Epicurean: 10 Yummy Gifts for Foodies

picture with a mason jar and cookie making supplies to make Christmas sweets

Foodies of the world, we want you! We know that growing up it was a bit frowned upon to ask Santa for edible gifts, but the greatest thing about being an adult is that you can be a foodie and celebrated for your good taste. With you in mind, we have curated our most scrumptious holiday gift guide of the year with 10 yummy gifts. Care to learn more?

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holiday gift ideas 10 fantastic gifts for foodies

1. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Giusto Sapore ($14.99): This tasty Italian olive oil is a kitchen staple for many food favorites. Cold-pressed to extract the best properties of olives, olive oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, making it the perfect final touch for a hearty and healthy meal. Certified organic by the USDA, this bottle of liquid gold has a mild and nutty taste. Use it as a final touch for your salads, fish, meats, or even for the most decadent ice cream experience. {This is a 100% natural product and certified organic by the USDA.}

2. Holiday Organic Lip Balms in Gold Box by Badger ($7.99, now reduced to $6.99): Looking for a perfect gift for a foodie? These organic lip balms come in three scrumptious flavors: Chai Rose, Cinnamon Bay, and Peppermint. Every lip balm contains certified organic ingredients including Extra Virgin Olive
Oil, Beeswax, Aloe, Seabuckthorn, and Rosehip that moisturize, protect,
and leave your lips feeling soft and happy. Plus, the formula is so clean that it can be licked over and over again, making this the ideal stocking stuffer for the foodie in your life. {This is a 100% natural product and certified organic by the USDA. Made with care in the USA}

3. The “Sweet” Holiday Baking Gift Set by Thoughtfully ($69.99): I have to admit that Thoughtfully has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the year. Thoughtfully curates perfectly arranged gifts for every single occasion, and the Sweet Holiday Baking Gift Set is no exception. Conceived as an homage to the yesteryear tradition of baking cookies for your relatives or loved ones to celebrate the holidays, it packs in the most delightful set everything you need to keep the tradition alive. The box includes three cast iron skillets in the shape of a tree, a star and a gingerbread man and the most delicate pearlescent whisk. To complete the set, three bags of white chocolate chip cookie mix guarantee a perfect result, along with the vanilla frostings and sprinkles required to bake the season. Having personally tried it, my cookies have never been yummier, and I will use it during the holidays to create my very personal signature flavors to gift my neighbors. A tasty take on tradition, it is a memorable gift that will help create wonderful memories.

4. Handmade Salted Toffee by McFaddy ($12): Looking for a yummy gift for the foodie in your life? These scrumptious pieces of handmade salted toffee will bring back memories of previous holidays and put a sweet note to end 2017. With a hint of rose salt on Belgium milk chocolate almond toffee, this flavor captures the beauty of artisan salt at its finest. A modern take on the vintage toffee tradition, purple rose petals and hibiscus contribute to an explosion of flavor that will surprise and delight. {Handmade with care in the USA}

5. The Vineyard by Maria Dueñas at Simon and Schuster ($26): Bestselling Spanish author Maria Dueñas returns with The Vineyard, an ideal gift for foodies. A magnificent story of ambition, heartbreak, and desire set in the 1860s Mexico, Cuba, and Spain, it narrates the adventures of Mauro Larrea, a Mexican who wins in a gamble an abandoned house and a vineyard in southern Spain. Soon, he meets Soledad Montalvo, the wife of a wine merchant, who introduces him to the rich culture of the sherry trade while his relationship ripens into a consuming passion. A tale of love, lust, and food, it is a memorable gift for those foodies willing to follow their passion into the pages of a great book.

holiday gift ideas 10 fantastic gifts for foodies

6. 6-slice Convection Toaster Oven by Crux at Macy’s ($79.99): A perfect example of a small and mighty appliance, this wonderful convection toaster oven does it all. With a whooping 17 liter capacity, a super fast preheating set, and convection air flow to cook anything quickly, it is the ideal gift for the foodie who lives in cramped quarters in Manhattan. The grill rack has three different positions to warm up, broil, toast, bagel, and bake for perfectly brown and warm meals anytime. A compact oven that can basically do it all. Dinner for you and your bestie? This toaster oven warms up faster than your Netflix account and also bakes perfect cookies on the fly. A foodie dream come true!

7. Micro Greens Grow Kit by Hamama ($35): Do you know any foodie who wants to grow her or his own greens indoors? As even a counter is prime space in New York, finding a compact and easy grow kit can complicate the green quest. Hamama has solved this conundrum by creating a compact solution that ends the reign of slimy, overpriced micro greens at luxury health food stores. In 7-10 days, this kit allows even people without a green thumb to grow and harvest healthy micro greens. A mess-free experience, all the plants need is a bit of water on their pre-planted seed quilts to grow green and beautiful. No drainage, no complicated watering, no nothing. Just watch ’em grow. A genius gift for the healthy foodies!

8. Straw Lunch Box by Kikkerland ($5): A cute and inexpensive gift, this straw lunch box is the perfect gift for those who enjoy eating. Portable and lightweight, this insulated lunch box has the perfect size so the foodie in your life can enjoy a daily picnic, even in the convenience of a secluded work desk. A fun gift and a conversation starter that will guarantee many grateful smiles!

9. Dark Chocolate Malawi Sugar Body Scrub by Shea Terra ($16): This is the beauty version of a scrumptious dessert. This body scrub makes it easy to cover yourself in chocolate and sugar with no guilt and no extra calories. Designed with the choco-obsessed in mind, it is from pure, certified organic chocolate liquor, vanilla and granules of whole Malawi sugar. A great way to satisfy your sweet cravings while you soften your skin, it feels like taking a bath using a brownie as a sponge.  An ideal gift for the organic foodie in your life! {This is a 100% natural product}

10. La Dolce Vita by Murray’s Cheese ($120.00): The Temple of Cheese in New York has done it again: A scrumptious holiday gift set that will keep guests and friends talking for days on end. An exquisite gourmet collection of real Italian goodness, it features classic, balanced and bold scrumptious delicacies to keep or to share as it can feed up to 10 people. Safely nested inside their signature Murray’s crate are four cheeses: A Fontina Fontal (a nutty alpine pantry staple), a La Tur (a dense, creamy, balanced mild blend of goat, cow and sheep milk that oozes with cheesy goodness for a heavenly meal), a Mountain Gorgonzola (a classic and spicy explosion of flavor), and a Pecorino Calabrese (a sheepy table cheese aged to perfection that marries extremely well with a drizzle extra virgin olive oil.) To balance this cheesy heaven, two pounds of meat: Murray’s Sopressata and Murray’s Speck. And what would be of a traditional antipasti if not for the olives and crispy crostinis? A fabulous gift to enthuse that special epicurean who enjoys the finest foods as a way of life.

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