From Japan with love: New DHC beauty products

A few years ago, I stumbled upon my first Japanese beauty product in a trip to Paris. In one of my many excursions roaming freely around the city (mind you, with no map and no smartphone), I stumbled upon a small Japanese shop and bought myself a magazine which contained a sample of DHC’s one and only Deep Cleansing Oil. It was love at first sight, but I wasn’t able to procure myself a full size bottle until a few years later thanks to an online store. To my knowledge, the brand isn’t sold yet in my country (sigh.)

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to an event where DHC presented its latest novelties. Being myself a huge fan of the brand I couldn’t say no! Like Julius Caesar, I went, I saw and I conquered. And these are my impressions of the new lines of DHC:

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Ok, ok, this is not technically a new product. However, it is so amazingly good that I had to share my honest review with you! This olive oil based cleanser removes everything nasty from your face: makeup, sunscreen, waterproof mascara, and the dirt and grime of New York City. It literally gives you a clean slate! Some bloggers even swear it has the power to transform Lady Gaga into Stephanie Germanotta!

This ultra-gentle formula needs to be dispensed into your dry hands and applied into your dry face for best results. It alone will emulsify itself and turn into a milky lather that rinses away with water. And that’s what I like most! My bathroom is like a freezer in the cold season, and having to wet my face prior to applying a cleanser and after working it drives me bonkers. With this oil, I get perfect results and I only have to use water once.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil also has eight ingredientes, four of which are easy to pronounce, and contains no parabens, no mineral oils, and no sulfates. I personally have a very dry and sensitive skin, and have experimented no adverse reactions to its formula. About eight years after I first came into contact with DCH, this is still one of my favorite cleansing products.

The big 6.7 fl. oz. size retails for $28, and in my case usually lasts about three months.

2. Face Wash Powder: Powder-to-foam cleanser.

Yep. It is a powder that transforms into a dense lather when you add water. The DHC Face Wash Powder is great for travel, because you can take it in your handheld luggage with no restrictions, and is small enough to carry it even inside the most packed bags. Its ingredients contain enzymes for a smoother complexion, and honey and sodium hyaluronate for hydration.

I have used the product for two weeks now and I am surprised at how gentle it is. It works extremely well with the foaming mesh, which creates twice as much lather as your hands (and it’s a steal for $2.50!).

Although I think it’s pretty neat as a travel companion, I personally prefer the Deep Cleansing Oil for those cold months when my skin is extremely dry.

The 1.7 oz. size retails for $12.50. 

3. Eyebrow perfect Pro Oval Pencil, Powder and Holder

This is a unique duo for great brows. Packaged inside a reusable magic wand, the duo carries a customizable eyebrow pencil and a powder. 

This is one of my favorite products to wear on my purse, because I usually use either a pencil or a powder. With this combination, I can shape my brows with the oval pencil and fill in the spaces with the powder without having to carry a brush, a powder and whatnot. Convenient, effective, and natural.

The customizable wand retails for $3, the brow powder for $7.50 and the brow pencil for $6.50.

4. Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On

This is the greatest invention ever for the morning after a sleepless night. It is a soothing eye treatment that massages, firms and smooths the eye area in one single step. The massage beads cool the skin while delivering highly-concentrated firming and hydrating ingredients. It has been engineered to adapt to the unique contour of your eyes, controlling the fine lines and the dryness of the winter.

I have tested this products for a couple of weeks and I can definitely see a difference. My eye area is considerably lifted, and seems to be a bit lighter too (I have really dark undereyes.) Also, it is a real treat to apply in the morning, to start off the day with the right foot (and a rested eye!).

The 0.2 fl. oz. format retails for $34. 

In the United States, the DCH full skincare and makeup can be bought online at

And you, are as addicted as me to the Japanese beauty products? Did you know the DHC makeup line?

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