Made In USA Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the time of the year to start drawing up your Wish Lists for Santa. Along the next twelve days, and coinciding with the Twelve Days of Christmas, New York For Beginners will feature a variety of holiday gift guides with our hand-picked selections for the whole family, including 100% natural options for those of you leading a green lifestyle. Today, we’ll start our Festive series with a few gifting ideas Made In the USA. 

I’m a big supporter of the Buy Local movement for different reasons. The first one is because it helps protect much-needed jobs and traditional industries in our communities. The second has to do with the carbon and ethical footprint of my consumption habits; I personally don’t like to think that my gifts have travelled the world more than myself, and I very much prefer purchasing objects made by local artisans that are guaranteed a fair wage and humane working conditions. On top of that, buying Made in USA isn’t necessarily more expensive. This guide features excellent products that fit all budgets.

And now, without further ado, here’s our curated Made in USA Holiday Gift Guide!

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1. Paris Charlie T-Shirt by Happiest Tee ($110): When I was introduced to Happiest Tee I fell head-over-heels in love with their extremely cute line of garments that were an homage to some of the cities that mean most to me in the world. This gorgeous long-sleeved v-neck with French stripes and foil printing is a love letter to Paris (and one of the most comfortable tees I own.) Manufactured by State & Manor in the US, this is a luxurious go-to piece that can be styled in a myriad of ways. This is the perfect gift for the fashionista that dreams of faraway places.

2. Falling Rain Cuff by Ten 2 Midnight Studios ($45 – $110): This intricate brass cuff has a beautiful design reminiscent of the Art Deco period. An ideal gift for that Gatsby-obsessed friend, it can be used all year round (I personally wear my cuffs over thin jerseys to dress them up.) Available in sterling silver for those allergic to base metals, this keepsake piece is handmade in the USA by expert artisans imitating ripples across a pond.

3. Badger Balm Mini Sampler by Badger ($14.99): This beautiful gift set includes three tins of Badger’s bestselling balms in a size perfect for the tiniest of purses: Sore Muscle Rub (or the on-the-go solution to small aches and pains, and my go-to every time I attend a yoga class), Sleep Balm (a soothing natural remedy that induces a peaceful rest with an expert blend of relaxing essential oils and other botanicals), and the classic Badger Balm (the original healing salve made with olive oil to pamper winter skin.) However, this gift comes with a warning: One classic Badger Balm makes a terrific gift, but three of them will surely start the Badgermania in the recipient! {This is a 100% product certified organic by the USDA}

4. Concolor Fir Candle by Context ($40): There’s something luxuriously decadent about scented candles. I, for one, use them a lot to unwind after a long day, preferably with a hot bath. This holiday candle is created by blending notes of scotch pine and white fir balsam needles, vanilla, mandarin orange, pepper, and a hint of cedarwood musk. Designed to evoke a walk through a mountain forest, this is a 100% pure soy candle with a burning time of approximately 90 hours. Phtalate-free, the matte black glass tumbler jar has the understated elegance of things done with care. This makes a perfect gift for that person on your list that loves nature but can’t go hiking every single weekend.

5. Vintage headpiece by Lauren Arkin of L.A. Boudoir Miami ($36-$40): If you have a friend who loves the roaring ’20s, she’ll love the handmade pieces created by Lauren Arkin mimicking the style of this era. Made using a mix of new and vintage materials, every headpiece is unique and perfect to attend a Gatsby-themed party this holiday season. Tied at the back with a piece of satin ribbon, these headpieces provide an adjustable closure on the back for a headache-free experience.

6. Box of Foaming Bath Truffles by Fizz and Bubble ($20): This product is the result of smart people reading my mind. I love chocolate and I love taking baths; there’s nothing better than a beautiful chocolate box filled to the brim with 9 gourmet bath truffles. Oh wait, bath truffles that have a hydrating mix of shea butter and essential oils are even better! Are you thinking they look too realistic? Don’t worry, the folks at Fizz and Bubble are aware of how scrumptious their products might look to kiddos and hubbies and have incorporated a bitter flavor to avoid the little rascals eating their way into your box. As the products don’t contain any harmful ingredients, even if they take a few bites you won’t need to rush to the hospital.

7. Green Tea and Marigold Gourmet Mineral Bath Soak by FarmHouse Fresh ($23): I know I’m not alone in my obsession with hot baths, and that’s the reason why I’ve searched for the best bath products to include in my holiday gift guide. This all-natural version has a custom blend of Atlantic ceara, pink Himalayan and Epsom salts to relax the muscles, and a myriad of organic teas and flowers to relax the mind. Believe me, a bath with a cup of this wonderful blend soaks all my worries away. Don’t have a tub? (Hey, living in Manhattan ain’t easy!) Use it for a bi-weekly foot bath. This is an ideal gift for that overworked or overstressed loved one who needs an excuse to unwind. {This is a 100% natural product}

8. Golden Glow Set by Golden Door ($110): The #1 destination spa in the world has launched, just in time for the holidays, a special set containing a Bamboo Face Scrub and a Golden Peel-A-Way Masque in a golden pouch. This full-size magic duo is perfect for exfoliating and restoring winter skin gently with the power of the botanical extracts included in the luxurious formulas. I have personally tested this kit for a month and I can attest to its brightening properties; even with the cold weather setting in, my very dry skin glows. This is an ideal gift for that special person that likes to feel pretty inside and out: 100% of the profits go to different charities across the US that support childhood projects.

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