Pour Un Homme De Caron Sport: An Olfactory Adventure

I have written about niche perfumes for nearly a decade, and I vividly remember two of my most rewarding moments in the profession: The first one happened a few years ago in Madrid, when I was lucky enough to interview Francis Kurkidjan, a living legend and enfant terrible of what is considered to be modern perfumery. The second, and most memorable, happened a few months back in New York when I was able to have the most meaningful conversation with Romain Alès, the CEO of CARON Paris and custodian of one of the oldest and most celebrated French perfume houses. 

When New York For Beginners was invited to cover the launch of Pour Un Homme de CARON Sport in Manhattan, we simply couldn’t refuse the invitation for all the right reasons. CARON is one of the few perfume houses that has been able to marry tradition, savoir-faire, and an exquisite and impeccable taste for scents to create cult fragrances that resonate with multiple generations. 

Just in time for the holiday season, CARON has launched in the US this spin on one of their most celebrated fragrance. Pour Un Homme de CARON Sport speaks to the next generation of discerning gentlemen, who appreciate the art of artisanal fragrances that, like a good whiskey, only get better with age. The Flatiron Room, a renowned and exclusive jazz bar boasting the biggest selection of whiskeys in all Manhattan was the perfect environment for the festivities, oozing the upscale artisanal qualities that mirror the brand’s own.

The Scent

Pour Un Homme de CARON Sport is the brand’s latest fragrance for men to hit the U.S. market. Conceived as an adaptation of its bestseller/cult fragrance, Pour Un Homme Sport reinterprets its 1934 formula with an impressive and unexpected aromatic bouquet.

Although the base of the traditional perfume (or, as I would say, its soul) remains intact, the new citrus, Virginian cedar and lavender notes elevate Pour Un Homme Sport to a new contemporary status. William Fraysse, the master perfumer of the brand that brings to life Mr. Alès’ visionary projects, has once again returned to nature to create a fresh and sensual scent that brings to mind an active and driven young spirit that sees life as an adventure. 

Pour Un Homme Sport has been conceived as a prelude to the new Caron man. With an astonishingly well-rounded composition, the sparkling and fresh head notes (or the ones that are first perceived) open with citrusy grapefruit, green mandarin from Italy and Indian verbena, which meld with absolute of green lavender from France, in reference to the original Pour Un Homme. The spicy heart notes include the freshness of blue ginger from Madagascar and Indonesian nutmeg, tempered by the woody softness of Virginian cedar wood. Finally, the base notes add a touch of sensuality with tonka bean, highlighted by a classic Siam benzoin, white musk, and an infusion of natural ambergris.

The Launch Event

This olfactory adventure only confirms the words of Yuval Ofir, Executive Vice President of Paris Perfumes Inc., CARON Paris’ exclusive distributor in the USA: “We are thrilled to be able to celebrate and honor the timeless brand of CARON Paris, one that continues to be passed down from generation to generation. […] We are excited to introduce the latest artisanal fragrances to the next generation of CARON lovers and to see this legendary brand expand its presence in the U.S. market.”

The launch event, with an omnipresent speakeasy ambiance, captured the spirit of Pour Un Homme Sport by marrying the scent with a whiskey tasting inspired by the notes of the fragrance. We were lucky enough to assist to a private scenting of the perfume by the company’s beloved CARON Concierge, Martin A. Johnson. We weren’t the only one to be thrilled by the experience; many VIP attendees (including prominent members of the press, buyers and managers from Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, and independent luxury boutiques) couldn’t stop smelling the new fragrance.

The Deets

Pour Un Homme Sport, which is now officially available for purchase at Lord & Taylor in New York City, on LordandTaylor.com, and at CARON Paris’ Exclusive Boutique in New York City, is a fresh new interpretation of Pour Un Homme, CARON Paris’ renowned fragrance which was originally created in 1934. The 125 ml Eau de Toilette will be sold at both locations for $125.00.

Also, and just in time for the holidays, CARON has launched in the USA Pour un Homme L’Impact, an extract dressed with a beautifully engraved tin label that is protected by a soft, suede pouch with matching anthracite case. Available at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, the convenient and elegant 75ml bottle of L’Impact, which retails for $300.00, goes back to basics in a way that compliments the original Pour Un Homme De Caron with a higher concentration of its signature aromatic amber and lavender infusion for a mesmerizing scent that transcends time.  

Disclosure level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this article. The author received a small sample of the perfume to test, which didn’t influence the opinions expressed in the article nor the decision to write an article about the brand. There are no affiliate or referral links; links are provided for informational purposes.


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