Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate November 2016

Few things are more fascinating, compelling or unknown than magic. Indispensable element in some of the biggest pop culture sagas, magic’s existence has always been a recurring fantasy with which humans have been dreaming since we learned to use our imaginations. Magic feeds our inner child, encouraging us to believe in the impossible against all odds and making us dream with powerful sorcerers, prophetic wizard kids and powers that go far beyond any rational standard.
With all that in mind, the Lootcrate crew has gathered an arcane collection of geek artifacts for November’s crate able to bewitch the most exigent mystic arts follower.
For the Eye of Agamotto, behold, for this is a Lootcrate filled with enchantments, spells and forbidden sorcery that will test your beliefs. Abracadabra!

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– Dr. Strange is, undoubtedly, one of the most interesting, original and, thanks to the recent and highly successful Benedict Cumberbatch movie, well known Marvel super heroes. For that, it’s no mystery that the Supreme Sorcerer holds a preferred spot in such a magic compendium. This exclusive and detailed Dr. Strange animated statue joins the ranks of the rest of the heroes that QMX has been cheering up our shelves during the last months. A true collector’s item worthy of the Great Vishanti!

– From the Master ow withe magic to sinister arts acolytes. Seductive sorceress Melissandre is the star of this luxurious journal inspired in the wildly successful HBO show Game of Thrones in which you can write down elaborate spells, favorite magic tricks or the grocery list. Because wise mages need to fill the fridge too.

– This month’s T-shirt is dedicated to the true fans of the most recent installment of J.K Rowling’s wizardly word: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

de este mes está dedicada a la nueva entrega cinematográfica basada en el mágico universo de la escritora J.K.Rowkking: Animales Fantásticos y Dónde Encontrarlos

– If you love Kurt Russell, you are gonna love November’s comic book. No more, no less than the first issue of the hands down crazy crossover between two of the mos beloved 80’s action flicks: Big Triuble in Little China and Escape from New York. Evil oriental sorcerers, charismatic truck drivers and dozens of predictable clichés are back in this treasure featuring an exclusive cover only for lootcraters.

– Finally, November’s Lootpin unlocks exclusive content for The Elder Scrolls video game.

But wait, don’t leave…there’s still more magic in this month’s Level Up! Prepare for clothes and accessories designed to dress the mightiest of the wizards with exclusive articles.

– Here it comes the breezy winter, and with it…the ugly sweater season! Although a jersey is most definitely too big to fit in a Level Up!, this Dr. Strange T-shirt designed with the irresistibly horrendous style of these American classics will make turn heads in any dimension or astral plane.

– And speaking of minus zero temperatures, few things can match stay at home wearing some comfy pajama pants. With these lounge pants decorated with all Hogwarts Houses, now you can show your Harry Potter devotion in the warmest way.

– This month’s socks are also dedicated to the Sorcerer Supreme and the Wizard Boy. ¿Which one will you choose? ¿Dr. Strange or Harry Potter? The correct answer is…both, of course!

– Let’s finish with this awesome Kingdom Hearts scarf that will surely be loved by the fans of this true modern  video game classic.

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That’s all for today! What Chrsitmas-y goodies will find in December’s crate?

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