Issey Miyake launches L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure

Issey Miyake launched in 1992 the first perfume that captured the smell of water. His creative quest has taken him places ever since, and his latest adventure embodies the spirit of nature maintaining his signature simplicity. A small work of art in a beautiful packaging, L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure speaks of raw emotions, the power of water, and the wilderness of nature.

It’s no wonder perfume connoisseurs around the world have sung the praises of this crisp and comforting fragrance that’s ideal for all seasons.  If you want to discover more about L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure, keep on reading.

I’m a firm believer that fragrances interact with us on a psychological level. Aside from evoking powerful memories, fragrances can stimulate our imaginations strongly and literally transport us somewhere else for a well-deserved mental break in the midst of our too busy lives. However, not all fragrances are created equal, and I think the greatest accomplishments of the master perfumers is not to marry unexpected scents, but to create complex emotions. L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure is one of those few selected perfumes that speaks to me every time I use it.

L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure is a very complex and emotional fragrance that is yet conceived as an eau de toilette in spirit. Although its name evokes the purity of water, its scent is concentrated enough to linger on your skin for hours without becoming too overbearing. Luxurious and sensual with the subtlety of delicate flowers, L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure evolves differently in each person, as is usual in well-crafted perfumes. Not two people using this fragrance will smell the same. That’s the beauty of the haute perfumerie.

A pure floral with musky and woody tones, the top notes of L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure marry the wet scent of the rose water with the always delicate and unexpected cyclamen. The heart of the fragrance (that is, the notes that stay in your skin after you spray the fragrance and play with the rest of the accords) includes a floral bouquet composed of tuberose, osmanthus and musk, who play with a base of precious woods that leaves my mind aching for adventures in faraway places. Finally, the bottom notes include peony, white lily, and carnation, a very unique and spicy combination that speaks to me about summers in the south of Spain. It’s no wonder that Issey Miyake rekindled his love of a nature that takes time, its own time, to begin moving in this fragrance. 

Additionally, the bottle compliments the feelings of simplicity in the perfume by using an extremely well-crafted shape that reinvents the original drop of water with a twist. It represents a water that is born and then flows peacefully, as well as the very precise moment when it’s suspended in time. Todd Bracher, the American designer in charge of the project, decided to shift the crystalline ball that adorns the 1992 version to the bottom to express a return to nature through sincere poetry.

To me, L’Eau d’ Issey Pure is a haiku in a bottle, and an ode to the European and Japanese slow-living culture. It speaks of the importance to live and appreciate the moment, and it also reflects the importance of things that last. That is why it transmits to me serenity and fulfillment, which are much-needed in this increasingly hectic society.

L’ Eau d’ Issey Pure is already available at fine retail stores nationwide, and retails for $88 (1.6 oz Eau de Parfum Spray) and $108 (3.0 oz Eau de Parfum Spray.)

Have you tried this new fragrance by the fashion designer and fragrance connoisseur Issey Miyake? Does it speak to you?

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