Holiday Gift Guide: Find Your Me Time

A wise person once taught me, as a child, that it was important to find time to do the things I loved most. Many years later, that advice follows me everywhere I go. I believe we all live too stressful lives, and devoting a few moments to unwind and just live the moment are the best gift we can give and receive. This Me Time Gift Guide celebrates those precious instants we devote to cherish ourselves because we deserve it!

In this Gift Guide, you’ll find all sorts of products to create those precious Me Time moments for yourself or your loved ones. Sit back, take a few deep breaths, listen to your favorite song and skim our selection! As usual, it includes some 100% natural options for those of you interested in a greener lifestyle.

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1. Women’s Gingerbread Joggers by Tipsy Elves ($45): Whether Me Time means to you jogging or chilling with Netflix, the gingerbread ninjas created by Tipsy Elves have vowed to protect you from external disturbances so you can concentrate on yourself. These incredibly comfortable and soft sweater pants (or swants) will make you feel great at any given timebecause, let’s admit it, there’s just something about those masked pastries that feels homey and empowering at the same time! I honestly can’t think of a better Me Time companion, or for that matter a gift for my BFF.

2. Spiced Winter Red Tea by Teapigs ($9.99/ 15 tea temples): If you’re looking to take some time to spend with yourself but can’t carve more than five minutes, there’s nothing better than tea to soothe body and mind instantly. This tea with trimmings is caffeine-free (meaning it can help you take your deserved Me Time break anytime you see fit), and it literally tastes like winter. The Spiced Winter Red Tea is like the mulled wine of tea: it includes a wonderful mix of festive spices to enhance a delicious red tea base. An ideal gift to share or to keep for yourself. {This is a 100% natural product}

3. Me Time Scarf Kit by Wool and The Gang ($47): Knitting has exceptional stress soothing qualities. It’s no wonder that Wool and The Gang has come up with a knitting kit to find your inner zen. Designed for beginner knitters, the Me Time Scarf is crafted from a striped yarn. It is ideal to start your own Me Time ritual, because you simply have to knit rows of a single color, and when the color changes it means you’re done for the day! Every stripe takes about 20 minutes to complete, and this kit includes everything you need to create your masterpiece: An easy-to-follow pattern, 2 balls of high-quality Feeling Good yarn, a sewing needle, two rosewood knitting needles, and access to the wool school to watch tutorials if you get stuck. I personally am terribly bad at knitting, and yet found this project quite amusing and a gentle reminder to take a break every day while listening to my favorite music.

4. Tranquility Balm by Golden Door ($28): If your usual routine involves a great deal of running around and seeing your boss more than your family you’re not alone. New Yorkers in certain industries tend to have the longest working hours and the most exacerbating commutes. To carve out some Me Time in these instances can be tricky, and that’s why I loved this portable tranquility balm that provides penetrating ‘cold heat.’ Designed to dissolve muscle tension, it aids in releasing energy for creative expression. Crafted with cajeput and mint to protect the respiratory system and arnica to ease aches and pains, it is a gentle reminder that you have to respect your body and mind to make the most of your life. Know someone overstressed? Keep this gift high on your list. {This is a 100% natural product}

5. Vanilla Fizz Combo by LATHER ($18): I have to confess I have a thing for hot, long and decadent baths to soak my stress away. To me, they’re the epitome of my Me Time rituals. I personally love LATHER’s 100% natural bath bombs that combines soothing salts with moisturizing botanicals including jojoba, coconut, sweet almond and kukui nut oils. If you want to give the gift of relaxation this holidays, this effervescent, mineral- and emollient-rich bath soak comb of Vanilla & Tonka Bean and Vanilla & Citrus is a must-have on your list. The scent is so irresistible that your loved ones won’t need to be persuaded to take a well-deserved break! {This is a 100% natural product}

6. Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak by Shea Terra Organics ($28): If you want to take your Me Time gifting game to the next level, you can’t miss this totally natural detoxing bath soak made with Moroccan argan oil and rhassoul, a Moroccan lava clay. This fizzy combo is able to detoxify and soften skin after a single application. With the exotic and enticing scent of the hammam, the recipient of this little bottle of wonders will escape to a faraway place to take a mind break. Also, this is a perfect gift for a mindful person because it gives back; Shea Terra Organics purchases its raw argan oil from a women’s cooperative in Morocco, ensuring fair trade. {This is a 100% natural product}

7. Nesta In-Ear Headphones by House of Marley ($49.99): Sometimes the noise of the world makes it difficult for us to take a mental break. Just riding the subway in New York is an adventure of its own, and having a good pair of earphones can be a blessing to unwind for a few minutes while you’re reading your favorite book. That is why I love these headphones created by House of Marley (who happen to be the descendants of the legendary musician.) Made with zirconia ceramic earbud casings, they have a modern, geometric and jewel-like vibe that looks good on everyone. With integrated sound regulators and ultra comfortable oval ports, these incredibly light headphones deliver great sound quality at a very reasonable price point. This is undeniably a great gift for that  overworked loved one that could use the long commute to have some quality Me Time.

8. Breathe Bath Salt by Erbaviva ($32): What I love most about bath salts is that they make a great gift for anybody—even those who don’t own a bathtub. Bath salts scream “I care about you, and you should take some Me Time to unwind!”, which is exactly my philosophy when I started curating this gift guide. Although I’ve tested many brands that produce bath salts, Erbaviva is at the top of my list. Created with high-quality and USDA Organic certified ingredients, the Breathe blend includes a detoxifying base of premium grade sea salt, safflower oil and vitamin E and wild-crafted essential oils of eucalyptus, cedar, tea tree and spruce. Exceptionally mood-enhancing and soothing, it can be used in a steam bath, as a custom body scrub, or as a wonderful foot bath. In case you were wondering, feet absorb everything you put on them so it’s an efficient way to deliver the soothing properties of the blend without using a bathtub. {This is a 100% natural product}

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