Organic Chic: Gifts for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for the perfect organic gift for Mom? Don’t go any further! We’ve curated a selection of the best all-natural products available in the green market, just in time to pamper Mom with a really special gift. Ready, set… shop!

1. Lipstick Trio Gift Set by Ilia + Baggu ($48): When two beloved brands partner to create something special for Mother’s Day, you’d better run to get it. This limited edition includes three mini sizes of Ilia’s most beloved shades. Made with hydrating organic ingredients, these lippies are highly pigmenting and suitable for every single occasion. Nobody’s Baby is a sheer universal nude, Bang Bang is a versatile red, and Femme Fatale is a highly covering, deep brick red lipstick. The set comes packed in a naturally milled golden leather pouch and is the perfect introduction for that Organic Chic Mom that’s looking to greenify her beauty rituals.

2. Beauty Bath Soaks by Camille Beckman ($3.50/each): Who said that natural cosmetics have to break the bank? If you have a limited budget but want to cause an impact, gift Mom an assortment of these delightful bath soaks based on a combination of Epsom salts and coconut milk. Pictured here are my two favorite blends. The Beauty Bath contains essential oils of orange and cinnamon to renew the senses, plus organic cocoa butter to deeply nourish the skin. Wellness + is the ideal gift for the busy Mom, as its eucalyptus and menthol essential oils invigorate and soothe while a unique blend of French green clay and matcha tea detoxify the body and skin. All-natural and made in the USA, these blends are an excellent gift to say how much you love your Mom even if you’re completely broke.

3. Aphrodite Facial Oil by Magic Organic Apothecary ($26.95 at The Choosy Chick): If you’re looking for an all-natural yet powerful skincare gift for your green chic mom, this is it. A magical dry oil blend, suitable for every single skin type, is extremely rich in vitamins and fatty acids to deeply nourish skin and promote a healthy cell turnover. Enriched with organic yarrow (an essential ingredient in every single product of the brand), this extremely calming concoction will soothe Mom’s skin even in the peak days of the allergy season. To be honest, I can only say good things about this product. Plus, as I like to support small family businesses, I recommend that you take a look at The Choosy Chick for all your MOA’s needs if you live in the US. Their customer service is impeccable, and they are so knowledgeable that it can be a great start for a lasting green friendship.

4. Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection by Young Living Essential Oils ($177.30): If you are looking for a luxurious organic gift for Mom, check out this comprehensive library of pure essential oils and essential oil blends created by the masterminds behind Young Living. A collection designed to rejuvenate body and mind, it is a great introduction to the world of massage with pure essential oils to create an atmosphere of serenity and well-being. Created by Gary Young after his experience with Native American traditions, the Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection includes seven single 5 ml. oils (thyme, basil, peppermint, oregano, wintergreen, cypress, and marjoram), two proprietary oil blends (Valor II and Aroma Siez), and two carrier vegetable oils. This gift set also includes a brochure explaining the Raindrop Technique. If you are curious and want to learn more before committing to a purchase, there is a free instructional video tutorial here. {Please note that although all these oils are traditionally used to promote a sense of relaxation and to soothe aching muscles, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor and do an external test allergy prior to utilizing them.}

5. Shea Nilotik’ Oil and Maasai Myrrh Beauty Water by Shea Terra Organics ($18 and $16): If Mom loves the results of shea butter but can’t stand the sticky texture, Shea Terra Organics has a wonderful product. Their Shea Nilotik’ Oil is fractionated from 100% pure and organic shea butter to penetrate faster into the skin and hair. This true multi-tasking wonder in a bottle is effective in tackling stretch marks, dry skin, hair growth, and can be used as the most wonderful bath oil to soothe mind and body. I have been using this wonderful product for over a week and I still can’t believe how much easier it makes introducing shea butter in my beauty routine! Plus, it’s certified organic, so it’s a perfect fit for a healthy-conscious Mom.

The Maasai Myrrh Beauty Water is my latest discovery. An incredible treat for skin and hair, it is made using the resin of the myrrh tree, which is extremely rare and costly to produce. Fragrant and soothing, this product is the African version of the Queen of Hungary’s Water as it plumps and hydrates skin after cleansing and refreshes dry hair. Plus, this is a 100% natural product with no alcohol or preservatives, and Shea Terra Organics uses only fair-trade ingredients to expand the knowledge of the traditional beauty secrets of African women. If your Mom likes to experiment with her beauty rituals, she’ll love this product!

6. Moisture Plus Essential Oil by Tu’El ($32): Is Mom always complaining that her skin is itchy, dry, or sensitive? This wonderful concentrate packs all the power of lavender, bergamot mint, rose, geranium and rosemary essential oils in a convenient, ready-to-use formula to increase the hydration levels of the skin. What’s more, this botanical booster for dry skin is specifically designed to promote the skin regeneration process and improve circulation. Made with love in the USA, it is a gentle yet effective product to introduce Mom to the wonders of pure botanicals and nothing else.

7. Himalayan Pink Salt With Lavender Bath Soak by The Spice Lab (from $7.99): Although the Himalayan Pink Salt has enjoyed a well-deserved momentum, it is true that not all are created equal. This bath soak, however, packs the finest salt available mined from abundant salt beads formed more than 250 million years ago. Naturally infused with 84 essential minerals, it enhances the therapeutic value of a hot bath with the calming properties of lavender oil and lavender buds. I have personally used this product in different instances and I’m very positively surprised by the results. Aside from making a very relaxing experience, the salts create a thin mineral layer on the skin that has helped soothe some minor seasonal irritations. Also, they have been very efficient in soothing some musculoskeletal pains and aches thanks to their high content in magnesium. Made in the USA in a woman-owned and family run business, this is the perfect gift for the glamorous organic Mom that needs a bit of me-time.

8. Quick Fix Correcting Balm by Acure ($15.99): Are you looking for a small and meaningful gift for Mom? You should check out this certified organic balm that soothes and protects the delicate area around the mouth and eyes. With a natural botox-like flash effect, it is formulated with organic argan and borage oils to respect the natural balance of the skin. Plus, it’s the perfect multitasker, just like Mom; it can be used to treat cuticles, chapped hands, crow’s feet and feet.

9. Beauty in Bloom by LATHER ($58): This bouquet of four body and wellness products powered by the power of petals is the perfect gift for the eco-chic mom. Wrapped in the most delicate package, LATHER has once again excelled in creating a gifting-ready set that will remind Mom how precious she is. One of my favorite pieces of this collection is the lavender aromatherapy candle, as it’s one of the few true 100% natural candles on the market. Made with natural soy wax and pure essential oils to promote a sense of well-being and relaxation, it is a perfect companion for the Art of Tea’s For Her special blend included in the set. This caffeine-free loose leaf artisan tea includes organic rose and lavender to restore balance in the body, mind & soul. With the surprising note of osmanthus, it delivers a subtly sweet and creamy finish that will blow away Mom’s mind.

To complete the set, the masterminds behind LATHER have included a Jasmine & Plumeria Body Whip and a Jasmine & Plumeria Body Oil. These two decadent moisturizers smell like a trip to the French Polynesia. Perfumed with the pure extract of the plumeria flower blossom, this fragrant oil is one of their best-kept beauty secrets to revive tired skin.  To round up the experience, the floral aroma has been complemented with jasmine, lavender, mandarin, and ylang-ylang pure essential oils. With a retail value of over $82.00, this is an exquisite gift fit for a Queen that will surely make Mom feel special in her day!

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  1. Clara
    May 15, 2017 / 1:00 am

    No conozco Ilia, es buena marca?

  2. Anonymous
    May 15, 2017 / 1:22 am

    All in for the Himalayan salts, she's gonna love it

    • New York For Beginners
      May 15, 2017 / 1:30 am

      @Anonymous Bath salts make a great gift indeed!

  3. New York For Beginners
    May 15, 2017 / 1:30 am

    @Clara Lo es! Esta hecha con ingredientes naturales y los labiales tienen una duracion muy buena. Un abrazo!

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