My Top 10 Favorite Organic Beauty Products of 2017 (Part I)

Now that 2018 is rolling in, it’s a great time to look back on my Top 10 favorite organic beauty products that 2017 has left behind. For me, 2017 was a gloriously green year as I had the chance to discover some wonderful organic brands that stole my heart.

So please, seat back, relax, and enjoy my very personal list of my top 10 organic beauty products of 2017. As you can imagine, this is the most difficult roundup of the year because I only get to choose ten from so many. Funny story, and although I’m European, this year 9 of my top 10 happen to be organic brands made in the USA by responsible corporations. So, if you like to support the buy local movement, this organic beauty roundup is for you!

If you want to explore a bit more my green endeavors, visit my “green” tag here to learn more about the wonderful natural brands I discovered in 2017.

Hawaiian Bliss with Ola Pono Massage Oil by Ola Tropical Apothecary


If you are an avid reader of New York For Beginners, you’ll probably know that this girl dreams of a Hawaiian adventure. The local culture, the wonderful nature and the beautiful traditions of the Hawaiian people stole my heart as a child after my parents visited the islands. The next best thing is Ola Tropical Apothecary, a wonderful company that makes natural cosmetics using traditional ingredients from Hawaii.

My absolute favorite is the Ola Pono Massage Oil. With a beautiful and tropical scent of lemongrass and ginger, it is a wonderful addition to any relaxation ritual at home. Plus, the unique blend of tropical oils delivers its therapeutic benefits while it pampers the skin without a greasy feeling. And here comes the best part: the brand offers a gift set that includes a lomi lomi stick, so you can do a self-massage at home whenever needed. 

{Green tip}: I personally love to use the Ola Pono oil after a long and/or stressful day. By rubbing my legs and lower back for five minutes with the lomi stick I get a deep feeling of relaxation and I’m able to find my balance again.

Portable Aromatherapy Sticks by Badger Balm

Badger is one of my favorite brands. Period. Aside from making extremely good products that are certified organic by the USDA, they are a B Corporation who create local stable jobs and guarantee fair wages to everyone involved in the production chain. 

If their balms stole my green heart a while ago, it was Badger portable aromatherapy sticks that did it for me in 2017. After putting up with more than one intolerable commute in the New York City subway system, these beauties are my new BFFs. Small, discreet, and quite luxurious, they have different blends to help in a myriad of situations. Have a pounding headache? Check. Do your fellow strap-hangers consider that showering is an option? Check. Is your boss riding on your back from 6 am? Check. 

{Green tip}: If you would like to introduce essential oils in your life without the hassle, I cannot recommend enough that you try these Badger portable aromatherapy sticks. They even created a pretty Mind Balm Variety Pack ($19.99) that makes a glorious gift.

Inner Orange Organic Makeup Collection by Vapour Beauty 

I was lucky enough to meet green makeup artist Karim Orange a while ago. Her view about organic beauty products and the state of the beauty industry aligns very well with my own line of thinking. So when she came up with an empowering and inclusive beauty collection with Vapour Beauty I knew I had to check it out!

The Vapour Beauty Inner Orange makeup collection features two collections of universally flattering shades. Conceived as a kit to achieve a
flawless day look, it is the reflection of Orange’s views as a
sustainable makeup artist. The “Crave Collection” enhances medium to deep skin
complexions, while the “Spark Collection” makes light to medium
complexions glow. Each set contains an Aura multi use, a Solar bronzer,
and an Elixir lip gloss in the most beautiful warm and vibrant shades.

{Green tip}: Karim has a superpower to choose flattering shades for everyone. If you can, check both Inner Orange collections as I use products from both depending on the look I want to go for. The Aura multi use is by far one of my favorite multitasking products to take on a trip, as it triples as a lip shade, an eyeshadow, and a cream blush without taking a lot of space in my hand luggage.

Bespoke Facial Cocktail by Source Vital Apothecary

Personalized skincare sounds like something from the future or, at its best, something expensive. Am I right? Well, Source Vital Apothecary proved me wrong with the launch of their natural and customized Facial Cocktails ($44.95).  

These bespoke serums are designed to simplify your skin routine by adding the necessary ingredients in just the one product. Since I discovered this wonderful product, I am skipping toning and the extra moisture I need during the winter. The best part? It’s extremely easy to create! You just need to choose the best base for your serum, a couple of care infusions, and any extra personalized “shots” to concoct the best bespoke serum ever.

{Green tip}: I know it’s easy to get carried away (goodness, it was hard for me to do my own formula!) but please, stick to what you really need to tackle your main beauty concerns. Also, our skin’s needs may vary each season. For the winter, I love the extra dose of abyssinian oil, but that can be a bit too much during the summer. Just sayin’.

Breathe Body Spray by Erbaviva


Erbaviva manufactures some of the most amazing USDA-certified organic body sprays that I have ever used. They are so good that just a spritz goes a long way and sometimes even works as a light perfume.

Breathe Body Spray ($32.00) is my favorite in this category. Using a base of organic alcohol, a savvy blend of organic eucalyptus, cedar and spruce essential oils supports easy breathing and a clean air even in flu season. I love to use it as a refreshing mood booster in the middle of the winter, whenever I miss the light of Spain, or even as a linen spray when I want to create a staycation feeling in my apartment.

{Green tip}: This glorious body spray doubles up as a member of my first-aid kit. Instead of resorting to the well-known synthetic Vapo Rub by a pharmaceutical company, I use a couple of spritz of Breathe Body Spray on my sheets and my PJs for a restful sleep.

Stay tuned for my Top 10 Favorite Organic Beauty Products of 2017 Part II!

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