Eden’s Garden Essential Oils, My Personal Experience

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Eden’s Garden has an Affordable Range of Essential Oil Blends

When it comes to essential oils, Eden’s Garden is one of the big players with a comprehensive range of products and affordable prices. Aside from having everything that an essential oil enthusiast can ask for, Eden’s Garden has an impressive assortment of essential oil accessories, carrying cases, and diffusers.

That is why I wanted to share with you my unbiased review of a few products of their line that I received as PR samples. Please note that this is not a payment in any way or form, nor it does affect the views I share below.

The Eden’s Garden Experience

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Eden’s Garden has an affordable range of essential oils that are perfect for those curious about how aromatherapy works without spending big bucks. Eden’s Garden manufactures and sells its own line, so there are no third-party sellers involved.

Really, it’s as easy as going to their site, buying whatever your heart desires, and receiving it home, with the added value that they have a wonderful customer service that will answer all your questions. I should know, because while I was testing their products I also called their phone line to test their support, and had a wonderful experience. Instead of pushing any products on me, the customer service assistant answered my questions about different blends and how to use the diffusers in Europe.

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Eden’s Garden Essential Oil Blends have turned out to be a wonderful addition to my aromatherapy collection. With just 5 drops on my diffuser, I was able to fill the room with a wonderful and lasting scent that didn’t make me sneeze (which is an indicator of whether the oils have been adulterated with synthetic fragrances, as I’m very allergic.) Also, these blends are made with pure and undiluted essential oils, so if you plan to use them on your skin always dilute them well on a carrier oil. I really can’t stress enough that essential oils are very concentrated extracts from plants and should be used with care.

These are the blends that I have personally tested:

Allure Essential Oil Blend ($14.95 / 5 ml)

Two edens garden essential oil blends inside a circle of flowersBehind this mysterious name I found a wonderful blend of spicy and sweet essential oils that make a wonderfully well-rounded perfume that smells soft yet unique. A wonderful alternative to synthetic fragrances for those who have developed allergies and sensitivities, I diluted 6 drops in 10 ml of fractionated coconut oil in a portable rollerball to create my go-to perfume. So far, a few friends have asked what designer fragrance I was wearing, and my significant other loves to use Eden’s Garden Allure on the diffuser after a long and stressful day. Combined with the scent of our home, it literally feels like a hug, a cozy blanket and a good Netflix show in a whiff.

Ingredients: Essential oils of bergamot, ylang ylang, patchouli, vanilla CO2, jasmine, cinnamon bark, cistus, vetiver, sandalwood, cocoa and rose.

Align Essential Oil Blend ($13.95 / 5ml)

Align is a grounding blend that smells like a quiet forest. Soothing and calming, it is an ideal blend to diffuse if you like to do some yoga stretches at home or a small meditation session (which in my case comes in the form of painting, which puts my mind at ease.) With a powerfully earthy aroma, it somehow feels comforting in the city because it brings a bit of wilderness to an otherwise animal and plant-free surrounding. A medley of blue tansy, spruce, frankincense and rosewood, it feels perfect when you need to reconnect with fond memories of beautiful days spent outdoors. I guess I just love the scent of blue tansy!

I am very aware that this description might sound a tad too poetic, but I have always had a strong connection with aromas because they are very powerful in bringing back memories. Every time I diffuse Align, I close my eyes and feel I’m strolling in the quiet woods of Central Park, no matter how busy I am.

Ingredients: Essential oils of blue tansy, spruce, frankincense and rosewood.

Bliss Essential Oil Blend ($7.95 / 5 ml)

Picture of Edens garden bliss essential oil blend with flowers and earrings

Bliss is pure joy in a bottle. With a positive and invigorating scent, Bliss is a well-rounded blend that has been able to reignite my optimism in the darkest days of the winter. Yep, even in those two weeks when we visited Madrid and didn’t have hot water nor heating and had to walk around in blankets like ghosts. Not fun, I’m telling you. Madrid is in the same latitude as New York and winters can get pretty cold too with temps below 30s.

Bliss is wonderful in diffusion and makes a wonderful add to your laundry. I simply add a few drops to my wool balls that I place on the dryer for a synthetic-free scent.

Ingredients: Essential oils of orange, clove bud, star anise, lemon, myrtle, nutmeg, vanilla CO2, ginger, cinnamon bark and zdravet.

Citrus Cream Essential Oil Blend ($5.95 / 5 ml)

Behold! This blend contains a savvy mix of citrus essential oils combined with the yummy scent of vanilla. The result? A smell reminiscent of French confiteries where you feel you could spend the rest of your life eating macarons.

Fun, soft, and playful, Citrus Cream makes a wonderful body oil if you dilute it in fractionated coconut oil. I personally loved this fragrance that wakes up my playful side. The only negative note? As citrus essential oils can increase the effects of the UV rays on your skin, you should wait at least 12 hours before going into the sun if you decide to make a body oil out of it. So I personally reserve it for my Saturday night pampering to make sure I won’t have any problems.

Ingredients: Essential oils of orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, clementine, and vanilla.

My Personal Opinion about Eden’s Garden Essential Oils 

I have really enjoyed playing around with Eden’s Garden Essential Oils. Aside from having a great quality for my purposes, they aren’t adulterated in any way or shape, so I haven’t had any allergic reactions.

What I really liked about the blends was that the quality was great for diffusing in my home (which is my primary goal) and, in some instances, create some wonderfully scented personal care products. Blends take off the guesswork about which oils combine well, and are a wonderful way to expand your aromatherapy collection without having to buy a million individual essential oils. Also, the pricing is very reasonable and akin to what I can find in Europe, where the use of essential oils is widely extended.

How I Use Essential Oils

seems to be the million dollar question. I personally use essential
oils to do aromatherapy treatments; that is, to benefit from the
aromatic properties of the plants
. Instead of using home perfumes,
scented candles or other products laden with chemicals that I am
allergic to, I diffuse essential oils to perfume and purify the air of
my home. I also use essential oils to clean my home and perfume my

a hobby, I also like to create my own beauty balms and concoctions to
treat minor ailments. So sometimes I will do my own blends using a
carrier oil and essential oils to massage sore muscles, treat minor
burns, make my own nontoxic bath salts, or help with the burning feeling
of mosquito bites. Please note that I personally take a lot of
precautions and always make sure to consult a physician prior to using
ANY essential oil.
As this post is meant to be just informative of my
own personal experience, I am not a naturopath or a doctor, and if you
want to apply essential oils to your skin I strongly suggest you consult
your MD first.
Essential oils are very potent, can interact with
pre-existing health conditions and can interfere with how medications
behave, so every precaution should be taken.

do not claim that essential oils cure diseases, nor recommend to take
them internally. I personally never use them to cook nor ingest them by

Also, please note that this post does not constitute medical advice. You should always talk to a doctor prior to using essential oils, especially if you are pregnant, lactating, or have any health condition for which you are taking any medication, including herbal supplements.

Disclaimer level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this post. The author received PR samples for editorial consideration, which didn’t influence the decision to feature nor the opinions expressed above. The links are informational in nature and are not a part of an affiliate marketing program. 



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    February 12, 2019 / 2:42 pm

    Edens garden oils are great!
    Their service is Amazing either!
    Love them too!

    • newyorkforbeginners
      March 2, 2019 / 9:33 pm

      I absolutely loved their unique blends. I’m glad you also had a good experience with them!

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