust panels offer a good support, while the racer back sits comfortably between my shoulder blades when I need to stretch. My new BFF for my yoga practice!

Freya Sports Bra review

The -: The sizing in this bralette is done according to more standard sizes (as in XS, S, M, L, and so on.) For me it worked perfectly as my back is very petite, but I’m wondering how easy it is for fuller-busted ladies to find the right match. I believe Freya has an excellent customer support team that can help pick the right size, but I understand it is an extra step for those who already know their sizing.

Verdict: I absolutely loved the Freya Active Freestyle Soft Crop Top. It has a beautiful design, is very comfortable yet offers great support for my needs. I even used it for a workout that involved running practice and I was surprised to see how great it worked!

All in all, my experience with Freya has been very positive, since they honor and respect all body sizes. A few friends that came to the event with me also found a gorgeous piece of lingerie that complimented their shape, and I’m very happy to have found another democratic lingerie brand that believes women of all sizes are beautiful. Way to go, Freya!

I’m curious… have you found your perfect lingerie brand yet? Have you ever tried Freya’s bras? Let us know in the comments!



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