NIWA Hotel Spa, a Relaxation Haven outside Madrid


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A secluded boutique hotel in Spain offers targeted wellness workshops


NIWA Hotel Spa is one of those rara avis that still exist in Spain. Designed as a boutique hotel and a secluded spa in the midst of what some have dubbed the Spanish Provence, it is a relaxation haven surrounded by lavender fields and the sweet sounds of nature. Located just an hour away from busy Madrid, it is one of those exclusive places that marry beauty treatments, healthy eating, yoga, and mindfulness workshops steps away from a quaint Castilian town.

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NIWA‘s latest offering, ‘Las Claves del Bienestar’, is a complete wellness package for men and women in quest of physical, mental and emotional balance. With a myriad of professionals that will explore the keys to day-to-day wellness, this program is an ode to the slow-living movement and its long-term benefits.




The Detox Signature Program: Keys To Wellness at NIWA HOTEL SPA


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This program is designed as a wellness escape from 10 AM to 6 PM to let mind and body breathe away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The program looks like this:

  • Welcome and healthy breakfast based in the principles of food energetics, one of the best-kept secrets of traditional Chinese medicine
  • Food Energetics Workshop led by Mercedes Torre, therapist and technician in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Intro to Yoga: Outdoors class in the garden.
  • Quiet time: An opportunity to rest and enjoy the simplicity of this boutique hotel.
  • Spa
  • 1- Hour Full body massage to choose from: Filipino Hilot, Full Relaxation Massage with local honey, Shiatsu or Aromatic Pinda (warm herb bundles) Massage with local lavender.
  • Lunch based on the food energetics principles
  • Food Energetics Workshop (Part II) led by Mercedes Torre
  • Quiet Time
  • Farewell and final considerations.


My Personal NIWA Experience 



I personally loved my first NIWA experience! Nestled in beautiful Brihuega, it literally gave me a much-needed breather and felt like a long weekend vacation that took care of my severe case of jet-lag.


I am not surprised that NIWA has received numerous industry awards, as it really is a boutique hotel where every detail matters. To start with, the spa’s impeccable installations have everything one stressed gal can ask for: A hammam sauna, a dry sauna, a warm pool, a hot pool, a cold pool and jet showers.


a woman giving a thai massage with pindas, hot cloth bundles filled with herbs



Together with the knowledgeable hands of the in-house professional massage therapists, the spa turns into a relaxation bubble where stress melts, muscles relax and the joy of living returns. If stress pesters you on a daily basis, take my word and choose the pinda massage; using warm herbal bundles filled with local lavender and local honey, this full-body massage unites the best of Thai strokes with the reassuring scents of Castilian traditions.




On the other hand, I really enjoyed the food energetics workshop. Mercedes Torre is a very knowledgeable teacher that explores the principle of Chinese traditional medicine and superfoods with simplicity and openness. Her aim is to offer tailored tools that help restore the balance in our bodies through healthy eating habits. No crazy diets, no ingredients that are impossible to find, and no judgement. In a world that bombards us women with the idea that our bodies are never perfect enough, I found her angle quite refreshing and reassuring. 


Did I mention that NIWA’s wellness escape makes a wonderful gift for the foodie in your life?


The Deets  


image describing the wellness program las claves del bienestar at NIWA hotel and Spa in Spain

‘Las Claves del Bienestar’ wellness workshop takes place at NIWA HOTEL SPA in Brihuega (Guadalajara, Spain.) To make a reservation, call (+34) 949 28 12 99 or email


Price: 175 euros per person. Includes all the activities and meals described above.


Dates: Sunday, May 27th; Sunday, June 3rd and 10th; every first Friday of the month starting in September.


For more information, visit


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