My Favorite Nontoxic Spring Beauty Products

Nontoxic and natural spring beauty products

It’s official: Spring has arrived in New York City! I wanted to celebrate that we finally have good weather by sharing my favorite natural and nontoxic Spring beauty products with you. 

To me, any change in weather means that I need to adjust my beauty routines to pamper my dry and sensitive skin. Although my beauty routine includes the occasional non-natural product from very specific brands, I find that since I made the switch to a 90% organic beauty routine my dry skin has stopped misbehaving, so I can only say good things about my personal green choices!

Farmaesthetics: Exfoliation Leads to Perfection

Winter usually leaves my skin a bit duller due to the harsh weather conditions in New York, and especially the last Nor’Easterns. That is why I stress the importance of a good exfoliation once the cold season is over! My latest discovery is the Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk and Lavender Buds exfoliate powder ($28).

Farmaesthetics sweet milk and lavender exfoliate powder review

This all-natural vegetarian wonder in a bottle is handcrafted with love in the USA in small batches using only the finest organic ingredients. Sweet milk has been the ingredient of choice for many generations of women because its high content of natural lactic acid helps beautify and brighten the complexion. Combined with fine cornmeal and ground flower buds, it’s an excellent choice to exfoliate the face and decollete area without over stripping the epidermis’ protective layer.

I have been using this powder mix twice a week for a month now. My skin feels much brighter, and it is so gentle that it doesn’t leave any red patches behind. My skin feels extremely comfortable and more glowy, which is something that doesn’t happen too often after an exfoliation. The Sweet Milk and Lavender Buds exfoliate powder literally allows you to channel your inner Cleopatra!

Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser review

{Insider tip}: Mix this wonderful powder with rose water or the Fine Herbal Cleanser crafted by Farmaesthetics to make a fragrant lather that you can use in your daily routine. Plus, if you apply it and then step in the shower, you’ll reap the benefits of using milk as it gently slips down your shoulders.

Green Goo: A Portable Natural Deodorant

If you have followed my adventures transitioning to a natural deodorant, you’ll understand how hard it is to find a product that is really natural and withstands the demands of a commuter life in New York City. I recently received a travel-sized sample of the Green Goo Natural Deodorant in Lemongrass ($5.95) and it has stolen my green heart!

Green Goo natural deodorant stick travel size review

With a very hydrating composition that includes a savvy mixture of hydrating shea butter and coconut oil (which has antibacterial properties), this size is perfect to carry even in the smallest of purses for any reapplication during the day. In my case, it works very well as a portable solution for any extremely hot day.

Also, I have started using Green Goo’s Zesty Lemongrass Invigorating Bar to prep my skin before applying the deodorant in the morning. I have found that this extra step in my routine helps prolong the duration of any natural deodorant that I apply later, as lemongrass is a natural antifungal. Incidentally, I have found that this bar is extremely moisturizing and lathers so well that I use it as a razor soap.

{Insider tip}: Try heating up the natural deodorant inside your armpit before you apply it. The effects will last longer and you’ll avoid getting minor friction irritations.

Moisture Balm: Sky-Friendly All-Over Hydration

Waterless formulas rock. You can take them anywhere and they won’t mess your handbag, they won’t get you into trouble with the ridiculously small TSA-approved liquid allowances, and more often than not they’ll be the perfect multitasker.

Spa Ritual Moisture Balm review

SpaRitual’s Moisture Balm ($25) is one of those few rara avis that provides long-lasting moisture to dry, over-stressed skin. With an all-natural formula that includes fair trade and organic shea butter and cocoa seed butter, this wonder in a twist cylinder protects hands, feet, lips and body.

{Insider tip}: Did you know that you can use this product to avoid feet blisters? Just rub it on your exposed feet and massage. Your new sandals surely shouldn’t be spoiling all the Spring fun!

Two-In-One Natural and Vegan Lip Formulas

Springtime calls for natural and hydrated lips. Why not go natural with formulas that nourish your pout while they give you a hint of color? 

Surya Brasil Pomegranate vegan red lip tint review

Surya Brasil crafts a remarkable organic tinted red lip balm ($4.99) that is made using a mixture of highly nourishing butters and natural pigments (no crushed beetles here, please and thank you!). What I like most about its formula is that it’s the lovechild between a lip balm and a lipstick, delivering the most perfect hint of red to compliment my Spring looks. Vegan and cruelty-free, it is good for your pout and for the environment!

Review of 100% Pure vegan Lip Glaze in Rhubarb

On a similar note, 100% Pure has a complete line of Fruit Pigmented Lip Glazes ($25). With a sheer coverage packed with nourishing avocado and cocoa butters, Rhubarb is a very flattering color for ladies with medium skin and dark eyes and hair like myself. Created using crushed fruit pigments, it delivers long-lasting nutrition and a flattering color. Believe me: this is the type of product that you want to carry around in your purse to take you from an office to a date night look. I have even used it to give my cheeks a hint of color, and it works beautifully!

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  1. Jeanne R.
    April 20, 2017 / 1:36 am

    Is Farmaesthetics a natural brand? thank you.

    • New York For Beginners
      April 20, 2017 / 1:48 am

      @Jeanne R. Surely it is! Their products are made using only natural ingredients (no pesky or shady naturally-derived components), and they do a great job of disclosing what's in their formulas on their website. Hope this helps!

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